Rivanol for hair removal


Too intense hair growth caused by hormonal changes can begin at any age. And very few women or young girls might like it. The most unpleasant when hair begins to grow over the upper lip or cheeks. Immediately the question arises, how to remove excess hair? Shaving and pulling them can not, as this will only stimulate their growth.

You should not worry much, you can always get rid of excess hair. Now there are a huge number of ways to remove unwanted hair. These include procedures in the cabin, and traditional methods at home. There are several home methods for removing unwanted hair: using sugar, called "shugaring", wax or clay.

But relatively recently, a new method of hair removal, based on the use of the drug Rivanol, which quickly and painlessly removes hair.

What is Rivanol?

Rivanol is a medical product with disinfectant and healing properties. It comes in the form of tablets, ointments, powders and pastes.

In order to remove hair with the help of Rivanol, a 1% solution of Rivanol is needed, so the preparation in the form of ointment, paste and powder will not work, you need tablets that can be diluted in water.

Rivanol helps very well to cope with hair removal on the cheeks, temples and above the upper lip. From contraindications it is worth noting that it cannot be used for kidney disease and individual intolerance to the components included in the drug.

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How to apply Rivanol for hair removal?

To prepare a solution of Rivanol, take 10 g of the substance and dilute it in 1 liter of water. If it is difficult to get such a small amount of Rivanol, you can take 100 g of powder and 10 liters of water. Before using Rivanol, you need to check if you have an allergic reaction to it. To do this, after preparing the solution, it is necessary to lubricate a small area on the crook of the elbow. If after 6 hours there is no irritation and redness at this place, you can dip the cotton wool into the solution and smear the hair you want to remove.

It is enough to grease hair 1 r. in a day. Any special effort and too much time for hair removal using rivanol is not required. After 5 treatments, the hair should disappear. Using Rivanol is the most affordable and easy way to slow down hair growth and give your skin the softness and velvety you dream of. Disinfecting properties of the drug help to remove unwanted hair without causing irritation, inflammation and traces on the skin.

Rivanol Facial Hair Removal

Rivanol for hair removal

To remove hair growing on the face, soak a cotton swab in Rivanol solution and wipe all the hair that needs to be removed. Wipe hairs 1 p. a day, without taking breaks, every day. After 7 days the hairs should thin and fall off.

It is undesirable to use Rivanol for more than two weeks, as it is a medicine and has a specific effect on the skin. The effect of its use should appear after the first week of use. If it is not, then the use of Rivanol is better to stop.

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Rivanol for hair removal: reviews

Before using Rivanol for hair removal, you can get to know the opinions of women who have already tried this tool. There are completely different reviews about its effectiveness, so only you yourself can decide whether to use it for hair removal or not.

  • Irina: "I can say about Rivanol that he was advised to use by a dermatologist by my mother." The result is not bad compared to the fact that it is impossible to remove hair on the face in another way. The darkest and toughest hairs disappeared. But the doctor advised to check the level of hormones in order to eliminate the cause of hormonal failure. "
  • Olga: "I think that Rivanol will not be able to help, as it is used for disinfection, what is the growth and loss of hair?".
  • Inna: "I tried to remove the hair with Rivanol, they really became thinner and lighter, but everything did not fall out."
  • Alla: “I used to remove hair on my face with the help of Rivanol. I wiped the places where hair grows within 2 weeks. A week later the most noticeable hairs fell out, and the rest disappeared at the end of the second week. While new hairs did not appear, to which I am very happy.”
  • Polina: "I am completely for Rivanol for hair removal, as it has practically no contraindications and helps to quickly get rid of them without causing discomfort."

Rivanol for hair removal: reviews

Excessive hair appearing in the most inappropriate places bothers every woman. Everyone wants to look perfect and beautiful, but sometimes hormones play a cruel joke, increasing hair growth and forcing him to look for tools that would help him to stop.

Rivanol solution helps to safely cope with excess facial hair and cheeks, without causing unpleasant sensations. Of course, it is impossible to get rid of hair completely, but it is possible to slow down their growth with the help of Rivanol. To solve the problem of the appearance of excess hair more cardinally, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor who can prescribe a course of treatment, stabilizing the level of hormones in the body that provoke hair growth.