Round shape nail


In many ways, a manicure depends on the shape of the nails. We rarely save the natural shape of nails presented to us by nature. We pursue fashion, but sometimes we hear from experienced manicurists that the fashionable shape of nails today is not suitable for our hands. Like this? - we are surprised. But the fact is that our fingers are already asking the shape of the nails that will match them.

Our natural shape of the nail is determined by the shape of the fingers. By the natural shape of the nails can be judged on the character.

Nail shape and character

Square nail shape

People with a square shape treat all problems from a philosophical point of view. They are inquisitive, witty, attentive. The mind of such people dominates the senses. Both in private life and in work, they rely more on the mind than on the heart. Therefore, they often become leaders and show in this role such qualities as purposefulness, decisiveness, independence, courage and perseverance. However, they constantly struggle in their souls, they have a lot of contradictions. They are able to help everyone around with wise advice, but not to themselves.

Pointed nail shape

Peaked nails are mostly creative. Women musicians, artists, fashion designers and other creative professions tend to give their nails a pointed (triangular) shape. They possess such traits as creativity, passion, impatience, reverie, impressionability and vulnerability, love of freedom, enthusiastic attitude to the world. For them, the main thing in life is not earthly wealth, but spiritual values.

Rectangular nail shape

People with a rectangular shape of nails are usually workaholics and all-rounders. They have such traits as optimism, maximalism, kindness, gullibility, naivety, openness and a tendency to idealize the world around. They go through life, relying only on their own strength. They often rely on fate, but also often achieve everything they want. But if they are too naive and trusting, they can easily be fooled.

Round shape nail

People with round nails are very emotional, sensitive, prone to sentimentality. They live by their own rules, believe in their ideals. They have a heightened sense of justice. They do not tolerate even the most trivial manifestations of cruelty. Their mission in this life is peacemaking.

These are the features of the characters of people with some form of nails. But it often happens that the fingers differ in their outlines. Consequently, the shape of natural nails is different, which does not look very nice. In this case, the majority of natural nails choose the form and create it in an artificial way.

Give the nails a round shape

The shape of the nail, of course, is chosen not only by the shape of the fingers, but also according to their individual preferences and professional inclinations. For example, young mothers are not advised to wear sharp nails, you can hurt a little baby. Long nails are not recommended for masseurs, cosmetologists, musicians.

The round shape of nails looks very attractive and is suitable for mothers, educators, doctors and women of many other specialties. It is considered the most convenient, since it lacks sharp corners. This form of nails is very practical and looks very cute and feminine.

If you decide to give your nails a round shape, then it will not make you much difficulty. To do this, take a nail file (preferably a glass, so as to less damage the nails) and file the nails in the form of a semicircle. It is also important to take into account that the nails should be of the same length. The length is chosen by the shortest nail. If over time, any nail is broken, then the manicure should definitely be completely redone. Nails of different lengths look ugly.

Before creating the form, it is advisable to soften the skin of the hands with the help of various special baths or masks (they are described in the article "Masks and baths for hands at home").

A girl, a woman who cares for herself, in the first place, hands out. After all, we are the ones who work the most. They are more likely than a person can give our age. But well-groomed hands are always an attribute of successful women who take care of themselves. On these pens must necessarily be a manicure. Let even the most simple. Fortunately, at the present time in the salons we can offer a variety of manicure techniques (read the article "Types of manicure").

And at home, we can also make a manicure for ourselves, which will not give way to a manicure done in a beauty salon. Not all techniques, however, are simple (read the article "Marble manicure with your own hands"). And not all of the manicure techniques offered in the salons can be reproduced at home. But after all, even just beautifully treated, well-groomed nails, covered with flesh or even colorless varnish, immediately raise our self-esteem. And others notice it.

Choose the shape of the nail, the most convenient for you. Having become accustomed to one particular form of nails, it will be faster to do a manicure at home. The round shape of nails will always be the most popular and in demand, despite the trends of changeable fashion.