Russian style in clothes


If you visit America, you can hardly distinguish Russian tourists from indigenous people by clothing, and on the Canary Islands our compatriots are often visible a mile away, as in France. What is Russian clothing style? We all, starting with the priest-kings, wanted to look bright and "rich." That is why they used to combine gold and red in their traditional Russian costumes, and even finish all this beauty with fur. Imperial Rozma Russian fashion has always been inherent, with the exception of the Soviet era. But it did not kill women in Russian women - they learned to sew and tried to be different from the hundreds of identical "citizens".

How do we find our trendy vector in this historical bustle? At first we were like Ivan the Terrible, then like Peter the First, and then like Brezhnev. Disappeared polls courses cutting and sewing, a serious hobby for knitting. All creative things in haste, the scale is gone, because everything can be bought. Today, you can not sew anything, do not knit anything and do not embroider. It is even possible that many modern girls have little idea how the hoop looks, and how to work for them ... Today’s Russian style is European and North American, everyone is trying to look like a “West”. Nowadays, you can choose who to be, but will we be ourselves?

Russian theme in the world of fashion

Russian style of clothing - sundresses, kokoshniki, couplings, jackets and the like. Of course, we ourselves do not wear outdated clothes for a long time, but in fashion houses ideas for creating Russian collections still hover. Paul Poiret and Yves Saint Laurent were the ancestors of the “a la rus” collections, which the world saw and admired. Denis Semachev, Konstantin Gaidai, Alexey and Anna Borodulina are our “propagandists” in the fashion world. And what about Vyacheslav Zaitsev? If foreigners were seduced by Russian mystery, then Russian designers simply sang once again what they knew well. And they continue to draw inspiration for their future “patriotic” collections from the past of our history. Do we know what the real Russian style in clothes is?

For a long time no one, except the Russian army and tourists, takes the hats with earflaps seriously. The first because of its funktsionalnosti (it still saves from the cold), and the second fun and memory for the sake of. In the minds of a Soviet person, Ushanka or another one of its variants - a “fawn cap” is the last century. But Russian and foreign designers stubbornly demonstrate this accessory at fashion weeks. And not only they - the secular dandy is also capable of that, after all, earflaps are a great way to attract attention. And not only she - budenovka and kokoshnik, who so fond of fashion houses Chanel and Kenzo.

Everything that designers are doing in the direction of Russian subjects attracts attention. Another thing is that we ourselves do not take in our wardrobe a foreign "a la russe", even if it is of high quality. And why? After all, the Russian style is always in fashion, this is our everything. Many states do not have their own historical tardies, songs and robes, and we have checked all this for thousands of years. So why not use the customized solutions of designers, do not braid a braid and not put on a bright sundress, adding accessories to it? Moreover, it is much easier to find Russian clothes in Russia than a real Western brand.

So, let's break up, who is such a real Russian beauty? Remember the fairy tale "Frost", here they are classic Russian women, ready to endure and carry "their own cross." Today's lady has changed and become stronger and stronger, and some of them can be crippled by this very cross. We all need from time to time to add a bit of femininity and defenselessness to the image. Such an effect can be achieved with the help of a Russian sundress embroidered with bright patterns.

We dress in Russian style

Wicker shoes, embroidered sundresses, lace, floor skirts in colors and ornaments, scarves are elements of the Russian image. Of the accessories - woven bags, shawls, beads, large earrings, various belts.

There is one "but" in all this bright Russian fashion. Some girls who want to actively use the Russian image, may slightly overdo it. After all, all Russian fashion is built on the contrast of bright colors - large prints, scope and a riot of colors. So you need to be careful not to turn into a doll in the literal sense of the word. Not all go Russian motives. For example, a scarf.

Scarves are the only accessories that are actively used by Russian women. We love and wear them. Pavlo-Pasadian shawls are now popular both here and on Hollywood hills. Periodically, the local actresses there are captured paparatsy who in Russian scarf, who in Karakul "Brezhnev" hat. It is possible to combine a scarf with fitting jeans, short coats and high boots. But remember, if you have a handkerchief, the rest of the gamma should be more restrained, one thing should be the accent.

Where can I find clothes in Russian style?

Clothes in the Russian style can be found in the well-known designers Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Denis Simachev. Alena Lourdes, and the Yana and Anastasia Shevchenko duet - YanaStasia also actively use Russian themes in clothing lines.

Even sports brands today surprise us - Bosco sport and Stayer revived Russian motifs in their clothes, and the clothes immediately became brighter and more popular even among those who are not keen on sports. And what about our teams, they are now visible at every competition.

All famous designers are not without reason again and again inspired by Russian motives and culture - it is diverse and diverse. You can always do something new from an existing one, and moreover, for a long time. This is what it means to be always in trend - Russian culture will never go out of fashion. Ushanka, matryoshka, balalaika - this is how foreigners see it. But they also see Russian girls and admire them. Do not forget that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

In our country there is no need to dress every day in everything Russian, but one thing is certain: in the closet of every Russian maiden there should be a sundress, accessories and shoes “a la rus”. And if there are furs and muffles hanging there, you should be a real boyar daughter in them!