Professional hair dye

Hair coloring has long ceased to be a procedure that is carried out only in beauty salons. Today, the cosmetic industry offers a wide variety of products designed for home hair dyeing. However, the frequent use of some dyes can cause damage to the hair structure, strong hair loss and brittleness. To avoid such consequences professional hair dye will help, which brands we will consider today.

Professional bezammiachnye hair dyes: brand and brief description

Ammonia-free hair dyes have a second unwritten name - sparing

Ammonia-free hair colors have a second unspoken name - forgiving. It is these products that most carefully treat hair, and some even enrich the scalp with vitamins. Perhaps the only significant drawback of the sparing paints is that they are washed away much faster than their resistant counterparts.

The following brands are suitable for frequent use of non-ammonia hair dyes that have the maximum effect of dyeing.

Estel Professional

Estel professional bezammiachnaya hair dye has become the most popular among stylists due to the wide color palette, which includes 78 varieties of shades.

There are such distinctive features of this paint:

  • democratic price;
  • persistent staining up to 4 months;
  • respect for the structure of the hair, even with a radical change in color.

L'oreal Professionnel

The unique formula of professional series L'oreal paints provides one hundred percent hair coloring to match the packaging. Saturated color lasts up to 2 months.

The unique formula of paints professional series from L'oreal

Distinctive features of this paint:

  • restores the hair structure, even the thinnest and most fragile curls;
  • provides deep staining, regardless of the condition and type of hair;
  • in addition to the persistent color, hair acquires a unique vinyl shine;
  • reliably paints over gray hair.


Matrix Professional Dye Series after dyeing creates the effect of soft and silky hair. The color scheme is available in up to 25 colors, but the most popular are shades for blondes and brunettes.

Distinguishing features of paint:

  • the possibility of toning and restoring previously dyed hair;
  • possibility of use during the modification;
  • allows the procedure of "glazing" - coating the structure of the hair with glitter at home with the preservation of the natural color.

Schwarzkopf IGORA

Ammonia-free cream paints from Schwarzkopf have up to 50 shades in their color range. The world famous brand practically does not need advertising, because for many years it has proved its superiority.

Distinctive features of the paint of this brand:

  • the paint contains vegetable ingredients;
  • no smell;
  • the possibility of lightening hair by 4 tones.


The only brand in the world that produces ionic paints without ammonia

The only brand in the world that produces ionic paints without ammonia. The color palette contains up to 70 shades of possible staining.

Distinguishing features of paint:

  • allows 100% paint over even gray hair;
  • brightens up to 8 tones without harm to the hair structure;
  • gives curls elasticity and shine.

Popular paints from Italian manufacturers

Italian hair dye manufacturers deserve a separate presentation. This is the only country where almost all brands of professional paints are produced with a gentle formula for the structure of the hair. The paints of the brands of Italy deserve their popularity in Russia too.

Selective professional

Paints of the Italian company Selective are produced on the basis of mineral components.

Paints of the Italian company Selective are produced on the basis of mineral components with a minimum content of ammonia. The color palette pleases the view of the man in the street with 72 shades of possible coloring. Coloring pigments most gently affect not only the structure of the curls, but also on the scalp. In the world ranking of professional paints, the brand of this Italian company takes the honorable 5th place.

Lisap milano

According to the latest research by world scientists brand Lisap Milano received an award for the production of the most intelligent paints. Soft staining occurs taking into account the structure, type and condition of the hair, which also changes the depth of penetration of the coloring pigments. Due to the complete absence of ammonia in the paint, hair loss after its use is minimized.


Continues the line of Italian paints popular in Russia brand Farmavita. The composition of this tool includes a large number of herbal ingredients, vitamins and minerals, which ensures hair coloring that is harmless to hair. The color palette contains not only popular shades, but also quite exotic colors: bright red, orange and purple. The surprise for the female will be that the paint has a rather pleasant smell.

Reviews of different brands

"Why should you opt for these colors?" - you ask. Because not only experienced stylists and hairdressing experts use these brands, but also ordinary women have long given their preference to a gentle, flawless coloring. Having carefully analyzed consumer reviews, one can bow to the opinion that the majority of women characterize the use of professional brands on the positive side.

However, there are other opinions, but first about the pros:

  • hair after dyeing less fall out, remain quite elastic and strong;
  • reuse of paint from the same series and a color palette gives a resistant saturated shade;
  • ammonia-free dyes are odorless, and a rich vitamin composition helps the hair to recover faster after the procedure.

Significant disadvantages include:

  • real professional paints are quite expensive compared to ordinary brothers of the same brands;
  • the minimum ammonia content does not give a lasting color for a long time, such paints are quickly washed away and require constant additional toning.

Finally, it remains to be noted that when choosing a professional hair dye product, carefully study the packaging so as not to run into a fake product, of which there are quite a lot lately. Immediately before the procedure, carefully read the instructions, take special time to dye your hair. When properly applied, the effect of professional brands is fundamentally different in a positive direction than when using cheap analogues.

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