Rosemary oil for hair


Beautiful, thick and shiny hair - without a doubt, the main decoration of every woman. The impact of negative factors every day undermines the health of our hair. On the shelves you can find a variety of different cosmetics that are designed to solve the problems that have appeared. However, at times, we want to pamper our hair with something special. In this case, various natural gifts such as rosemary come to the rescue.

Rosemary essential oil is very beneficial for hair and scalp.This plant is not only helps stimulate hair growth and perfectly eliminates dandruff, but also tones the scalp, making it healthier. In addition, it oil cleans fat plugs and dead particles, which improves skin breathing and hair health.

Miraculous oil is extracted from a non-ordinary shrub with blue flowers and small thin leaves. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean countries. Depending on the place of residence and the chemical composition of the plant, the oils are divided into several chemotypes. For the use of rosemary for cosmetic purposes, the oil of the plant brought to us from France is best suited.

Scalp massage with rosemary oil

Scalp massage using rosemary oil will help you make your hair shiny, smooth and silky. This happens due to the ability of rosemary to affect blood circulation. The massage should last an average of ten to fifteen minutes. The procedure is carried out daily. You can also try to mix castor oil with rosemary oil. However, such a mixture should not be abused, otherwise the hair instead of beautiful and shiny will become oily and completely unattractive.

Rosemary Oil Hair Conditioner

Rosemary hair conditioner is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy. Preparing it is very simple: mix 10 drops of oil with water. This solution still helps to improve hair color. He will make it more deep and juicy. There is another recipe for rosemary-based rinse. Mix 7 drops of rosemary with 5 milliliters of alcohol. Add the resulting mixture to a liter of water.

Rosemary Oil Hair Masks

Rosemary oil can be a component of various masks. So, for example, if you oily or normal hair, and you want to strengthen them, The following recipe will help you.

You will need to mix 10 milliliters of jojoba oil and 20 milliliters of grape seed oil. In the resulting base, add 2 drops of rosemary oil, 2 drops of calamus oil and one drop of bay and birch oils. The resulting mask must be rubbed into the roots of the hair and, wearing a plastic cap, hold for about an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

If you are the owner dry and brittle hair will suit you nourishing and firming mask. Mix 10 milliliters of avocado, macadamia and jojoba oils. Then add 2 drops of rosemary, calamus and ylang-ylang oils each and 1 drop of birch, bay and chamomile oils. With drawing do the same as in the first recipe.

Rosemary oil shampoo

Do you like to add oils to shampoos? Then this remedy is for you. It is suitable for owners dark hair.

Take as a basis one hundred milliliters of your shampoo and add to it six drops of rosemary oil and okotei and caudate, as well as four drops of wild carrot and lemon oils. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. That's it, your shampoo is ready!

Maybe you never had to deal with the use of essential oils. In this case, try applying a little rosemary oil (a few drops) on the comb and just brush your hair. Your hair will be grateful to you, do not doubt!

It must be remembered that rosemary oil, like any other cosmetic, can cause an allergic reaction. Before using this tool consult with your doctor or test on a small area of ​​skin. If there is no redness, peeling and itching, feel free to use this miracle cure!

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