Proper lip care


In female attractiveness, lips take almost the first place, because in men they are associated with eroticism and seduction. But even the most ideal lips need constant care, as the delicate skin of the lips is constantly exposed to unpleasant environmental influences.

Lips are a kind of indicator of the health of our body.. When we are sick, the lips become whitish, become very dry. The lips are very tender, because right below the thin skin are blood vessels. With good health, the lips have a bright reddish color, but if the lips have a bluish tint, then this may be a possible cause of the disease. With age, the lips become more pale, as blood flow decreases.

Cosmetologists recommend when choosing a lipstick to pay attention to its composition, so that the lipstick is also with a caring effect. The composition of high-quality lipstick will include such elements as vitamin A - it prevents the formation of cracks, fights peeling, vitamin E, which protects against the effects of bad weather, moisturizing agents and oils, soothing, nourishing and softening the skin of the lips. Preference is given to companies that specialize in natural raw materials. In the summer, when many women do not use lipstick, you should definitely use a cream with an ultraviolet filter, and in the winter, before going out to the street, apply lipstick or greasy lipstick on your lips.

Lipstick, like any other cosmetics should not forget to wash off the face. Some women mistakenly believe that the lipstick itself is washed off in the evening, but this is not the case and the lips require cleansing. So before going to bed, apply a cleansing agent on a cotton pad and remove lipstick from the lips. To do this, you can use as any means to remove cosmetics, and cream specifically for removing lipstick. But to remove makeup from the lips with ordinary soap is not recommended, otherwise dry lips can not be avoided.

Lip massage

It is not necessary to go to the beauty salon to do the massage procedure. It can be done at home, all you need for this is an old toothbrush with a bristle of average intensity. Dampen a brush in water and massage lips for a few minutes with smooth movements. After this procedure, the lips will become brighter saturated colors and even increase in volume. With the help of massage, blood flow to the lips is enhanced, which is useful for their condition. But the massage should be postponed if there are cracks or sores on the lips. You can massage with your own fingers, lightly tapping them on the lips for a couple of minutes. After any massage the lips should be sure to lubricate the nourishing cream.

Lip Masks

If the lips are dry, you can lubricate them with any moisturizing face cream, but you can also make masks for the lips if you wish.

Soothing and nourishing lip mask with curd: mix half a spoon of high fat cottage cheese with cream (1 teaspoon). Apply the mixture in a thick layer on your lips and sit for about 15 minutes. Then apply greasy lipstick or hygienic lipstick to your lips. Cream can be replaced with olive oil, carrot juice, beet or cucumber.

Fruit Lip Mask: Very finely grate a small slice of a red apple without a peel. Add half a teaspoon of warm butter to apple porridge, put this mixture on your lips for 20 minutes. An apple can be replaced with a banana, gooseberry, apricot, melon, watermelon, cucumber or beetroot. These fruit masks nourish, moisturize and soften the lips.

Great tool for dry and flaky lips - this honey, which is used as a mask, and as a scrub. First, apply honey on your lips, and after 10 minutes, lightly massage your lips with your fingertips, rubbing the honey into them, then wash your lips with warm water.

Mask with honey and melted pork fat: you will need one art. a spoon of honey and a half art. spoon of fat, which should be melted in a water bath, or above the burner. Mix these two ingredients and place in a small jar, keep it in the fridge. This mixture can be used as a mask or as a hygienic lipstick.

Moisturizing Lip Mask from Sour Cream: sour cream - 1 hour spoonful of sour cream, lemon juice 2 drops, vegetable oil 2-3 drops. All components mix and abundantly put on the surface of the lips, and after 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For weathered lips the following mask will do: beeswax - 1 tsp, cocoa - 1 tsp, or a table instead of cocoa. Spoon olive oil, Vaseline - 1. h. Spoon, decoction of chamomile - 1 tbsp. spoon. First melt the beeswax, then add cocoa to it, then Vaseline and chamomile decoction. Mix all components thoroughly and beat using a mixer or spoon. Beat the ointment until it is completely cool. Now this ointment can be used as a medical lipstick at bedtime. Very dry and cracked lips can be smeared with such ointment each time before going out.

Treat cracks and dry lipsYou can grease them with melted butter. You can also use a mask of grated apple and butter, hold it for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

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Lips are a subject of female pride and beauty, and if you show proper attention to them, they will thank you with rich color and attractive form!

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