Peeling gessner

Jessner's peeling is becoming more and more popular for women and girls for facials. It is recommended in beauty salons to cope with irritation and acne, cleanse the skin and slow down aging.

But before agreeing to try this type of peeling, you should get acquainted with the reviews and find out the opinion of those women who have already tried it for themselves. It is especially worth being careful when using it at home, since this peeling itself is a rather serious test for the skin, it contains acid and penetrates it so deeply that it can cause a strong negative reaction.

Jessner peeling: professional reviews

Jessner peeling: professional reviews

  • Salon, Moscow: "Jessner's peeling is a modern cosmetic that can improve skin condition. It helps get rid of loose skin, fine wrinkles, age spots, acne and freckles. The secret of this peeling lies in lactic and salicylic acid, where resorcinol is added."
  • Salon, Krasnoyarsk: "Jessner peels include several levels of skin cleansing.. To simply cleanse the skin and improve metabolism, the first degree is enough. The second degree is needed to get rid of wrinkles, and the third degree is used only to get rid of deep wrinkles, pigment spots, scars and strong acne. "
  • Salon, Kiev: "After the first degree, there is a slight reddening and peeling of the skin. But after 15 days, the skin should become velvety and even."
  • Salon, Novosibirsk: "After the second stage of cleaning, the redness of the skin is stronger, quite noticeably burning, but the discomfort will disappear in 30 minutes. After applying the peeling, you will feel a tightness of the skin, which will disappear in 10 days."
  • Salon, Vladivostok: "For the third degree of Jessner peeling, 4 layers are necessary, which causes tingling and burning. The next day, the skin will become dark in color, a crust will appear that cannot be removed. It will disappear in 12 days. When deciding to apply a third-degree Jessner peeling, be sure to see how the skin will change after the first and second degree. If the skin is too sensitive and susceptible to allergic reactions, after such a strong impact, complications such as ulcers may appear. "

Jessner Peeling: Positive Feedback

  • Svetlana: “I suffered from rashes on my face, I already exfoliated Jessner about 5 times. The skin went straight in layers, but a noticeable effect appeared after the second procedure. All acne disappeared, the skin became very soft and light, so I advise everyone.”
  • Maria: "I did the peeling 1 time to get rid of acne and acne scars. Everything disappeared, the scars became less noticeable. The result just made me happy."

Peeling Gessner

  • Olga: "I did peeling against acne and blemishes, it helped, everything disappeared, but for 10 days it scared people with redness."
  • Lisa: "After peeling, I had to suffer from the crust, but the skin became cleaner, and all acne disappeared."


Peeling Gessner: negative reviews

  • Mila: “Jessner was peeling in the summer, an ambiguous impression. After the first procedure, her skin condition improved. She became even, smooth, even refused to use foundation. After the second procedure, the spider veins appeared, the skin is better than the first time, did not become. Before that, there were no problems with the skin, usual care, and after the second time it began to peel off, then to inflame.For creams, I had to select a whole shelf, but before that there were only a few jars. The effect of peeling lasts 2 months, so some -to restored to the skin and zareklas it when something else to do. Before you spend Jessner peeling, conducted 5 times more almond peeling to prepare it. "
  • Ksenia: “My cosmetologist advised me to do Jessner's peeling only once, but to complete the process with mesotherapy. But I’m somehow wary of using acid to clean my face.”
  • Oksana: "I know that before applying Jessner peeling, it is necessary to prepare the skin with the help of sparing peels, for example pumpkin, otherwise peeling of Jessner on the face will begin to crack in thick pieces, causing pain."
  • Mira: “I was peeling Jessner for myself, it was something terrible. I didn’t know where to go from the pain. I don’t know, maybe it was just me that hurt. But on the second layer I didn’t dare, and indeed this peeling wasn’t doing. "
  • Elena: “I did Jessner’s peeling 2 times. My skin started to peel off, peel off, so I didn’t notice any special result that everyone writes about. I’m not happy with any acid, I completely refused any peeling, so be careful instead of profit, do not get hurt. "

Jessner Peeling: reviews

  • Natalya: “I think that Jessner's peeling is just a trick. Cosmetologists only need to earn money from us. First, they do this peeling, then they begin to take care of their skin after it, and they have to buy more cosmetics from them to recover from flaking.”
  • Tatiana: “I made Jessner's peeling, my husband was in shock. Her face was wrinkled, her skin was red, she had a film on her face.

Some women are satisfied with the effect obtained after applying the Jessner peeling, but a sufficiently large number do not recommend using such a radical remedy, since the Jessner peeling causes a strong burning sensation and can worsen the skin condition even more.

In any case, it is advisable to consult with a good qualified doctor who will tell you whether to use such a serious procedure in your particular case. When deciding to use Jessner's peeling to fight aging, take precautions.

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