Red pepper for hair growth


There are many ways to make hair long, thick and healthy with the help of folk remedies. One of them is Red pepper, burning substances which "warm up" the skin, promoting blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result products containing red pepper, stimulate hair growth.

However, such tools are quite dangerous. Therefore, cooking them at home is necessary with caution. It is necessary to accurately calculate the number of components and their proportions relative to each other. When you first use it is better to slightly reduce the amount of pepper, so as not to burn the skin, and not to provoke hair loss. Individual intolerance or sensitivity is possible, so you need to check the reaction of your skin to this component. To do this, apply a small amount of mask on the open area of ​​the hand. If there is any sign of allergy at this place, it is better not to use this remedy.

Tincture of red pepper for hair growth

One of the components of the masks can be pepper tincture. It can be purchased at a pharmacy in a ready-made form, or you can cook it at home. Take one red chilli pepper, chop it and fill it with vodka, in the amount of one hundred milliliters. Then keep in a dark room for a week.

Red pepper masks for hair growth

Mask for hair growth from the tincture of pepper and burdock oil

Mix two tablespoons of pepper tincture, burdock oil and water. After thorough mixing, rub into the hair roots. Wrap your head with a towel and hold for about an hour. Then rinse with warm water. Use this mask can be no more than two times a week.

Mask of red ground pepper and honey for hair loss

Take one tablespoon of red pepper, mix it with four spoons of honey. Apply the mixture onto the scalp. After applying the mask, the head must be wrapped with plastic and a towel. Keep this tool must be twenty to thirty minutes. When using this mask, you should feel a slight burning sensation. After the waiting time, the product should be washed off with warm water. This mask can also be applied twice a week.

Mask of tincture of pepper and castor oil for density and hair growth

To prepare this mask, you must mix two tablespoons of castor oil and shampoo with one spoon of red pepper tincture. After applying on the hair roots, the mask is left for half an hour. Then rinse the head thoroughly.

Mask for hair growth with burning red pepper and egg yolk

It is very simple to prepare this effective mask: mix the yolk of one egg, one tablespoon of pepper tincture and one tablespoon of castor oil. Rub the mixture into the hair roots and hold for about thirty minutes. After applying this mask should be washed off with warm water and shampoo.

Mask for hair loss and balding with red pepper

Prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of red pepper and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Then add twenty milliliters of alcohol, vodka or brandy, two tablespoons of lemon juice and one yolk. Apply the mask to your hair and cover with a towel. Hold for about half an hour, and then rinse with warm water. This mask can be used twice a week.

Mask for hair treatment with kefir and pepper tincture

A tablespoon of pepper tincture must be mixed with half a cup of yogurt. Apply the mixture on the scalp with massage movements. Cover with a towel and hold for about thirty minutes. This mask is an excellent tool to combat dandruff and hair loss.

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Red pepper is a wonderful medicine for your hair.. However, it is worth considering the fact that the effect of products containing this component will be noticeable only after three months of use (approximately during this time the hair bulb is restored). But isn't the beauty and health of your hair worth the time spent?

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