Perm eyelashes. procedure description


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They are able to charm and captivate, to destroy even the most inaccessible man. Expressive look is created in different ways. One of the most modern - chemical perm eyelashes. The procedure is carried out very quickly, and the result in the form of an incredible bend will please you up to 2-3 months.

Curling eyelashes suits almost everyone. Especially this procedure is recommended to do those who they grow straight or down. Many masters advise coming to the curl 7 days before the extension. As a result, you can get just a stunning result.

Immediately should make a reservation: perm can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, you should not do it if you are allergic to carcasses or shadows. In addition, it must be abandoned during pregnancy and lactation.

Chemical perm eyelashes It is interesting because with its help you can correct the incision of the eyes. It is enough to ask about this master. The result in the form of a stable bend is obtained due to a special solution.

After you come to the salon, you wash off the makeup. Then the master selects a silicone roller. The angle of the eyelashes depends on its size. The roller is glued on a special safe glue to the upper eyelid. It is located near the base of the eyelashes. The larger its diameter, the greater the bend.

Perm eyelashes

To cushion stick each eyelash. Then the chemical composition is applied to the desired place. Do not think that the entire area of ​​the cilia is exposed. It is the place the application will keep them in a twisted state. Then the master sets the time for the procedure. It is calculated individually, since all have different hair structure. On average, the perm is done within 30 minutes.

After this period, the applied solution is neutralized with a special agent. It is washed off, and cilia smeared with nourishing oil. Bending can last up to 3 months. Perm is not recommended to carry out more than 3 times a year.

There are also other ways to curl. It happens that the solution is applied near the roots. There is also a combined method. During it, the tool forms bends in several places. Additionally, the basal zone of the growth of the eyelashes and the lower eyelid is protected by special stickers. They are glued on top.

Some believe that after curling you do not need to care for your eyelashes. In fact, in order for the result to be preserved for a long time, the masters advise to follow certain rules.

Immediately after the procedure you should not use the solarium for 3-4 days. On the first day it is forbidden to contact with water. Also, do not rub or touch the eyes with your hands. Eyelashes can be painted after 2-3 hours.

Basic care is to use base oils. They smear the entire surface of the eyelashes. Most often use castor and peach oils. This procedure will strengthen the cilia and prevent their fragility.

Eyelash curling: reviews

  • Many women are wary of this procedure. It should be understood that the perm itself is not dangerous. The solution has a thick consistency. Therefore, it does not get into the eyes. As for its composition, it is relatively safe.
  • Mostly negative reviews are found for quite another reason. Not so easy to find a good master. But the final result depends on his professionalism! The most common problem is an ugly bend. Most often it is associated with the wrong location of the eyelashes. If the master has not enough experience, then he will have to spend a lot of time on the location of the cilia.
  • Some girls complain that they have to re-glue several times. As a result, the bend is deformed. It also turns ugly if the master selects the wrong roller size. You can find reviews that eyelashes are too tight curled. As a result, the look is unnatural.

Perm eyelashes

  • Dr. the problem is the bend at the tips. The main part of the eyelashes remains straight, sharply flying upwards on a small area. To prevent this from happening to you, be sure to sign up for a perm to a proven master. It is worth paying attention to the fact that he has certificates, completed master classes and training.
  • Some people think that this procedure can be done at home on their own. Especially in the free market you can find kits for chemical perm. Better not to risk it. Working with chemical components requires professional training.

Features biochemical eyelashes

This type of curling is different from the previous one in that it is safer. In the composition, which is applied to the cilia, no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The impact of harmful substances on the body during this procedure is minimal.

There are several ways to biowave. In the 1st on the eyelid attach silicone roller. On it have the cilia so that they are beautifully curled. Then put the solution on top. So you need to sit up to 50 minutes. Finally, the solution is washed off. On the first day after the biowave, you cannot use mascara, wet your eyelashes with water or expose to thermal effects such as a bath and a solarium. The effect lasts up to 2 months.

Parallel use of semi-permanent mascara is also possible. This is a special tool that rests on the eyelashes up to 1 month. It does not roll down and is not washed away by water. It can be applied in the same cabin with the help of the wizard. In this case, after the procedure, you can not use other mascara. It can destroy the applied remedy.

The result of semi-permanent mascara will please many girls. Eyelashes become thicker and longer. In combination with a biowave, semi-permanent mascara gives the look an incredible expressiveness.

As in the case of a perm, the result of the procedure will be temporary. The thing is that the eyelashes gradually grow and take on a natural shape. In some places they replace curled faster. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the subsequent correction.

Listen negative reviews

Perm eyelashes

  • Judging by the reviews, curling eyelashes sometimes does not fit some girls. Problems may occur with owners of thick cilia. If the master has little experience, then it will be difficult for him to hold them and give shape to a bend. The same can happen if you have short lashes. Also often there are opinions that after the procedure, they begin to fall out. Such a reaction is unlikely. Very often, the basal zone and the lower eyelashes of the master are covered with special films. Thus, the chemical solution does not fall on them. Therefore, the problem of loss does not arise. Means for fixing simply not applied to the places that are responsible for growth. Therefore, the cause must be sought in others.
  • Often lashes fall out due to various health problems and lack of certain vitamins. More likely, judging by the reviews, a slight clarification. This effect does not occur at all. You can fix it using a normal mascara.

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If earlier a beautiful bend had to be created with the help of tweezers and mascara, then nowadays there is a stronger tool - eyelash curling. A week before it should start making masks from castor oil. Masters must be chosen carefully. From his experience depends on the final result. After curling, you cannot wet your eyelashes, go to a solarium or sauna for the first 3 days.