Pimples on face


In ancient Chinese traditional medicine, the method of determining the disease by the location of acne on the skin of the face was used. And today, during initial diagnosis, dermatologists pay attention to the zone of localization of skin lesions. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are familiar with such an unpleasant phenomenon as facial acne. What organs are responsible for these rashes?

What organs are responsible for acne on the face?

What organs are responsible for acne on the face?

Pimples can appear not only in transitional age, when the girl's body undergoes tremendous changes, mainly due to the hormonal background and puberty. Annoying comedones or abscesses are formed on the face and in middle age. In this case, a visit to a dermatologist should not be delayed.

For many years, Chinese traditional medicine has used separate areas of the face as one of the methods for diagnosing diseases. The fact is that our face can be conditionally divided into several zones, and each of them is responsible for certain internal organs. Among them stand out:

  • cheeks;
  • temporal part;
  • forehead;
  • nose bridge;
  • nose wings;
  • chin;
  • nasolabial folds.

As you already understood, the systematic appearance of pimples in any of the zones is a signal that the body needs help. Let's take a closer look at which areas of the skin of the face reflect the state of the internal organs.

Chin line, lower jaw and neck

The appearance of acne, comedones or acne in this part may indicate disorders in the functioning of the endocrine system, organs of the digestive tract, the development of pathologies of gynecological nature, as well as intoxication of the organism.

Temporal part

A systematic rash in the temporal part may indicate a malfunction of the gallbladder. Also, acne localized in the temporal zone signals hypovitaminosis and impaired lymph circulation.

Nasolabial folds and around the contour of the lips

The first and most common cause of acne in this part is the approach of menstrual bleeding. If pimples appear regardless of the phase of the menstruation cycle, this may indicate excessive consumption of fried foods and pathological constipation. Often the appearance of pimples in the area of ​​the lips is affected by the components contained in the lipstick. In this case, you need to choose another cosmetic.

Pimples on the cheeks: which body is out of order?

The appearance of a rash in this part of the face is the most common. Despite the fact that the cheeks are indicated on the map of the face by one zone, the right and left cheeks are responsible for various internal organs.

If acne or acne appears on the right cheek, there may be a disturbance in the functioning of the digestive tract. Also, the rash, localized in this part of the face, may indicate the manifestation of an allergic reaction, the occurrence of a cold, pulmonary pathology, excessive consumption of sugary foods. Often, pimples on the right cheek result from contact with contaminated surfaces, in particular, with a mobile phone.

Pimples on the left cheek signal a dysfunction of the liver or stomach. In addition, the rash on this part of the face may be associated with the transfer of stress or normal overeating.

Nose, nose and forehead

On the nose, nose and forehead pimples can form as a result of the use of excessive amounts of sugary foods

On the nose, nose and forehead pimples can form as a result of the use of excessive amounts of sugary foods. Also, rashes in this part of the face appear as a result of severe stressful situations, smoking or alcohol abuse, wearing contaminated hats, the maintenance of toxic elements in fixing products for hair and even shampoo.

If the rash systematically appears in the frontal part of the face, this may indicate a malfunction of the liver or intestines. In addition, the attending specialists noted that pimples on the forehead in most cases signal the weakness of the heart muscle.

Nose wings

Many girls have repeatedly encountered the appearance of acne, pustules or comedones near the wings of the nose. In this case, the body can signal the development of inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract and bronchi.

In practice, there are cases when acne is localized exclusively in the eyebrow area. A rash in this part of the face may indicate a liver pathology.

Acne on the forehead: which organ suffers?

I would like to tell you more about what pimples on the forehead can signal. The fact is that dermatologists conventionally divide the frontal part into several zones. If pimples appear in the area of ​​the superciliary arches, this may be due to plucking of hairs. It often happens that a woman can get hurt while plucking her eyebrows, and a abscess occurs as a result of the penetration of pathogens into the wound. If the appearance of acne is not due to a similar cosmetic procedure, then most likely the adrenal glands are affected.

The triangle, located from the base of the nose bridge and diagonally to the temples, is responsible for the functioning of the liver. If it is in this area of ​​the skin that acne constantly appears, this indicates the occurrence of pathological processes in the liver cells. There is a possibility of intoxication of the body with harmful trace elements and substances.

If pimples appear in the area of ​​the hairline, then it can tell about the problems in the bladder. Along with pimples, dandruff appears in women, and the skin begins to peel off excessively.

The central frontal zone is responsible for the functioning of the intestine and appendix. If a small rash appears in this part of the face, this may indicate a violation of ovarian function. Sometimes the appearance of acne on the forehead is associated with a disease of hair follicles. In medical practice, this pathology is called folliculitis. It appears as a result of contamination of the skin, excessive separation of sweat, long wearing close hats, with falling of contaminated hair on the forehead. But such a disease is most common among representatives of a strong half of humanity.

Acne on the face at the age of 30 in a woman: reasons

Acne on the face at the age of 30 in a woman: reasons

The appearance of acne on the face in adolescence, all relate without any particular concerns. This is considered to be a completely natural process that occurs as a result of hormonal changes. But what if acne began to appear after 30 years? This is a serious reason to think and refer to a dermatologist.

The reasons for which may appear rash on the skin after 30 years, varied. These include:

  • long stressful situations;
  • taking oral contraceptives;
  • violation of the menstruation cycle;
  • changes in the concentration of hormones in the body;
  • mechanical damage to the skin;
  • carrying a child;
  • use of an inappropriate cosmetic.

It is extremely rare for pimples on the face of girls over 30 years old to appear as a result of using drugs, as well as prolonged exposure to sunlight. Do not forget about your diet. As practice shows, at this age, acne can form as a result of eating the wrong foods that trigger the development of an allergic reaction.

Treatment methods

Nutritionists and dermatologists advise not to neglect their health and pay attention to the acne map and the zonality of their localization. Acne treatment must be comprehensive. It may include the following aspects:

  • taking pharmacological drugs;
  • hormone replacement therapy;
  • the use of therapeutic cosmetics;
  • adherence to the diet.

The face is a reflection of body and soul. According to the site of localization of acne on the face, you can pre-determine the pathology of an internal organ. To get rid of annoying and ugly rashes, you should eliminate the cause of those. Be healthy!