Pressure therapy

Among cosmetology novelties recently press therapy is especially popular. The reason is simple: this non-surgical method of influencing the body gives excellent results! On the human body is rhythmic pressure. In this way, struggling with edema, cellulite, overweight, flabbiness of the skin.

The procedure is carried out using a special apparatus. In fact, he does lymphatic drainage massage. The patient is dressed in a special suit. It receives compressed air from the chamber. Our body is more than half water. It is present in tissues and organs in different quantities, somewhere more, somewhere less. Fat cells actively accumulate water around themselves. Thus, the volume of the body also depends on the amount of water. In addition to the extra centimeters, the liquid interferes with the normal metabolism, the vital activity of the cells is disturbed. Pressotherapy helps to get rid of excess fluid. As a result, body volume decreases, the patient's overall well-being and lymph circulation improve.

Pressotherapy: effects and feedback

The procedure is performed using special clothing. For different parts of the body there are more than 15 inflatable elements. Among them are gloves, belt, boots. It is precisely due to the point impact that a good result can be obtained. Before starting the procedure, the doctor prepares an individual program for the patient. The pressure therapy is controlled by a computer. It launches complexes designed for specific areas of the body.

Pressotherapy: reviews

According to reviews, pressure therapy helps not only aesthetically. Her used after liposuction, for the treatment of sports injuries and to eliminate the complications of diabetes. It is useful for people who have contraindications for the use of ultrasound, manual massage, electrophoresis.

The course of pressure therapy can be 10-15 days.

Among the indications for the procedure:

  • Postoperative edema
  • Thrombosis prevention
  • Varicose veins
  • Fight against cellulite and overweight
  • Heaviness in limbs
  • Menstruation, pregnancy
  • Muscle fatigue

Pressotherapy is carried out as follows: the patient is put on a suit and cuffs, to which air ducts are connected. Next, the person is laid on the couch and serves air. Usually alternate high and low pressure. Lowering the pressure of oxygen contributes to the expansion of blood vessels. Because of this, the blood flow increases. It turns out the rhythmic effect. Squeezing is about 15 seconds. It tones the muscles, venous mesh, connective tissue. Rhythms alternate every 30 seconds. - 2 min. Many compare the sensations during pressure therapy with the sensations from the pressure of the tonometer.

Surprisingly, 1 pressotherapy procedure is equivalent to 20 manual massage. The overall effect on the body is manifested in the cessation of headaches, improving tone and immunity, improving skin color.

The result of pressure therapy is getting rid of toxins, waste products of cells. By the way, it is the accumulated metabolic products, which the procedure helps to get rid of, that cause allergic reactions on the skin, psoriasis, and vascular blockage. It turns out that the range of use of pressotherapy is much wider than aesthetic medicine. It helps prevent and get rid of many health problems.

As with any method of influence on the human body, the procedure has contraindications. It can not be done with grade 3 varicose veins, acute thrombophlebitis and replenishment of the lymphatic vessels.

The result will be noticeable to the naked eye after the first procedure. The skin will tighten a little, the tone will increase, the heaviness in the legs will pass. After a few sessions, the improvements will be even more obvious. The fact that the positive dynamics after pressotherapy lasts long enough is also encouraging. Changes facilitated by the procedure do not disappear immediately after the end of the course.

Pressotherapy: photo before and after

Pressotherapy: consequences

Pressotherapy: effects and feedback

Pressotherapy: effects and feedback

Pressotherapy: consequences

Pressotherapy may have some effects. People with sensitive skin after the procedure may notice bruising. Also, the skin may look wrinkled. It is not recommended to undergo a session before a long way: this type of lymphatic drainage massage has a diuretic effect.

When fighting cellulite, pressure therapy may act on the initial phases of the development of the defect. Usually it is made for prevention. Results need to be supported by proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Pressotherapy is similar to enhanced manual massage. The difference is only in the degree of impact on the fabric. It removes excess fluid, surrounding cells, toxins, metabolic products. The course of pressure therapy increases tone, improves health, helps to get rid of extra centimeters.

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