Pressotherapy - the benefits or harm


In cosmetology, many aesthetic medicine clinics offer an effective technique of high-pressure apparatus massage (pressotherapy). Judging by the assurances of WHO, this procedure in the shortest possible time allows you to feel the full beauty of the deep impact of a healthful massage, bringing in excess of the excess fluid from the body.

The essence of the procedure of pressure therapy

Inflatable cuffs (leg or jacket), divided into several sections, are connected to a special apparatus. According to the specialist's purpose, the cuffs are worn on the whole body (up to the neck), separately on the lower or upper part of the body, only on the arms or on the legs. For some time, the flow of air under pressure in a special suit is activated.

Constant air circulation along with the change in the volume of the cuffs affects the skin, resembling a slight squeezing. In fact, powerful lymphatic drainage occurs, increasing blood flow in the treated areas of the body. During the procedure, the lymphatic system is activated, the water balance is restored and the circulation of metabolic substances in the skin is restored.

The pressure force inside the suit is controlled by a microprocessor placed on the connected equipment. Usually the procedure lasts about 20-30 minutes, but a deviation in one direction or another is possible. If treatment of lymphostasis or edema is prescribed, then they can prescribe a course of 10-12 procedures, and if figure correction is necessary, then it is proposed to undergo 10-15 procedures.

Benefits of Pressotherapy

The obvious advantages of pressure therapy include the ease of the procedure, the gentle mode of exposure and the ability to conduct at home. But for management, you need a specialist who knows how to handle the device, so you should not seriously consider the idea of ​​purchasing a device to your home. In addition, it is recommended after 10-12 procedures (taking place with a difference of a couple of days) to take a break for at least six months.

Pleasant sensations can be felt after the first procedure, but a more visible effect is noticeable only after a few sessions. Initially, there is a surge of strength and vitality. Then - swelling and volume of the body are reduced, changes occur at the level of blood circulation.

Indications for the use of pressure therapy

You can go to pressure therapy for various reasons:

  1. Numerous disorders of lymph circulation (lymphostasis).
  2. Cellulite or overweight.
  3. Varicose and postthrombotic diseases, heaviness in the legs, prevention of varicose veins.
  4. The appearance of post-traumatic or postoperative edema.
  5. The need for maintenance therapy according to the supervising physician.
  6. The desire to carry out the correction of the figure.
  7. Fatigue, muscle strain after physical exertion or active sports.
  8. Stress, insomnia, depression.

Contraindications pressotherapy

As with any procedure, pressure therapy has its own contraindications. And if you decide on a hardware massage, but you are in doubt, "Is it possible?", You should consult with an independent specialist. It is implied that in a clinic that practices pressure therapy, there are too many interested parties in paying for their services. Therefore, the best solution would be to consult with someone who is not related to this profitable business, otherwise you can harm your own health.

The main contraindications to the passage of pressure therapy:

  • skin and subcutaneous diseases;
  • menstruation period;
  • oncological diseases (malignant or benign tumor);
  • acute thrombosis;
  • serious problems in the lymphatic system;
  • acute inflammatory processes not only on the surface of the skin, but also in the internal organs;
  • fractures;
  • heart failure at stage 3-4 or a heart attack, stroke;
  • some problems of the pelvic organs;
  • artery disease obliterans;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diabetes;
  • renal failure;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The results of pressure therapy

One procedure of pressure therapy successfully replaces 2-3 sessions of manual massage. Each person is unique in his own way, so do not be surprised at the different results after a similar (at first glance) procedure. And if one apparatus massage helped correct the figure, then others noted only a slight improvement in health.

Many "specialists" speak of an individual approach, although the device is not capable of completely replacing a hand massage. On the one hand, the concept of "fatigue" is not peculiar to equipment, and on the other hand, lymphatic drainage will pass through the entire coverage area, regardless of the presence or absence of a problem (old wound, venous mesh, neoplasm). It is very easy not to see that the patient has contraindications to the procedure. And then the result can be very deplorable - the deterioration of the problem and a decrease in the level of health.

Remember that the health of your body is in your hands. Therefore, think with your head before agreeing to any procedure, no matter how safe it is according to the doctors' assurances.

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