Pencil skirt for full


You should not hold the opinion that if you do not have a supermodel figure, then skirts are contraindicated to you. In fact, pencil skirt - the best choice of a plump woman in 2013. This is the opinion of leading Russian stylists.

Pencil skirt and its benefits for obese women

  • Pencil skirt perfectly slim and visually lengthens the legs, so that they begin to appear thinner. In addition, the belly is visually tightened, the calves are emphasized.

Pencil skirt for fullPencil skirt for full

  • With the length of the pencil skirt, plump women can experiment. That's just not worth too much to get involved - everything should be in moderation. A skirt that is too long or too short - a pencil will not look as good as a skirt of medium length.
  • Pencil skirt is able to make the image of a plump woman more neat and stylish.
  • This skirt is good because it is useful in any situation: whether you go to work, to the office or to a friendly meeting, go for a walk or a date - the pencil skirt is equally suitable for any of these events.
  • A pencil skirt, like no other, is able to emphasize the attractive curves of the female body.

What pencil skirt is fashionable in 2013?

This year's fashion has defined the main characteristics of a fashionable pencil skirt for the full.

The material of which should be a pencil skirt this year - suede or leather. This is the "last squeak" of fashion. But, as you understand, in the hot season it is quite difficult to be in such a skirt. Therefore, in the summer, will be relevant pencil skirts for the full of thin, smooth material.

Pencil skirt for fullPencil skirt for full

Most fashionable colors pencil skirts for full in 2013 - black, burgundy and beige. But, again, do not forget - now summer. So, in the wardrobe should be present and two - three pencil skirts of light shades.

What to wear full pencil skirt?

  • Blouse or topic. These things should have a triangular cutout. Thus, we emphasize attention on a breast, removing it from hips.
  • Elegant shirt. Best fit for a pencil skirt. The main thing - to maintain a shirt in the same style with a skirt.
  • Bluzon. Perfectly flattens the belly and bulging barrel.

Pencil skirt for full

  • High heel - a must for plump women wearing a pencil skirt. Heel visually adds growth and slimness.
  • Accessories. Almost all existing accessories fit this skirt. The only important condition is that there should not be many of them and they should be selected in accordance with the style of the entire outfit.

How to choose a pencil skirt for full?

  • Best to choose monochromatic pencil skirt for full. But if, all the same, I want to choose a skirt with a pattern, stop at a small pattern. Large will only add to the figure of completeness.

Pencil skirt for fullPencil skirt for full

  • Do not choose a pencil skirt that is sewn from shiny material. He, as well as a large figure, visually emphasizes completeness.
  • If you wear a belt to the pencil skirt, do not tighten it too much. Otherwise, the figure will look even fuller.
  • Do not choose too narrow models of a pencil skirt. Your task is not to emphasize completeness, but to hide it.

We hope that, armed with the advice given here, you will definitely be able to choose such pencil skirt, that she not only has to taste you, but also skillfully will emphasize advantages of your figure, having hidden its shortcomings.