Pixie haircut - styling ideas. pixie haircut for a round

Pixie's haircut gained its popularity after Audrey Hepburn appeared with her in the movie "Roman Holiday", considerably surprising his fans. Such a bold, bold, but incredibly feminine image with a seemingly boyish hairstyle liked by many. And now, more than half a century haircut does not cease to be relevant. In addition, it is an ideal hairstyle in the heat.

What is a pixie haircut?

All fashion trends - a double-edged sword. Blindly chasing them is just silly, because with them you can both become an object of adoration and get your share of ridicule. Therefore, before you decide on the next change of image, it is highly recommended to understand whether it really suits you.

As can be judged by the numerous photos, pixie is included in the category of ultra-short strips. The longest strands hardly reach 2 cervical vertebrae, usually ending at the very base of the neck. Visually, this hairstyle is very similar to the classic garcon. An inexperienced hairdresser can confuse them. The result is that instead of the desired haircut will have a slightly different.

Pixie haircut

Who is this hairstyle?

Coming to the salon with a clear intention to make such a hairstyle, it is necessary to provide a photo for the haircut of the back. It is for this zone that 2 similar layouts can be distinguished. Pixie haircut does not have a smooth cut. Instead, the ends of the hair are often treated with a razor or other device that does not give such a line. As a result, a feather effect appears - light and thinned hair. This detail and hair gives playfulness and airiness.

The conditions under which it is worth it or, on the contrary, it is not advisable to do, follow from such features of pixie hairstyle. The first of these relates to how to fit the hairstyle into the overall image. It affects the selection of accessories, the type of makeup. Short hair length reveals everything you can open. As a result, the possibility of distracting the eye from something does not appear. Hairstyle focuses on the lips, nose, neck, and spread shoulders. In addition, you should know that it requires a good styling. Negligence, achieved only one comb after waking up, can do a disservice.

Pixie haircut for a round face is one of the rare cases when an ultrashort hairstyle will almost unconditionally decorate this shape. Also, it will look wonderful on a rectangular and triangular face. But the owners of the classic oval is better to turn their attention to other hairstyles. They pixie is able to distort the proportions that will not add attractiveness.

But the best "source material" for such a haircut is a medium-sized miniature face with bright features. These can be cheekbones that stand out, and plump lips, and the correct nose shape, and an interesting eye shape, and a thin neck. Whatever the highlight of your face and the area around it, a pixie hairstyle will definitely emphasize it.

Haircut "Pixie": a photo on the hair of various types

Pixie haircut

Rear pixie haircut

Of particular note is the difference in the formation of the styling of this hairstyle on hair of different thickness, thickness and structure. In particular, the selection of pixie haircuts for fine hair is considered one of the most optimal. After all, it allows you to achieve a visual increase in volume and density due to the lightness and short length of the strands.

In addition, it is this hairstyle on thin hair that is easiest to maintain, which is not the case with most complex styling and haircuts, where the hair is lower than the shoulders. Easy graduation of the curls allows you to even more focus on pomp. In tandem with a neat coloring, in which the strands are highlighted in color a couple of tones lighter than the main mass, you get the most natural effect of density and texture. Thick hair with haircuts of the type looks worse. The same applies to girls with curly locks. Pixie cut is designed exclusively for straight and slightly wavy hair.

An interesting option can be a hairstyle with a bang, the appearance of which depends only on the type of hair and features. If it became necessary to correct some areas of the face, in particular, the chin or nose, you should think about an asymmetric length. On the other hand, part of the bangs may be ultra-short or feather-like, resembling Lesley Hornby's hair.

A round face with a pixie haircut will be interesting to look if you prefer an asymmetrical version. For example, with an even cut of straight and thick bangs, release a long strand from the side. This will work as an additional corrector, pulling out the oval of the face and smoothing the side zones. What should definitely remember the owners of a round face, who decided on a pixie, is the need to constantly create volume in the area of ​​the crown.

How to care for a haircut?

Since with such a hairstyle, the hair always remains loose and there is no opportunity to collect it either in a braid or in a tail, it should be understood that they become dirtier faster than usual. Therefore, you need to wash your hair often enough. When shearing pixie curls should remain clean all the time. The slightest defect will entail a strong change in visual perception.

Pixie haircut

Another way to maintain hair in the right form - styling. It will require brushing, foam or wax, depending on the desired effect, varnish and hairdryer.

  • The most daring option is achieved by wax. It is rubbed between the palms and light touches applied to the individual "feathers", emphasizing them. The order of installation is chosen independently.
  • Lovers of the classics can slightly treat the locks with foam, using brushing, twist them and heat them with a hairdryer. This will be enough to fix the lines, give the hair the direction in which they should lie, and volume.
  • Those who love geometry should stretch the strands with an iron, sprinkle them with varnish and complete the installation. Moreover, owners of wavy or curly hair to carry out such a procedure will have to constantly, to eliminate the possible untidy hairstyle.
  • In the case of a solemn event, it is enough to remove the hair back with a small amount of gel or to lay them in waves in a retro style.

One of the important nuances in this hairstyle is the need to constantly update it. It is enough to slightly grow hair, and all the charm is lost. It’s one thing if you make a decision to grow back the length, but it’s another when it’s comfortable in the chosen image. Then visits to the hairdresser with a frequency of once every 3-4 weeks should become commonplace.

Among the fans of pixie haircuts, in addition to the 20th century style icon. Audrey Hepburn, seen and Halle Berry, Rihanna, Natalie Portman. All these women are distinguished by exceptional taste and attention to detail, magnetism and sexuality. The popularity of hair is quite understandable. It fits different types of faces and gives charm to the image.

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