Sea manicure. performance features and interesting ideas

In summer, bright nail designs are fashionable. For several seasons in a row, the manicure on the maritime theme has remained popular, it looks especially original. Basically it is made in white and blue, but the scope for creativity is enormous. It is best to start with the most simple types of design that do not require the ability to draw well.

How to make a manicure in a nautical style by yourself?

Blue color symbolizes freedom and dreaminess. Of course, it will be the main and even mandatory in the design on the marine theme. Also, the basic elements are strips like on a vest from the sea form, anchors, golden spangles symbolizing sand, chains, sea inhabitants, shells, waves. Experienced masters can make a complex design, depicting on each nail a detailed picture of the marine world, but for the inexperienced and beginners there are simple but effective options for marine manicure.

Sea manicure

Manicure stripes "Waves" can be performed in 2 versions. The first one will be more accurate, but for it you need to prepare stencils. The most convenient way is to use scotch tape or adhesive tape and scissors with wavy edges. You will need 3 varnishes in blue colors and a lacquer fixer.

Sea manicure

Make a manicure and degrease your nails with nail polish remover. Prepare stencils in advance. Cover your nails completely with a medium shade, which will be located between the darkest and the lightest. Glue the stencil to the middle of the nail plate. Paint the tip of the nail with the darkest varnish, and at the root of the lightest. Coating with different colors is best done in 2 layers, then the lower layer of varnish will not be visible, and the top will be more saturated and juicy. Wait until the varnish is completely dry, and then carefully remove the stencil. On top of the manicure, be sure to cover the fixing transparent means. It will add shine and keep the picture for a long time.

If you do not have stencils or you need to make a design very quickly, you can make vertical waves of different colors with a thin brush for painting on nails. It is best to take for work from 3 to 5 colors.

First, also paint your nails with a medium or darkest shade, and then, when it dries with a thin brush, apply wavy vertical stripes in different colors. Cover the nails with a fixer on top. This manicure looks very simple, but can be done by any newcomer to nail art.

Horizontal stripes of white and blue shades - a classic version of the manicure on the marine theme. Such a design is simple, but you will need accuracy and a lot of time. Striped nail art for many years remains in fashion, such a manicure looks beautiful on long and short nails and is suitable for any event. In addition, many variations of the classic striped manicure have been invented.

Now it is fashionable to focus on some kind of nail. For example, decorate all with a striped pattern, and cover one of them with bright red lacquer and make a pattern on it. Everyone is accustomed to the alternation of red and white stripes; to diversify the design, you can make red stripes on a white background or use other shades. It is possible to decorate such a manicure with rhinestones, with balls from which you can make small elements, for example, an anchor, a steering wheel or a star.

Now sold a lot of figurines from plastic and other materials for decorating nails. You can buy them in specialized stores, there is sure to find something on the marine theme. You can stick shiny shells and stars, anchors or fish. Also complement the design will help sparkles and varnishes with glitter. Gold sparkles symbolize sand look very nice.

Marine manicure done not only in white and blue colors. Light pink nails decorated with golden details and sparkles look very tender. Blue and blue tint colors can also be attributed to a maritime theme. On top of such a simple, but spectacular design, you can draw fish and stars, algae, shells and other marine inhabitants.

Manicure: Star and Shells Maritime Theme

Sea manicure

An example of a manicure with drawn simple elements. Run it easy. You will need:

  1. A thin brush for painting on the nails. It should have a thin edge and be quite soft.
  2. Dots - a device for point elements. Sold in cosmetic stores and nail art stores. Replace the dots can be podtochennoy wooden stick.
  3. 3 varnishes of different colors: dark blue, orange and light turquoise or blue.
  4. The transparent fixing covering.
  5. If desired, clear lacquer with sequins or friable glitter for a manicure.

First, paint your nails with light turquoise or blue lacquer and wait until it dries. Apply at least 2 coats of varnish. It is recommended to apply the second layer only when the first one dries well.

Start to paint the shells with a blue lacquer of a darker shade. To complete the decor, you can use both the dots and the brush - as you like. Through the varnish should not shine through the main layer, so do not be afraid to paint over the drawing. Orange varnish start to draw stars. It's quite simple, you first need to create 5 main lines with a brush, and then make them thicker and more visible. The number of items depends on the length of the nails. You should not make them too small or large. On average, it looks beautiful from 2 to 4 pcs. each element of the decor on 1 nail.

When the shells and stars dry, proceed to the completion of the design. On seashells with a brighter varnish, you will need to paint several very thin lines with a brush, and on the white stars, put small dots using a dots or wooden sticks. Now wait until the varnishes dry completely, and then cover the nails with 2 layers of fixative. At will, before fixing, you can decorate your nails with sparkles.

For nail design, you can use not only multi-colored varnishes. Acrylic paints are very convenient to use. They have a lot of shades and they dissolve in ordinary water. Unsuccessful pattern can be washed off with water and not damage the previous layer of varnish. Such paints are suitable even for drawing very small elements. You can mix them with each other and get new shades. Paint brushes for acrylic paints are best purchased at an art store. On top of the drawing paints can also be covered with lacquer-fixer.

Marine style manicure: photo

Sea manicure

Sea manicure

Sea manicure

Sea manicure

Sea manicure

Sea manicure

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Each girl can learn how to do nail design independently. Do not despair if from the 1st time you did not get a luxurious and very neat nail art. With experience, the time for making drawings will be shortened, and a trendy sea manicure will be great.

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