Problem skin powder


Problemconsider skin that is prone to the formation of acne, the appearance of black spots, as well as skin with dilated pores. Girls with problem skin should pay special attention to their skin. There are 2 main assistants for masking skin flaws - foundation and powder.. The better to use the owners of problem skin?

In the presence of inflammation, dermatologists advise to opt for powder for problematic skin.. From fat tonal means should be abandoned, as they strongly clog the pores and contribute to the emergence of new stimuli. Use foundation cream for owners of oily skin. allowed only in winter, when skin needs extra moisturizing.

How to choose powder for problem skin?

Problem Skin Powder

What powder for problematic skin should you dwell on?, After all, there are many varieties in the cosmetics market?

  • The first thing that should be of interest when choosing powder for problem skin is the composition. In the powder should be present properties such as non-comedogenic (powder does not clog your pores), antibacterial and the absence of oils. If essential oils are included, it can be said with 100% certainty that such powder is not suitable for problem skin. The presence of oils in the powder can cause skin inflammation, and the expanded powder compact powder not only does not mask, but also greatly emphasizes.
  • In cosmetology for problem skin recommend to opt for loose powder, - with its help, the disadvantages will be masked the easiest. Sure, compact powder is more convenient, but in the fight against problem skin - not the most profitable option. The fact is that the solid particles of this powder will damage the already irritated skin. Crumbly powder is ideal for problem skin, not only as a concealer, but also as a means of improving skin condition.

How to choose powder for problem skin?

  • In addition to the healing properties when choosing powder you need to take into account the smell of powder. Powder should not be with a pungent smell, it is better to leave such powder for owners of a healthy skin, as skin with hypersensitivity can react negatively to these additives.

Mineral powder for problem skin

  • There has been a lot of talk lately. about mineral powder. For the prevention and treatment of problem skin, many cosmetologists advise to use it, since zinc is part of it. Preparations containing zinc, heals the skin of the face and prevent the appearance of various imperfections. thereforemineral powder is ideal for problem skin.
  • If you really decided to buy mineral powder, then get ready to buy a few more creams.First, you need a cream with protection from the external environment, the presence of an SPF filter is a necessary condition. Cosmetic product of high quality in most cases can not be purchased at a low price.

mineral powder for problem skin

  • Do not worry that you have to pay for good cosmetics. There are democratic brands that produce good cosmetics. It is better not to use powder at all for a few weeks than to use low-quality cosmetics, and then put your skin in order for a long time.
  • remember, that care requires not only your problem skin, but also means for applying powder on the face. These include sponges and brushes. They must be kept clean. If your skin is prone to increased production of sebum, brush and sponge should be cleaned after each use.
  • Please note that mineral powder will not be able to mask the flaws on the skin, Especially if severe acne is present on the skin. Under the makeup must be a moisturizer, regardless of how the sebaceous glands are actively working. Acne is recommended to cover up with concealer, and only after that apply mineral powder. Powder required quite a bit. It is only necessary to give a beautiful and even tone to the skin.

Mineral powder for problem skin

  • Also, cosmetologists advise some time after applying mineral powder to sprinkle your face with cold water, then gently blot your face with a paper napkin. There is an opinion that this contributes to the even distribution of the powder.

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If nature has not endowed a woman with perfect skin, then the selection of cosmetics becomes not entirely pleasant and favorite activity. Butone has only to use the right powder for problematic skin, and the problem of imperfections will go to the background!