Peel skin on face


Peeling can appear on all skin types.But the most prone to it is dry skin. The hereditary factor can affect the occurrence of flaking of the skin, in which case the skin will flake off everywhere: on the skin of the face, hands, legs and abdomen. However, there are other reasons.

Why does the skin on the face flake off?

All the reasons for which the skin on the face peels off can be divided into external and internal.

Peel skin on the face: what to do?

To external factors peeling skininclude strong wind, frost, hot sun, dry air of unventilated areas, etc. This factor is the most common. If it is cold outside or strong cold wind, be sure to use a protective cream, which should be applied no later than half an hour before the exit. In the summer usesunscreen or moisturizing cream with SPF from 10.

To the internal factors of skin exfoliationinclude all sorts of diseases. If the leather of the person’s face not only peel off, but also itch, and you don’t see a direct connection with the weather conditions - we advise you to consult a specialist, because anything can be the reason for the appearance of peeling. For example,infection, which is simply impossible to self-treat. Hormonal disorders or lack of vitamins can also cause flaking.

Masks, corrective cosmetics, moisturizers are unlikely to help, because the problem requires treatment from the inside.

Peel skin on the face: what to do?

If desquamation occurs due tovitamin deficiency (usually it is observed in winter and spring - during the period of avitaminosis), it is necessary to drink a course of fortified complexes or increase in the diet products with the necessary vitamins. With regular use of such products you will be able to get rid of peeling in a short time.

Strongly peel off the skin of the face can from medications, used in the treatment of skin diseases. On this occasion, do not worry - in this waytreatment of the body occurs.When planning a consultation with a doctor, be sure to inform him of this reaction.

Try to drink at least 3 liters of filtered water every day, so you can insure your body from dehydration. Also avoid the use of sugary drinks and highly carbonated, as they negatively affect the condition of the skin. Otherwise, peeling on your face can not be avoided.

Strongly flaky skin of the face: what to do?

The main reason for which the skin of the face is strongly extinguished is the loss of moisture, therefore take care of moisturizing the skin and about means for washing. It is necessary to choose softer means for removing makeup, for example, milk, gel or foam for dry or combination skin andstop using ordinary soap.

Peel skin on the face: what to do?

If you can’t get rid of the use of soap completely, then choose one whose ingredients are moisturizers or oils.After washing, wipe the skin with a napkin and immediately moisturize the face with a cream..

Masks for peeling skin on the face

  • If you are faced with peeling of the skin of the face, it will help you. cottage cheese peeling. For its preparation will need to mix 1 tbsp. l fat cottage cheese, 1 tsp. crushed rice (need to grind in a coffee grinder), 1 tsp. any oil, 1 tbsp. l sugar and as much milk. Apply the mask on wet skin and rub gently for about 2 minutes.
  • During the peeling period you can useHercules Mask. To do this, cook oatmeal on milk (or just brew 1 tablespoon of. Hercules with hot milk, cover with foil and leave for 3 minutes). 1 tbsp. l Cooked mix with 1 tsp. natural honey and 1 tsp. butter. Do not interfere with a pinch of sugar. The mask should also be rubbed into the skin for some time. After rubbing, leave the mask on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Remove it from the face with the necessary disc soaked in milk.

Peel skin on the face: what to do?

  • Also, when peeling can be appliedcarrot mask. Carrots need to grate on a medium grater. The resulting porridge mix in an equal ratio of oatmeal, 2 tbsp. l boiled milk. Remove the mask from the face after 15 minutes.
  • If the skin is dry and peels off, you can useherbal masks. These masks increase the tone, refresh and nourish the skin of the face. For the preparation of herbal broth you need to mix herbal collection of mother and stepmother, lemon balm and mint, mallow and thyme. 1 tbsp. l brew herbal mixture in a glass of boiling water, let it brew, then add 1 tbsp. l pre-grinded oat-flakes to get a creamy mass and 1 tsp. of almond or apricot oil, mix thoroughly and apply for a quarter of an hour. The necessary ingredients can be purchased at a pharmacy.

How to avoid peeling skin on the face?

  • When the face skin flakes off, do not use cosmetics, components of which arelanolin and alcohol.The use of funds with lanolin can cause an allergic reaction, and peeling will intensify, the same effect will be from alcohol.
  • If, when washing with water, peeling of the skin does not stop, thencleanse your skin with sesame oil, it dissolves well and removes impurities.

Peel skin on the face: what to do?

  • If it's freezing cold or strong cold wind, be sure to use a protective cream, which should be applied no later than half an hour before the exit. In the summer usesunscreen or moisturizing cream with SPF from 10.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to cleanse the skin. Even if you are very tired,Do not wash cosmetics from the face, you can not go to bed.

If you are driving fight against peeling of the skin on the face, then you should not immediately fall into a state of panic. Understand first with the reasons for its occurrence, and only then begin to heal!