Fashion is a cyclical phenomenon, and after all its new trends, after verification, are well forgotten old ones. Haircut sessun, created in the late 19th century, again if not at the peak of popularity, then definitely among the most popular haircuts. Who is she going to, and who better to abandon such an idea? How to style a sessun haircut on short and medium hair? What and how to wear it? To these questions every fashionista should know the answers.

Haircut Sessun with graduations: photos and recommendations

Haircut sessun with graduations

Haircut sessunHaircut sessun with graduation photo

The interest in haircut sassun stirred Twiggy - an uncompromising cocktail of hyperbolic slimness, big eyes and short hair became almost an identifying mark of the model and its talisman in the fashion industry. Women, accustomed to scooping ideas from glossy magazines, from posters and posters, could not but adopt this image, and soon the haircut of sessun for short hair became as frequent a request at hairdressing salons as was styling in Audrey style. What are the features and dangers of this version of hair cut sessun? What to wear it with and whom to wear?

In the classic version of the sessun haircut, the graduation is soft, but it can always be strengthened, thereby making the strands of the upper layer even shorter, which will add volume at the crown and remove the excess - at the back of the head. This option is suitable for girls of small stature, because visually pulls them up, revealing the neck and raising the highest point of the crown. The main thing is not to use such a haircut with an elongated face, so as not to lengthen it more.

Basically graduation haircut sessun performed on short hair, so for her the same recommendations are relevant as for other types of haircuts sessun for short hair. But the styling methods are already somewhat smaller: the ends of such a haircut cannot be curled, therefore most often the strands are drawn out by the iron and are slightly twisted inward to give them a single direction. In contrast to the general canvas, you can not twist the bangs, on the contrary, taking it away from the face. For this reason, a graduated sessun looks best with asymmetrical beveled bangs.

Sessun for short hair: styling methods

Haircut sessun for short hair: recommendations and ways of styling

Haircut sessun for short hair: recommendations and ways of styling

Haircut sessun for short hairHaircut sessun for short hair

Almost all short haircuts tend to open the face, so they can hardly be called universal. As for a sessun haircut, in its classical form it focuses only on the lower part, so it can also be used to correct certain features. However, it should be understood at once that for girls with the shape of the face “trapezium”, when the lower zone is much wider than the temporal zygoma, cutting sessun for short hair is contra-indicated. Adding volume at the top will equal both parts, but the face will become evenly wide, which will not make it attractive. Approximately the same applies to a round or square face - a sessun does not have the ability to stretch a face, therefore compact forms are undesirable.

Considering the main difference between sessun haircuts and similar curved cutting lines over the forehead, the contours of the face soften, so this haircut will look great on a rectangular face, smoothing the upper corners, down to the zygomatic bone, but emphasizing clear jaw lines. The model image will turn out, if you focus on the cheekbones, add graphic to the nose and lips. Softer - when curling the ends inward, smoothing the upper layer.

Professionals also recommend performing sessun on short hair, if the face is triangular, with an extended or high forehead. Due to the thick bangs present in the classic version of the haircut, it will be hidden, and any deviation from the ideal proportion is leveled. For the same reason, it is easy to divert attention from flaws in the shape or fit of the eyes, shifting the emphasis on the nose, lips and chin.

Haircut sessun on short hair is the volume. It is due to the technology of the work of the master this haircut is recommended for girls with thin hair, as well as in case of insufficient density. Laying it easier than other types of short haircuts: just dry the wet strands with a hair dryer, at the same time lifting the roots with brushing and twisting the ends inside. The daytime styling of a sessun haircut ends there, as the hair, trimmed at an angle, lies in the right direction. And the evening with short strands is often just a light texturing of the curls or changing the position of the bangs falling on the forehead.

Is such a haircut for medium length hair?

Haircut sessun for medium hair: photos and ways of styling

On the hair of medium length, sessun haircut is performed on girls with a square face to slightly stretch it and soften the sharp features. Elongation occurs in the neck, so that the cut diagonal is smoother. It is good to resort to cutting sessun on medium-length hair for girls with long necks or tall: this allows you not to focus on these nuances of appearance.

With regard to styling, the average length of the hair is somewhat larger. First, it is possible to open the face even more strongly, having made the return perm of the ends - to take them away from the face, having twisted them outside. In this case, thick straight bangs are best left in the traditional form: with twisting inside. A good option would be for girls with a triangular face: the volume of the upper zone will disappear, and at the bottom it will be added.

Secondly, with medium hair length, a sessun haircut can also get dynamic, playful notes, if you initially twist straight hair onto a curling iron with a small diameter (19 mm). This option is especially interesting if the bangs were cut off not according to the classics, but with asymmetry. However, the contrast between smooth, straight bangs, and curly luxuriant hair is no less attractive.

And for the elegance of an evening look, it is enough to make soft waves, which are made by the same curling iron, but with a larger diameter (29-32 mm), or with a large round comb or electric curlers. You'd be surprised, but even such a controversial haircut as sessun can look incredibly feminine and aristocratic. However, to achieve this, your hair should initially be perfectly smooth.

A competent master will be able to “plant” a sessun haircut on hair of any length and texture, as well as on any face shape. However, professionals advise to refrain from such a hairstyle with fluffy curly hair, as well as girls with a round and trapezius face, or to modify the classic version closer to her related haircuts.