Salicylic acid acne


Salicylic acid is the most inexpensive and common acne treatment. This tool has an antibacterial effect, brightens acne spots, cleans pores, removes dead skin cells.

In pharmacies, this acid is sold in various alcohol solutions and ointments for external use.

What is salicylic acid good for the skin?

Salicylic acid:

  • eliminates inflammation
  • removes stains
  • helps from black spots, pimples, as it penetrates the sebaceous glands, splitting fat
  • lowers oily skin
  • tightens pores
  • inhibits skin aging.

If you use salicylic acid with glycolic acid, you can get rid of the precursors of acne - comedones. This combination of components acts as a peeling. Acid also increases the regenerative ability of the skin, which helps reduce the time of treatment of acne.

  • Only 1-2% of salicylic acid is enough for treatment, it is not worth buying% higher, since even such a small percentage contributes to the appearance of dry skin.
  • Never use cleansing with a cosmetic scrub with salicylic acid - it can also cause irritation, severe flaking of the skin. There will be a large formation of scales, which can mix with the sebum and cause a large blockage of the channels with traffic jams. And in the treatment of acne and acne is not necessary.
  • For a visible result, the affected skin is rubbed 1-2 times a day.
  • Salicylic acid is usually used as a first step in combating acne. The so-called first step is called purification. It is really safe and effective.
  • Be sure to consult your physician before using acid, since salicylic acid may increase the absorption of certain other medicines.
  • Never apply salicylic acid on birthmarks, warts in the face and genitals.
  • During pregnancy, the use of the drug should be limited.

Anyone who encounters such a problem as acne, acne should understand perfectly well that using salicylic acid alone cannot get rid of the problem. To treat such a problem, an integrated approach is needed.

You should visit a dermatologist, who will identify the cause of the rash, and follow all the recommendations that your doctor prescribes. It is necessary to change the diet, lifestyle, include vegetables and dairy products in your ration, eliminate fatty, spicy, sugary foods, stay more fresh air. Good luck to you!