Sakura nail design

Japan and China have long found fans of their culture in our country. Even if you don’t wear kimono and don’t wear tabi, you’ll probably use bright color prints in your outfit or use a popular Japanese or Chinese manicure lately.

Japanese manicure - very bright, mostly they are fond of teenagers. You can simply paint the nails in different colors and put bright dots on them or make strokes. Often used ready-made tixes - bows or flowers, or something else.

Chinese manicure is more saturated colors. Preference is given to red, black, gold, deep blue colors. The shape of the nails is usually pointed or beveled. But the common thing that unites the manicure art of these two countries is the image of flowers.

The Sakura blooming nail design is very popular in beauty salons. You can offer many interesting and exciting options. It will cost five times more expensive than regular manicure. This design is widely practiced on extended nails. The painting is often done with acrylic paints.

Of course, you can try to make a manicure Sakura themselves. For this you can use ready-made stickers or ticks. You can use a varnish with a thin brush for painting. And in the end, you can even draw with acrylic paints.

Sakura acrylic paints at home

This optionwill be sufficient complicated, but you can try to make it yourself. For this we need acrylic paints of pink, white, black, green and lilac colors, a brush and a thin brush, a fixer.

It is desirable that the nails were long (there is where to draw). Apply three varnishes (pink, white and lilac) on the nail at an angle of 45 degrees. White varnish should be in the middle. Then at the joints between the varnishes draw a thin brush with black lacquer twigs. Green paint draw on the branches of small leaves.

At the end of the nail white acrylic paint draw one large flower sakura. You can shade it a little pink. We apply a fixing coating and our nail is ready. So we do with each nail or with those that you want to decorate. The rest of the nails can be coated with a monochromatic varnish of a harmonious color with a pattern (pink or lilac).

Easier option. Here you will need pink lacquer, black lacquer with a thin brush, white and yellow acrylic paints, dots and a fixative.

Apply pink nail polish on your nails (you can use a varnish with sparkles). Then we draw twigs on the center of the nail with black varnish. Instead of black lacquer, you can use a gel pen. After the branches we apply with the help of dots white petals of flowers (two or three flowers can be made).

In the center of each flower we set a yellow dot with acrylic paint using dots. Apply fixative. So do with each of the nails.

Sakura ordinary varnish at home

Apply pink or blue lacquer as a base. Then, using a thin brush, draw a few branches in black. On a pink base, you can use a darker pink varnish or brown. Next, using dots, apply white dots and flower petals on the twigs. Flowers should be from three and more. In the middle of the flower plant a bouillon or rhinestone. You can put a dot yellow lacquer. Apply fixative. Do this with every nail. Manicure ready. Do it, believe me, is very easy. Time will take about an hour or a little more, because the speed of work is different for everyone.

Having mastered several simple techniques, you can experiment, change colors. But do not overdo it. Sakura - white flower or soft pink. If you paint a flower with red or blue lacquer, it will not be an Sakura. With the help of your imagination, you can draw not only blooming sakura on the nails, but also other flowers, and other simple drawings.

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