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The product of the French company Mile called "Camo depilation" has received such a good advertisement that today almost every woman is known. Loud slogans, telling that the process of removing excess hair will be not only painless, but also incredibly productive, can not fail to attract. It is promised and slowing down the growth of hair, and their thinning, and a complete cessation of this process - all that any girl would like. But how promises are actually kept?

"Camo depilation": reviews of doctors and cosmetologists

The excitement around "Camo depilation" has led to the fact that catching true opinions of experts and consumers in the network has become extremely difficult: they are full of positive comments everywhere, then there is a wave of sharply negative reviews about "Camo depilation", and, from the cosmetologists. Where is the truth?

If you go for opinions not on the sites dedicated to this tool, but on independent portals (as far as possible for open resources), where consumers leave reviews for absolutely everything, you may be faced with a wide variety of moods. And it is impossible to say about a single trend: there are both opponents and defenders of the “Camo depilation”. General position can be seen only in the comments of doctors.

  • Olga, cosmetologist: "Representatives of the brand Mile did not come up with anything new - the cream is similar to most of these products: the excipients in the form of oils (chamomile, calendula, menthol) have a calming effect, which allows the cream to be used on sensitive skin, panthenol prevents the appearance of burns. As the main substance keratin. The effect on the follicle is indeed present, but the epilation (photo, laser, etc.) will not replace the cream. "
  • Regina, cosmetologist: "The main advantage of Camo depilation is its comparative safety. The composition is quite natural, the components are selected so that they can even be applied to the skin of the face, although it is not recommended to do this for sensitive skin owners. But waiting for miracles is still unwise: the impact is superficial, so the bulb is completely will not collapse, and hair growth does not stop. "
  • Tatiana, dermatologist: “If we compare cosmetology procedures and the use of chemicals, then the winner is not revealed: there are minuses everywhere. However, the depilation standards for depilation are still slightly smaller, especially in Camo depilation: the tool treats the skin carefully, like other representatives of the depilation line Mile, well removes hairs, slows their growth. There is really no negative impact on the skin. "

Depilation cream "Camo depilation": consumer reviews

Depilatory cream

If the doctors' opinion is rather neutral, then ordinary girls and women have more emotionally colored thoughts: there are both sharply negative and enthusiastic comments, but in most cases, buyers agree on the excessively high product price.

  • Alina: "After" Camo depilation "I advertised quite well and that’s why it’s definitely not a budget Veet that seemed to me like a penny at all; As you know, the best is the enemy of the good. Advertising in all the media that can be done has done its job: I ran to the Camo depilation website and ordered. It’s good that only 1 package. Actually, the price is a miracle product that should make all epilators useless - almost 1000 rubles., moreover, at the "hot discount", which I Both days should stop in a day. In fact, a week later, the same “hot discount” hung in its rightful place. But it’s not even in it: a 150 ml tube came, 25 of which are a gift from the manufacturer. Also included There was a spatula. A standard set, in general. The cream has a rather faint odor, compared to those like it - thanks for that, because I was tired of choking when using such tools. It should be applied to the skin for 20 minutes, if the hair is thick, and 10-15 - for thinner. I stopped at the last option: applied, distributed, left. She didn’t experience any discomfort, she would have forgotten what a remedy was on me if it were not for the feeling of a dense mass on my hands (I decided to start with them). I cleaned it with a spatula in a quarter of an hour - all the hairs disappeared. Here the camo depilation did well. Then there was the waiting process, which lasted a whole week, after which new hairs began to penetrate. In principle, for me this is a good result, only not at all for 990 rubles: I can achieve the same with the cheaper Veet. The result - the cream is good, but the price is prohibitive. "

For me, Camo depilation has become a boon.

  • Natalia: “For me, Camo depilation has become a boon. Of course, I think it’s still worth reducing the cost, but taking into account individual features, I’m ready to pay at least 3 times more, if only to work. I think girls with sensitive skin and thick hair will understand me: hair removal with creams is simply impossible: they either don’t take it at all, or they burn so that the next few days you go with a burn and carefully hide the place of depilation. And then new hairs grow again, and it’s unclear why the procedure was carried out if you don’t even show your skin Especially uh then scary when working with the bikini area. In general, I trusted in advertising, adding to her girlfriend's enthusiastic sighs, and went to the official website. I ordered 1 package of cream with extreme care, it flew in 2 days at all. which almost overshadowed everything except the necessary zone. For the next 15 minutes, I waited in wild nervousness, but there were no discomfort: as if a simple nourishing cream was applied. I remove it with a spatula, but I myself think - well, it means that now I will not see the result. Saw! Only 2-3 thin hairs remain on the skin, and everything else, like a cow, tongues licked. Unfortunately, camo depilation did not affect the growth rate completely, but with such comfortable depilation I am ready to use it at least daily. "
  • Ulyana: “About nothing. The cream is mediocre nowhere, and I still can’t understand why I need to give that kind of money? During my life I managed to try, it seems, all the existing depilation creams, mainly in the bikini area and legs : everything else is good and the machine is shaving. Therefore, I have something to compare. So, the red price of Camo depilation is 30 rubles, and some domestic creams will be more effective in this price category. I’ll say that my hair is not too hard - the most common for the Slavic type. Therefore, serious problems with chemical depil There is no such thing as a solution: applied, waited, washed away.Not that I waited for a miracle, but I thought that something special should be in the product for 1000 rubles: apparently, the peculiarity is that after depilation I had bald spots. flew into the trash. "

However, judging from the reviews about “Camo depilation”, French manufacturers didn’t do any innovations, but they managed to create a good means for depilation that could compete with the rest in this niche. Doctors and cosmetologists see no reason not to use "Camo depilation", but they also do not recommend waiting for the magic effect - nevertheless, the cream cannot permanently save you from hair follicles. But it is quite possible to slow down their development.