Salicylic peeling at home

In the modern world, our skin is constantly exposed to various stresses - it is confronted with a bad environment, it is polluted with dust, and its pores are clogged with regular application of foundation and powder. Even the healthiest skin can be damaged by this. In this case, the main task is to cleanse the skin.

Ideal for cleansing is suitable peeling, the essence of which lies in the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. The basis of peeling take a variety of acids that act on the upper layers of cells. During the peeling procedure, the acid gently dissolves in the skin, removing the upper dead cells, thereby stimulating the production of new ones, the formation of elastin and collagen, thereby improving the structure of the skin.

Salicylic Peeling at Home

However, like any other procedure, peeling has its own contraindications. It is not recommended to conduct peeling during pregnancy, breastfeeding, with infectious diseases, with open wounds on the face, elevated body temperature, as well as with herpes in the acute stage.

What is salicylic peeling?

Salicylic peeling- This is a chemical peel that does not consist in scraping off already dead cells, but in their dissolution. Salicylic acid is used as the main active ingredient along with various components selected by the manufacturing company.

Speaking in scientific terms, salicylic acid is called 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, it has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. This substance does not irritate the skin layers, is a good prevention for comedones and does not penetrate into the inner layers of the skin, which is why the risk of side effects is minimal with salicylic peeling. With the help of salicylic peeling, you can easily normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, refresh the skin and even out the complexion.

Salicylic Peeling at Home

Among salicylic peelings, surface solution is 15% and mid-surface with 30% substance content. The first method is more gentle, and the second one makes it possible to even out the skin relief and has a deeper effect.

What is salicylic peeling for?

This type of peeling is practiced to combat the aging of the skin, with the appearance of wrinkles from frequent exposure to the sun, to remove age spots. Salicylic peeling is actively used in the treatment of acne 1 and 2 severity, it is also often recommended to owners of porous, oily and prone to acne skin.

Typically, the tool can be purchased in the form of a solution or paste and used on almost any part of the body. The most common areas of salicylic peeling use are the skin of the face and hands, especially the back of the palms. This peeling can soften rough skin, helping to tidy up your elbows, knees, and other places with rough skin.

Peeling salicylic acid at home

  • Salicylic acid peeling is considered universal., as it can be applied on any part of the body and at any time of the year. This peel has no age limit. To achieve the maximum result, you must complete a course of 4-6 procedures, but not more often than once a year. Procedures are carried out 1 time per week.

Salicylic Peeling at Home

  • After salicylic peeling for several days, there may be a slight redness and in rare cases peeling. Nothing wrong with that, this effect should pass in a couple of days.
  • Ideally, of course, a competent cosmetologist should perform the procedure for salicylic peeling. But you can perform this procedure at home. To do this, buy a bottle with the tool and slowly read the instructions. Then gently apply a little on clean, dry skin with a cotton pad. Never treat the skin around the eyes, as it is very sensitive.
  • Soak the solution for five minutes, then rinse with warm water or a special agent that neutralizes the action of the acid. At the end of the peeling apply on your face a compress of green tea or a cool decoction of the train. The first days after the procedure, avoid using cosmetics, protect your face from direct sunlight and minimize any manipulation of the skin.
  • However, one should not expect the same effect from salicylic peeling as from the salon one, since more intensive means are used in professional cosmetology.

Salicylic Peeling: reviews

  1. Many women, before deciding on the procedure of salicylic peeling, decide to explore the pros and cons. It is very useful to read reviews about salicylic peeling in the appropriate forums. Most of those who have already tried this drug agree that this very effective remedy.
  2. So, one lady writes that this is the best peeling she has ever had to try. For many years she has been struggling ineffectively with problem skin, but it was the salicylic peeling that helped her cope with acne. Moreover, she emphasizes that doing such peeling is best in the salon, as home peeling still does not give the result as a professional.

Salicylic Peeling at Home

But the reviews of other women on one of the sites.

  • Elena: "The results became noticeable after the first procedure. The skin became smooth, dull, the inflammations disappeared, and acne was minimized and brightened significantly. But still you cannot correct the situation with just peeling, you need to make a course of at least 5 procedures. Yes, maybe , it's not so cheap, but in any case it is much more efficient than the constant purchase of useless lotions and masks. "
  • Svetlana: "At one point, I discovered that acne had gone too far on my face - my forehead, temples and even cheeks were covered with a rash. It was strange, because before that I did not suffer from acne. I immediately went to a beautician, because It was simply unbearable to look at myself. According to the doctor’s recommendation, I decided to make a salicylic peeling. The whole procedure lasted about 40 minutes. There was a slight reddening of the face, but it soon passed. The result was significant, the face seemed younger and fresher, but most importantly, the rash became much less. I hope that after completing the series of procedures they will disappear completely. "
  • Irina: "Salicylic peeling is a wonderful thing if it is done by a professional, and at home it is easy to make a mistake with concentration and get a skin burn."
  • Anna: “At one time I was fascinated by various salon procedures and now my number of favorites includes salicylic peeling. I was tormented by constant inflammations on my face. but the result became noticeable after the first one. My skin was dried, cleansed, in the future I will definitely do it again. "

From these reviews, we can conclude that salicylic peeling - very useful and effective thing, but you need to take it seriously and better trust its conduct professionals.

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