Pepper mask for hair growth

Red pepper is actively used in cosmetology. It is an integral element of shampoos and balms, activating hair growth.

How does pepper mask affect hair growth?The composition of red pepper includes feather beds and capsocin, which provide a better supply of nutrients to the hair roots and hair follicles. This leads to enhanced hair growth, and also reduces their loss.

Why don't hair grow?

Pepper mask for hair growth

If genetically hair is not programmed for rapid growth, then no mask will not change the program. Then the question arises: why the hair growth stimulating masks give such good results? Explain this phenomenon is not difficult. The fact that hair does not grow in full, is influenced by a number of factors:

  • climatic factors(hair will grow faster in spring than at other times of the year);
  • lack of useful ingredients, improper nutrition (vitamins necessary for hair and proteins must be included in your diet);
  • bad habits(excessive use of products such as coffee, alcohol abuse and smoking);
  • the negative impact of hair coloring and styling products;
  • stresses.

Mask with pepper tincture for hair: recipes

Pepper mask for hair growth

  1. To make red pepper tincture1-2 pods of bitter pepper and 100 ml of medical alcohol will be required. Cooked tincture is placed in a dark place for a week. After the tincture is prepared, it should be drained and diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with water. You can use such a mask of pepper tincture before going to bed every other day.
  2. For cooking castor oil mask 1 tbsp required L. Castor oil, 1 tbsp. l pepper tincture and 1 tbsp. l favorite balm for hair. The mixture is rubbed in a circular motion. Then a towel is put on the head and kept on the hair for about two hours, after which it is washed off with plenty of warm water.

How to apply pepper mask on your hair?

Pepper tincture gives the effect of heating, which stimulates the hair to grow, awakening dormant bulbs. We put a mask exclusively on the scalp, avoiding her falling on the hair itself.

Pepper mask for hair growth

After you apply the mask on the scalp, it should be warmed with a towel. This helps the alcohol to evaporate faster, thereby improving the effectiveness of pepper mask for hair.

How much should a pepper mask be kept?

There is no set time for holding the mask, dermatologists advise to leave the mask on the hair for at least 30 minutes. If you do not feel a particular burning sensation, you can smear the mask and at night.

If the burning is very strong, then the mask should be immediately washed off and further diluted with a smaller amount of tincture or, on the contrary, increase the concentration if the mask on the hair is not felt.

How often do pepper masks for hair growth?

Pepper mask for hair growth

Experts advise to make such masks course. It is enough to apply a pepper mask for hair 1-2 times a week, with a course of at least 3 months..

It is allowed to take such a course no more than once a year. A favorable outcome will be noticeable when the mask is used regularly during the treatment period.

Pepper hair mask: application

  • WITHuse a mask on dry hair, because the tincture can increase the dryness of the hair and cause dandruff.To avoid dry hair, add almond oil to your mask. olive or burdock oil.
  • To enhance the effect of the mask, add a little bit to it.essential oils.
  • After using pepper mask for hair should not apply hair styling. Do not use hard combs and do not dye your hair.

Pepper mask for hair growth: application

  • When using pepper mask avoid her eyes, otherwise it may cause a strong burning sensation.
  • If the skin of the hands is dry and sensitive, then before applying the mask on the hair protect hands with cellophane gloves.
  • When first applied, it should be noted that Pepper hair mask is not for everyone, therefore, in order to avoid excessive irritation of the skin, it should be kept no longer than 10 minutes on the hair. If you feel a strong burning sensation, then immediately wash off the mask with plenty of water.

The process of hair growth laid genetically. If you follow the hair, they will look at the maximum, highlighted by nature. Recommended recipes are useful for hair in any case.Prolonged use of pepper masks for hair with natural oils blocks hair loss and significantly improves their structure.

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