Red lipstick makeup

In order to look great enough one detail. Perfectly right those women who believe that it is red lipstick! Makeup with it just becomes special. In addition, red lipstick helps to create an image of a certain style.

Many women who once tried red lipstick, believe that it does not go to them at all. Such views are not entirely justified. There are no women who can not wear red lipstick. The main secret is to choose the right tone.

How to choose red lipstick: tips

Red lipstick makeup

  • When choosing a red lipstick, first of all, you need to build on the skin tone and hair color. All the talk about the fact that this makeup does not go to blondes and red, and suits the brunettes have no real reason.
  • For the right choice come to the aid of the theory of color types. It is best to deal with the tint of their skin before going to the store for lipstick.
  • There are many different ways. The simplest is the so-called jewelery color typing. It lies in the fact that they bring gold and silver jewelry to their faces. Then carefully consider yourself in the mirror. Girls with a cold tone goes silver. With a warm color type, golden jewelry looks better. You can further simplify this method by replacing the decorations with foil of various kinds.
  • Some women order color type definitions from stylists. Usually the specialist uses in his work sets of fabric of certain shades. They are also brought to the face, and then they look at the compatibility of color and skin tone.
  • Having recognized the shade of your skin, you can easily find the right red lipstick. The general rule is this: with warm skin choose brick, carrot, peach color. When cold, on the contrary, - burgundy, fuchsia. Simply put, look at additional shades before choosing a lipstick. They exist in most cases. The exception leaves neutral scarlet. By the way, he goes to almost everyone.
  • Another important feature is that the red lipstick emphasizes many shortcomings. One of them is the color of the teeth. It is believed that with yellow enamel it is worth using a tone a little colder.
  • Once you have decided on a shade, it's time to go to the store for the long-awaited lipstick. It is very important to test the remedy on your skin. Usually buyers are offered 2 ways. For starters, you can apply the tester on a blank sheet of paper. Peer into it - so you can determine the tone and shades. Then lipstick is applied to the skin in the wrist area. Ideally, her tone should overlap the veins.
  • After that it is necessary to determine the quality of the product. To do this, it is applied to the fingertips. Then the lipstick is ground. Movement is like milling a pinch of salt. High-quality cosmetic product will not roll down, and lie flat, uniform surface.

How to paint lips with red lipstick?

Red lipstick makeup

Another myth is associated with applying lipstick. As a rule, most women often unjustifiably blame her for penetrating cracks and rolling. This statement is true only for poor quality products. In other cases, failure can be attributed to improper application. We need besides lipstick:

  1. Concealer 1-2 tones lighter skin
  2. Skin tone pencil
  3. Lip balm
  4. Shine

First you need to use the concealer to outline the "shape" of the lips. You can slightly go beyond the outline of 1 mm.

After that, the form is emphasized with a pencil in skin tone. Previously, it was thought that this should be done with a pencil in color similar to lipstick. On top of the concealer, you can apply a moisturizing lip balm.

Before direct application of lipstick it is worth smearing your teeth with petroleum jelly. This simple tip will simplify the application. So lipstick is not imprinted on the teeth.

We turn to applying red lipstick. To do this, use a brush or finger. Remember that you need to paint over all areas, including a bit of the inside.

Finally, you can add a little shine. It will help give your lips volume.

It is important to remember that makeup with red lipstick has many nuances. And the matter is rather in other details. So your eyebrows should be in perfect shape. When makeup eyes should choose a more relaxed options. There is a rule of emphasis on one thing. Select either the eyes or lips.

Therefore, it is better to refuse something in the spirit of smoky ice. Pick up the shadows a la nude or something of golden beige tones. Eyelashes may well be applied or extended. The main thing is that they look natural. Mascara is better to choose not charcoal black, but grayish.

Red lipstick: what to wear?

Red lipstick makeup

Another myth - red lipstick is permissible only when creating a cocktail or evening look. This rule is absolutely not applicable to the modern world of fashion. Of course, she, like the little black dress, is a classic. Therefore, red lipstick goes well with evening gowns. At the same time it can be used on weekdays.

So, for example, it will fit into a casual image. Put on your jeans, vest, jacket and batilons. Red lipstick will give this image a zest.

She also perfectly complements the street images. Street fashion, with its democracy, allows you to mix elements. Put on a sweatshirt with an unusual print, boyfriend jeans, loafers and take a clutch.

It is easiest to use red lipstick for an evening look. By the way, you can experiment with it. For example, create a retro image.

It is believed that makeup with red lipstick imposes a rule on a woman to add red details to the image. You can absolutely fearlessly violate this installation. Red lipstick itself is the center of the image. It attracts so much attention that it often does not require additional “gain”.

A few secrets of red lipstick:

  • This makeup very much attracts the eye. Therefore, you need to feel confident.
  • Red lipstick should be appropriate. There are shades that look very formal. Therefore, they are more suitable for special occasions.
  • Red lipstick dense texture visually reduces lips. This rule also applies to dark tones.
  • All women are neutral scarlet tone lipstick.
  • Remember that red lipstick should be updated periodically. Especially if you have lunch or dinner.
  • If you go to a public event, where you will talk for a long time, then you should leave wax or vaseline on your teeth. This secret will help not spoil the makeup.
  • Use red lipstick if you do not get enough sleep or are tired. She will refresh her face.

Makeup with red lipstick is able to work wonders! He not only attracts admiring glances, but also makes a woman more confident. In order to be on top, you need to choose the tone of lipstick in accordance with its color type. With warm skin you should choose brick, coral and peach tones. When cold - lipstick fuchsia or burgundi. The most important thing is that absolutely all goes neutral scarlet lipstick.

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