Rhinestone makeup


Sometimes you want so much to shine and shine, attracting the attention of everyone around you. This will help you makeup with rhinestones, it is he who can give your style originality and convey your inner state. One of the latest trends in makeup is eye makeup using a large number of rhinestones. Where now only rhinestones are not found - both in clothes, and in footwear, and in accessories, fashion has now reached and make-up.

Makeup with rhinestones can perfectly decorate your look for a party, birthday or any other special occasion. On sale you can find a large number of beautiful and sparkling stones that can be chosen for any color range. Make-up with stones is quite easy to do and, moreover, quite time-consuming.

Rhinestone Makeup

Makeup with rhinestones will look great on almost any face and will emphasize your special style and addiction to the latest fashion trends. Many modern designers often use such make-up on models for presenting their collections, as it favorably emphasizes clothes, speaks about the sophistication and elegance of the collection. Rhinestones come in different sizes: there are small rhinestones - SS12 and large - SS20.

How to make makeup with rhinestones?

Rhinestone Makeup

You will need:

  • set of rhinestones,
  • special makeup glue
  • black pencil or eyeliner.

Application method:

  1. First of all, pay attention to the condition of your skin, it should be cleansed with tonic, if necessary, apply a cream for your skin type.
  2. Then make-up can be applied to clean and dry skin. After applying makeup should be noted with eye pencil those places where you are going to glue the rhinestones. Most often rhinestones are placed on the corners of the eyes, on the center of the forehead and lower lip.
  3. Think over all the makeup so that it looks harmonious with rhinestones. It should also be remembered that with the help of small or large sized rhinestones, you can visually enlarge or reduce the eyes.
  4. Use only special glue for rhinestones or for fixing false eyelashes, but in no case should you use ordinary glue, you can spoil the thin face skin, and the special glue dries quickly and does not irritate the skin. Using a special stick, apply glue to the places where you want to attach the rhinestones. A large amount of glue can be removed with a cotton swab. By the way, rhinestones will look perfect in a bride's makeup. But without searching, of course, everything in moderation. For such make-up enough 2-3 rhinestones on the corners of the eyes. Rhinestones can be added to the wedding hairstyle.
  5. Now gently grab the rhinestones with tweezers or fingers, and begin to glue them. In this case, you should not hurry, slowly glue on one strap.
  6. After putting the rhinestone on the right place, hold it down for a few seconds so that it locks in and the glue dries out. And so act with each rhinestone until you create the image you have planned!
  7. To remove the rhinestone, just press a little on the pebble and it will fall off, and to remove the glue from the skin, you should simply wash up with a cleansing agent - milk, foam or gel.

Lip Makeup Rhinestones

Lip makeup with rhinestones

To create lip makeup with rhinestones, you should take smaller rhinestones than in eye makeup. Also, do not attach the stones on the corners of the lips, as if you smile often, they will come off. First, apply lipstick on the lips, then paste the rhinestones and lipstick is better to take resistant.

Eye makeup rhinestones

  • Before sticking rhinestones on eyes, try to attach them and see how they will look - this will save you from wasting time if rhinestones do not suit you.
  • It is better to paste pastes along the line of the eyeliner or along the line of shadows.
  • It is better if you first think over your make-up on paper or on a computer with the help of graphic editors. So you quickly decide on the color and size of rhinestones.

Eye makeup rhinestones

Tips for a successful makeup with rhinestones

  • To give your everyday make-up a raisin, just three rhinestones will suffice - one paste on the lower lip and the other on the outer corners of the eyes. It will not look pretentious, but will add shine to your look.
  • It is possible to apply rhinestones in bulk, which will create a romantic spray effect.
  • On our face there are areas of skin that are most exposed to light, and the rhinestones here should be glued to the minimum — these are the upper cheekbones, the chin, and the upper lip.
  • To create a fashionable effect of tear-stained eyes, rhinestones should be glued to the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Unsuccessful places for applying rhinestones are places under the nose and in the folds of the eyelids.
  • When applying makeup with rhinestones, you should pay more attention to the left side of the face, as the person perceives visual images through vision in a mirror image. But you should also remember about the right half so that the makeup looks symmetrical. When applying rhinestones, it is not necessary to stick them very clearly, but rather to rely on their own improvisation. It should also be remembered that with matte tone of the face rhinestones will look more advantageous.

Tips for a successful makeup with rhinestones

  • When purchasing rhinestones, please note that rhinestones of different colors and sizes should be packaged in different bags, so they are much more convenient to use. Swarovski crystals for clothing and accessories can also be used for makeup.
  • If you are going to some celebration and do not want to bother about the makeup, then you can do your usual makeup and stick a few optics.
  • If you can not stick rhinestones with your fingers, then use tweezers.
  • Stones can be used repeatedly, until they lose their attractive appearance.
  • Rhinestones can sometimes peel off, so you should always carry a bag with rhinestones and glue.
  • Rhinestones should not be stuck on the eyebrows and eyelashes, since then they can be torn off with the hair.

Emphasize your personality with makeup with rhinestones, and you will see how these little diamonds can dramatically transform your image!