Secrets of female youth and beauty


The dream of all women is to always remain young and beautiful, and for this purpose various tricks are used - plastic surgery, salon procedures and various expensive means, but instead you can do it in simpler and cheaper ways.

Sleep in the correct pose

Lovers to sleep on her stomach with her face buried in a pillow, you should get rid of this habit. When your face is in this position, the blood flow in this area is noticeably deteriorating. And at night, it is especially important to have proper blood circulation in the face area, since at night nutrients are actively supplied there. And if you regularly sleep face down on a pillow, wrinkles and wrinkles can appear ahead of time. Also, constant contact with the fabric harms the thin and delicate skin of the face, so it is important to choose softer silk or satin pillowcases.

The secret to applying the cream

This secret is very simple and any night nourishing cream will be suitable for its use. Before going to bed, apply a cream on your face and smear it, but not completely, put on top any cream mask that forms a film when it hardens and go to bed so that you wash up in the morning and the result will pleasantly surprise you. The face will become more elastic, and fine wrinkles will smooth out. Do not forget the hands and feet, they also show signs of aging if they are not properly cared for. At night, put on your hands and feet fat cream and put on cotton gloves and socks, in the morning you do not recognize your skin, it will be like a baby.

For owners of dry skin there is a little advice. When applying any remedy, no matter what it is, anti-aging or moisturizer, pat on the skin with wet palms, and only then begin to apply the cream. So the cream penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and provides intense saturation.

Moisturizing without creams

If you do not trust the creams, you can instead use a regular towel to moisturize the skin. As it should, wet it, wring out and hang it on the battery in the bedroom. So you get a simple moisturizer, after which your skin will look rested and fresh.

Don't forget the shower

Many people already know about the use of the soul in the morning, but if we add rubbing with a sponge with loofah to it, we can achieve an almost miraculous effect. With a gentle massaging motion, the sponge will remove dead cells from the skin and increase blood circulation. Also in the morning it is better to completely cancel the hot water and splashing in the bath, and take a shower with cool water.

Get rid of swelling and wrinkles

Edema under the eyes is an extremely unpleasant thing and can ruin even the most beautiful face. But they can be removed in a rather simple way by putting two metal teaspoons to the eyes. Place them for ten minutes in the refrigerator, then remove and attach to the swelling. Lie down for a few minutes.

Those who often frown may appear on his forehead pronounced wrinkles. Immediately get rid of this bad habit, and as soon as there is a desire to frown, remember that your forehead will be decorated with unpleasant folds. There is another way to get rid of, when you are at home, then stick a wide band-aid on your forehead and even if you want to frown, you will not be able to do it. Gradually, you will begin to get rid of this habit, only the procedure with a plaster should be repeated more often until you get rid of it.

Take care of sponges

Lips - on this part of our face, men literally go crazy and we just have to give it due attention. Which sponges attract more attention? Of course juicy and moisturized. There is no need to perform any special operations for this simply by regularly moistening your lips with hygienic lipstick. It is better to choose a lipstick with a natural base, without artificial flavors, as you want to lick fruit lipstick, and the more often we lick our lips, the faster they dry and age accordingly.

Makeup secrets

Decorative cosmetics, though it helps women to become more beautiful, but it certainly does not prolong their youth. Therefore, before you apply cosmetics for ten minutes, use a moisturizer for the face. It will help avoid the harmful effects of cosmetics, and the tone foundation after applying the cream will fall more smoothly. Another important point when applying cosmetics is to remember that makeup is usually applied with faded artificial light, but most of the time you will spend with it in daylight. Therefore, it is better to be painted in a room filled with light and with a large mirror, otherwise you risk making your makeup too defiant, or vice versa too dim. If you are an opponent of bright cosmetics, then purchase pearl shades of shade to match your color. They should be applied to the middle of the upper eyelids very close to the eyelash growth line. So your look will look more open, and your eyelashes will be elongated.

Adjust eyebrows

Eyebrows are also very important for creating a spectacular image and maintaining a youthful look. Over time, the upper eyelids may sag slightly, which will give your face fatigue and swelling. But you can easily get rid of this little problem, but you should correctly shape the shape of the eyebrows, slightly pulling them up. But there is one thing here, you should not over-correct the shape of the eyebrows, as thin and rare eyebrows only add age.

Take care of your hair

Hair will shine if after washing for a few seconds to substitute them under a stream of cool water. After this procedure, your hair will begin to shine, and the scales around the hair will close, making your hair less susceptible to damage and the surface of the hair will become smooth. To achieve more natural hair and return to natural color, paint them a shade a tone lighter than your own. When going to bed, always dissolve your hair and do not braid it with a bun or tail, as in a dream you can damage your hair with inaccurate movements.

All these simple rules help only if they are carried out regularly and not from time to time, and it is then that you can achieve a great effect and keep your youth for a long time.