Retinoic peeling for beauty and youthful skin


At a certain point in their lives, every woman thinks about how to preserve beauty and youth for a longer time. Of course, with the development of plastic surgery, it became possible not only to get rid of the age-related signs on the face, but also to correct the appearance. But not everyone is ready to go under the surgeon's scalpel, because it is not only expensive, but also very dangerous.

Therefore, more and more appear in cosmetology. alternative methods to become younger and more beautiful. One of these methods is retinoic peeling.

What is retinoic peeling?

Retinoic peeling (yellow or Brazilian peeling) is a chemical peeling using retinoic acid. The action of this acid is similar to the effect of vitamin A on skin fibroblasts. Retinoic acid - synthetic analogue of this useful vitamin, through which skin cells begin to actively divide.

What is retinoic peeling?

In addition, thispeeling promotes the production of collagen, retains moisture in the skin and has a disinfectant effect. It belongs to the middle types of peeling.

Retinoic acid peeling is a very powerful and effective way to prolong the youth of the skin.The skin surface becomes smoother, smoother and fine wrinkles disappear, and deep ones become less noticeable. This type of peeling is recommended even for the prevention of malignant skin diseases.

Its scope is the face, neckline, neck and hands that comprehensively solves the problem of aging skin.

Retinoic facial peeling

Retinoic facial peeling has no age limit, It is suitable for young skin and is also effective for mature and aging skin. Indications for the use of peeling can be different - this is pigment spots, and aging of the skin, and scars, and traces of acne. It also works like any other exfoliating agent, only acts more safely and effectively. Peeling suitable for very sensitive and thin skin.

Retinoic acid burns the upper skin of the skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells without signs of age-related changes. Such peeling does not require special training. But do not do it less than 14 days before the important date, because the skin after any chemical exposure needs to be restored. In addition, a week before the peeling can not use the tools, giving peeling effect, and you also need to abandon laser procedures and tanning beds.

Retinoic facial peeling

After the procedure, you should use special professional means, it will accelerate healing and enhance the anti-aging effect. The course of such procedures takes quite a long time. It must be done once every 3 weeks and at least 3 times. I.e The course is designed for 1.5 months. But sometimes it is enough once, if the problems that need to be fixed are minor.

Retinoic peeling: contraindications

  1. This type of peeling can not be carried out simultaneously with radiation therapy.
  2. It is contraindicated for people who are allergic to aspirin or vitamin C.
  3. Herpes, rosacea, warts and demodicosis are also contraindications to retinoic peeling.
  4. This procedure should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation.

Retinoic peeling in the salon and post-peeling care

To begin with, the skin is prepared by a dermatologist. For this purpose, special creams that soften the epithelial layer are applied to the skin. A couple of weeks before the peeling, you can perform 2 microdermabrasion procedures, it helps to remove the top layer of dead cells and facilitate the work of the chemical composition, but if you have thin and sensitive skin, you do not need to do this.

Retinoic peeling in the salon and post-peeling care

Retinoic peeling is performed in 2 stages.First, the beautician applies a pre-pilling solution (a mixture of salicylic, glycolic acid, chitosan and resorcinol). Then it imposes on the face a yellow fabric impregnated with a gel-like composition of retinoic, kojic, azelaic, ascorbic and fetinic acids. In the first seconds after application, tingling and a feeling of heat may appear.

After completion of the procedure, the skin becomes smooth and slightly yellowish or pinkish (this depends on the individual reaction). You can not wash for another 12 hours after peeling. The next day, be sure to lubricate the skin with moisturizers and spray with thermal water. It is better to use products in the form of foams and gels, they are easier to apply and absorb faster.

From 3 to 7 days, the main exfoliation of the skin occurs, you can start using creams, but they must contain moisturizing and protective ingredients and antioxidants.

Retinoic peeling at home

Although this type of peeling is a typical salon procedure, it is quite possible at home. But before using it, you should definitely check your skin for allergic reactions and individual intolerance. Such a procedure may affect everyone in different ways. Possible side effects in the form of redness, burning and rash.

Differin Acne Ointment is a retinoid. To make with her peeling, you need to wash and cleanse the skin. Then, apply a thin layer of ointment and carefully rub it into the skin of the face. Then apply another, more dense layer of ointment and rub in intensively. Leave on the skin for half an hour.

Retinoic peeling at home

To achieve the maximum effect, this procedure should be carried out 1 time in 7 days for 1-1.5 months. At this time, you must use moisturizers, thermal water and enzyme masks. If you do this procedure in the summertime, then also use protection for the skin from UV rays. This type of peeling is considered superficial (i.e., affecting only the upper layer of the epidermis) or gentle way to clean the skin.

If you want to quickly and painlessly get rid of small wrinkles, traces of acne, acne and scars, or simply to improve the condition of the skin, thenRetinoic peeling is the best choice. It is suitable even for thin and sensitive skin.

A significant plus is short recovery period, unlike other chemical peels. But remember that such a delicate area as the skin of the face requires special attention from our side. For this procedure, try to choose only proven and professional salons, so that experienced cosmetologists will select the best solution for you and give you the right care after the peeling.