Powder with his own hands


Nowadays, you can choose powder for any makeup and color for your cosmetic bag. But even among such a huge variety it is not always possible to choose the powder that would suit you completely. Either its composition is not suitable for your skin type, or its application makes the complexion not the way you want it. In more complex cases, an allergic reaction may occur to some components of the powder. To avoid this and still not exclude such an important component as powder from your makeup, it can be prepared at home by yourself. And it will surely make your skin glow from the inside.

How to make vegetable powder?

Take 1 teaspoon of American elm bark powder, comfrey root and kaolin, and 100 g maratovogo root. Mix them and sift in glass dishes. Add 1 drop of lavender, orange or rose oil to the resulting powder. Then mix everything with a wooden spoon. In this mixture also need to add a small amount of beet powder. For a start there will be enough pinch. To choose the desired tone, apply the powder to your face and look at the tone. If necessary, add more powder until you get the tone you want. Powder should be stored under a carefully closed lid in a glass container.

Cooking cornstarch powder with your own hands

For making powder from starch, you will need 1/4 cup of starch and the remnants of shadows or blush. Starch need to sift, and the remnants of the shadows to grind in a mortar. Shadow rests should be about the same color you want. Add residual shadows to the starch until the desired tone is obtained. If the color is too saturated, add more starch. To make the skin mysterious, add a golden shadow.

How to make rice powder with your own hands?

To make powder from rice, you need to take boiled water and 1.5 tbsp. spoons of rice. Sterilize the glass jar and rinse the rice. Rice - in a jar and pour boiled water. Put on the cold and cover with a dark cloth. Once a day you need to get the rice, rinse the jar, then put it back and fill it with new boiled water. After 8 days, the rice should be soft. After that, crush it in a mortar to make gruel. Refill with clean water again, stir and wait for the sediment to settle. Only white water should be drained into another jar.

The remaining rice again crushed and get the same white water, and pour it into a jar. After 30 minutes in the jar with water a precipitate will appear. After 2 hours, when the sediment is at the bottom, drain the water, leaving only the sediment. Then put a napkin in a sieve and pass the remaining sediment through it. When the white tissue remains on the napkin, put it on a towel, leaving to dry in the shade and in the air. After about 14 hours, the precipitate will dry. Again, pour it into the mortar and start to pound. Then through the capron sift the resulting powder and put on white paper. It is necessary to give the powder a little time so that it finally dries. After mixing it, pour it into a suitable jar.

Rice powder can be applied to problem skin as a mask for the night. It helps to clean the face, give it a matte shade, even out skin color. At the same time rice powder does not dry the skin. It is stored, as well as usual powder.

How to make your own hands powder of oatmeal?

To prepare the oatmeal powder, take 3 tbsp. spoons of oatmeal. It is necessary to grind and soak for 3 hours. Then again, ceiling and stir. After the precipitate is drained, about 3 times. When the precipitate has settled, drain the precipitate and pass the precipitate through a sieve. Dry the remaining plaque, chop it in a mortar and sift. Dry the resulting powder and pour it into a jar.

How to make your own mineral powder?

For the manufacture of mineral powder, you must take 6 ml of 30% mickey, but since it is quite expensive, it can be replaced with talcum powder, white clay or chalk. 3 ml of 15% silk powder, 6 ml of mickey "sericite", 1.5 ml of silica microspheres, 1.5 ml of 7.5% aqua fluid and zinc oxide and 0.5 ml of 2.5% mickey colored light shade. These ingredients must be crushed in a mortar and stored under a tightly closed lid in a container.

To give the skin not only matte and even tone, but of a certain color, you need to add an additional dye to your taste. It can be yellow, red 1/3 of the amount of yellow and 5% blue of the total amount of color. This ratio will give the most natural skin tone. More yellow pigment will give the skin a warm shade. Apply the best powder with a brush. It can be used as the main stroke or on top of foundation.

Mineral powder has a matte effect, gives the skin a silky and pleasant shine. It will help keep the skin moisturized at a sufficient level. And all the defects of the skin smooth out. Skin tone will be even. This powder will help prevent the reproduction of microbes, will have an antibacterial effect and dry the skin. The skin will become smooth and smooth.

The benefits of self-made powder

This powder is universal and suitable for any age. It is indispensable for owners of very sensitive skin. Self-made powder makes it possible for the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. It will help reduce greasy shine and inflammation, and give your skin a healthy and radiant look.

Self-made powder is in no way inferior to powder produced by manufacturers of cosmetic products. On the contrary, it has a lot of advantages, because it consists only of natural ingredients. You know what is included in its composition. Self-made powder will not cause allergies. It will give your skin exactly the tone that you wanted to achieve. It will hide circles under the eyes, defects and uneven complexion. It will help fix the makeup, absorb sweat and excess fat. And at the same time, homemade powder will have a healing effect on the skin of your face and even protect from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

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