Ribbed fingernails

Every woman wants to have beautiful on the nature of the nails, but sometimes it happens that the nail plate covered with grooves that look like ribs. This should be a signal that there is some kind of disease in your body, or it is the result of an adverse effect of the external environment.

Ribbing nailshappens the most different. In some, the ribs stretch vertically, in others - horizontally. The first option is more innocuous, but in the second case, you should seriously think not only about the aesthetic side of the issue, but also about the general state of your health.

Why are nails ribbed?

Ribbed fingernails

  1. Well analyze your diet and diet. It is possible that your body exists deficiency of certain vitamins and important trace elements. First of all, we can talk about the lack of vitamins A and B, as well as the lack of calcium and selenium involved in the construction of our nails. If these substances in the body are not enough, nails grow unevenly. In winter and spring for the prevention of beriberi it will be useful to take a complex of vitamins. Selenium, for example, found in plant foods. If you receive less selenium in food, then use it in the form of food supplements.
  2. The ribbing of the nails can also arise from the fact that the body does not receive enough ordinary water in sufficient quantities. Every day you need to drink about 2 liters of fluid.
  3. Remember, did you hurt cuticle during nail treatment, an ingested infection could cause this defect.
  4. Another possible reason for ribbing nails on the hands is considered fungal infection of the surface of the nail plates. Eczema can alter a nail.
  5. Also Ribbed nails may indicate possible irregularities present in the work of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. Problems with thyroid are also likely. In this list, also add violations of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus.
  6. An undesirable reaction of the nails is caused not only by the diseases themselves, but also by certain medications with which you treat them. The presence of toxins in the body (for example, arsenic) also affects the quality of the nails.

Ribbed fingernails: treatment

  • Recommended for return to the nailssalt baths daily: take 1 tbsp. l salt and dilute it in 0.5 liters of hot water. It will be good if you add the juice of one lemon or a few drops of iodine to this solution. The duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes. After it, wipe your hands well, and grease your nails and peel adjacent to them with any oil with vitamins or nourishing cream.


Ribbed fingernails: treatment

  • With frequent staining of their nails do not abuse nail polish removers, containing acetone. Nails should also be periodically relaxed. When this happens, try to moisten them more and cover them with a special protective compound that is sold in a pharmacy.
  • Never do not paint over the cuticle. Nails in this place should always "breathe."
  • Before you move the cuticle, be sure to put on the base of the nail a little cream and rub it. Never move the cuticle with a metal spatula; always use special orange sticks.
  • Apply to your nails about once every 3 days. nail or cuticle oil. You can also use petroleum jelly or cocoa fruit oil.
  • Include more fresh herbs in your daily diet. Eat pomegranates, buckwheat, carrots, melons and red meat.
  • And yet - do not forget to use gloves when working with any household chemicals or while cleaning the dirt.

By following all these tips, you will be able to achieve an excellent result about which you will talk beautiful view of your nails. Let you more often kiss hands that you are not ashamed to stretch out for this.

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