Semi-permanent mascara. application techniques and reviews

Semi-permanent mascara is an innovative tool that has already received recognition in Europe. This tool lasts up to 3 weeks. It is not washed off and does not smear, does not require makeup remover.

Semi-permanent eyelash tinting: products

Semi-permanent mascara makes natural lashes about 35-45 percent thicker and 5-15 percent longer, enhances their bending. The external effect of this tool is very similar to the effect of ordinary mascara.

Created this mascara for those clients who for some reason do not want to build themselves artificial eyelashes, as well as, whose natural eyelashes themselves are quite thick and long. Combined use is also possible: extension of the upper lashes and application of mascara on the lower ones.

Semi-permanent mascara

The procedure for applying semi-permanent mascara is done in salons and very often combine it with a biochemical curling of eyelashes.

There are simple rules that need to know those who decided to use the cosmetic novelty.

Immediately after dyeing the eyelashes with mascara and during the day, exclude trips to the bath, sauna, swimming pool, avoid prolonged contact with water (this is allowed later).

  1. It is unacceptable to dye your eyelashes with regular mascara over permanent;
  2. You can not use tweezers for curling eyelashes and a brush for combing them;
  3. It is forbidden to use various oil-based products to care for the skin around the eyes;
  4. It is necessary to exclude drawing on eyes compresses, various lotions;
  5. You can not use different means for removing makeup from the eyelids.

Application of semi-permanent mascara: techniques

Today, there are several types of semi-permanent mascara: on gel and liquid bases. What are their main differences? What is better to use?

The main difference is the way the mascara is applied. When using semi-permanent mascara on a liquid basis, its application is easier and much faster in time than when carrying out the same procedure, but with gel-based agent. In addition, the consistency of mascara greatly affects the quality of application and appearance of eyelashes after the procedure. No wonder the gel-based drug, which appeared a long time ago, was not widely used in the United States and in Europe. Unlike its gel counterparts, semi-permanent liquid mascara - a means for eyelashes that does not cause absolutely no harm to the eyelashes, is safe and convenient for application, and also provides a really high-quality and long-lasting effect.

Semi-permanent mascara

The procedure of applying such mascara takes about half an hour on the upper cilia and about 20 minutes on the lower ones. During dyeing with permanent mascara, a professional master very easily separates all the eyelashes, while neatly protecting your eyes from the ingress of funds into them. The volume of eyelashes can be varied depending on your desire. In due course paint from eyelashes is washed away, therefore it is required to repeat periodically procedure of coloring. But before applying mascara the next time, the remaining paint must be removed. Shoot it, ideally only the master should. A special professional solvent is used for removal.

Semi-permanent mascara: reviews

  • Liza: Made on the advice of her friend a semi-permanent volumetric coloring of eyelashes. The effect, as promised, lasted up to 3 weeks. I did this procedure with a perm, but it can be done without it, depending on your desire.
  • Kira: MYscara® Mascara is very similar to the usual traditional eyelash. But it lasts a long time, for several weeks, it does not smear at all, does not crumble, even despite thorough washing.
  • Zoya: My friend learned how to apply this mascara. The procedure is easy for a specialist who is already working with eyelashes. Training takes only a few hours. Conveniently, you can make a lasting makeup yourself and friends!

With permanent mascara, your eyes will shine in a new way, become more expressive and mysterious. Do not reveal to anyone the secret of your radiant gaze, let it be a little mystery!

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