Sea buckthorn in cosmetics


Modern cosmetics contain the beneficial properties of various medicinal berries and herbs. After all, even in antiquity, people learned to recognize the useful and harmful. True, they gave it is not a simple price. In Russia there were herbalists (they still exist today), which with the help of decoctions of herbs or herbal ointments could help cure many diseases. Today's traditional medicine is based on their knowledge. Folk recipes are published in special magazines and newspapers, and people themselves share tips with each other.

Modern medicine has also learned a lot from popular reports on the healing properties of herbs, berries and seeds. Of course, chemicals are used in modern medicine and cosmetology, but in quality products a lot of natural ingredients.

Widely used in medicine and cosmetics. sea ​​buckthorn. But first, let's find out its healing properties.

The healing properties of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn berries contain many useful organic acids. Therefore, they taste sour. A lot of fruits of sea buckthorn contains vitamins. It contains such vitamins as Vitamin A, E, C andTO. Moreover, vitamin A is contained more in the fruit than in the seeds. Sea buckthorn contains harmful cholesterol reducing substances, therefore, it is used to treat atherosclerosis. In addition, the berries contain antitumor substances. Proven property of sea buckthorn moderately lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

This property of sea buckthorn is very much appreciated. oil content. Sea buckthorn oil is made from sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn oilwidely used in medicine and cosmetology. It has many healing properties. Sea buckthorn oil promotes healing of wounds, is used in the treatment of various burns, frostbite, eczema, bedsores. It has bactericidal and analgesic effect, used in the treatment of gastric ulcer and gynecological practice. It also helps in the composition of drugs with infectious diseases.

The use of sea buckthorn in cosmetics

From sea buckthorn berries do extract, which is often used in cosmetology. is he stimulates regenerative processes in the skin, has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant action. Sea buckthorn extract also has nutritious by action on the skin, softens it and improves elasticity. In cosmetics for hair, it is also widely used, due to the nutrition and protection of the hair bulb from external adverse factors.

Thus, in the cosmetology, sea buckthorn is used in cosmetics for face care, hair care. You also can not bypass the cosmetics for body care, for hands and feet, which also uses the beneficial healing properties of sea buckthorn.

Day and night face creams, eye creams, face masks, children's creams, various soaps, hair shampoos, and hair balms are not a complete list of cosmetics with the use of sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn oil serves for moisturizing and nourishing face skin, scalp and hair. Dry and brittle hair become after sea buckthorn oil alive and strong. Reduced hair loss and dandruff, stimulated growth hair. Sea buckthorn oil is added to body milk for more efficient skin moisturizing.

Sea buckthorn is used for the preparation of cosmetics for the care of the beauty of hands, hair, skin of the face and body, etc. at home. To learn how to make sea buckthorn masks for different skin types, read the article Sea buckthorn: useful properties.

Try cosmetics with sea buckthorn extract, and you will be satisfied with the result!

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