Scarf loose

Scarf LIC is comfortable and beautiful, it can be worn anytime: in early spring, late autumn, in the winter cold. It is good to have such a universal thing in your wardrobe. Find a scarf LIC in the store is easy - a variety of textures and colors will help you find a dream scarf.

However, true needlewomen are more likely to want to tie a scarf with a do-it-yourself handwork. Then he will surely face you.

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

Scarf-snud: how to tie?

For to tie a beautiful scarf with his own hands.

You will need about 100 grams of lightweight yarn, as well as 80 cm circular knitting needles with the number 3.5.

The scarf LIC, which you will eventually have, will be 90 cm in circumference and 40 cm in height.

Knit a scarf Loose need only circular knitting. To get started, type in the traditional way 180 loops. For the first 4 circles, use the knitting technique, that is, alternate the front and back loops. Fifth circle, like the fourth, carry out the purl loops, while reducing their number to 176 pieces - gradually you will remove 4 loops.

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

In order to make your scarf a snood refined, tie 9 vertical rapoports of the main pattern on the needles. After you do this, the height of the product will be 39 centimeters. Then tie another circle with face loops.

Do not forget that at this stage you will need to reset a lot of loops, and specifically - 22 pcs. This is easy to do, using the method of co-knitting 2 loops, when each of the 7th and 8th ones are knitted into one. As a result, you will have 154 loops. The following 4 circles you will continue to knit garter stitch. At the last stage of mating all the loops will need to close. This technique of knitting scarfasnud with your own hands will help you get a beautiful finished product in a short time.

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

Fashion experts offer a few tips to help you learn how to wear a scarf properly.

According to the rules of fashion etiquette, Scarf Licenses should not distract attention from the thing that is currently the main subject of clothing. That is why it is recommended to give preference to scarves calm unobtrusive shades. A great solution if your snood will match in color with shoes or a handbag.

Another important point - Scarf Loose - a thing universal. Therefore, you can wear it with almost anything. He looks good with a trouser suit, with ageless jeans, with a warm long coat.

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

Not everyone knows that you can even make a vest out of sleep. To do this, hook the ring of one piece with one piece behind the neck from behind and pass through two hands in front so that the second part of the scarf runs along the back.

Scarf Loose allows you to use with it additional accessories. It will be original if you pin a scarf with a beautiful brooch.

Knitted scarf is very comfortable and practical., however, you are probably surprised to learn what else unusual options are offered to us by fashion designers. Various brands present to the court of the most demanding public beautiful openwork laces of different types of fabric.

Scarf Loose: how to wear?

TO luxury sleep options They include fox or rabbit fur scarves that warm well on cold days. If you are looking for a snood for yourself, in which you really would like to look luxurious, then, without hesitation, choose a fur accessory. This will be a boon for those who like to spend a lot of time on the street.

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Snoods decorated with rhinestones, beads, original turn-down collars - this variety is presented today in the windows of various shops. Choose what you like or knit the fun yourself - you will be very satisfied!

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