Pedicure socks


One of the relatively new inventions of scientists from Japan, Japan, became the socks for a pedicure. As the developers themselves say, such socks can replace a full-fledged salon pedicure.

Japanese pedicure socks: reviews

The invention is originally from Japan, so the most famous brand of socks for a pedicure is a Japanese manufacturer, called "BabyFoot". According to the developers, such socks make the skin of the feet soft, and the effect of their use persists for a long time. They help get rid of corns and corns, contribute to the descent of coarsened skin. The composition of the active substance includes lactic acid and 17 natural plant components. Main contraindicationm to the use of such a tool is the individual intolerance of any component that is part of the product.

Another producing countryThe pedicure tip is China. Their action is practically no different from the Japanese, and the main difference is the price. If Japanese socks for a pedicure cost an average of 1,500 rubles, then the Chinese equivalent can be purchased for as much as 200.

Socks for pedicure: reviews

The next difference is the composition of the active substance. He forgiven the Chinese product, because of this, the time of exposure to the skin increases. They need to be worn longer and, accordingly, the number of procedures increases, compared to Japanese ones. The quality is also lower, although the opinions of buyers are divided - some criticize the Chinese manufacturer, and someone does not see the difference from the Japanese product.

There are also Korean socks for a pedicure. They are also inexpensive. The effect of their use is worse than that of the Japanese, but higher than that of the Chinese.

It is easy to use these socks. First you need to carefully read the instructions of the purchased product. Socks should be worn on the feet and wait 1 to 4 hours, it all depends on the company that produced the product. Then you need to wash your feet with soap. The result will be noticeable in about 3-7 days. The skin will go to large layers, but the heels will get perfect smoothness and softness.

Gel socks for a pedicure

After using socks for a pedicure, many people advise using a softer option to hold the effect, namely gel socks. The most famous company - manufacturer - "SikliFoot". Their cost is about 1200 rubles. The gel includes the composition of various kinds of oils that moisturize the foot. Wearing socks should be about 3 times a week for half an hour. The package has detailed instructions.

Another kind of similar product - silicone socks. There is no difference in effect, because both in the 1st and 2nd versions contain moisturizing oils.

There is another product for the care of the feet - these are disposable slippers for a pedicure. You can use them as in the salon, and at home as a procedure. Most often they are used for saunas, baths, beauty salons, swimming pools. At home, they can be worn after pedicure socks to allow the skin to breathe, as well as to speed up its renewal.

Socks for pedicure: reviews

Socks for pedicure "Sosu": reviews

One of the most popular in our time brands socks for a pedicure is the company "Sosu". There are 3 types of this product with different flavors - mint, rose and lavender.

  • Natalia: It is best to do the procedure on steamed feet, the effect will be much stronger! And if you apply 1 sock on both legs, then the 2nd one should also be steamed immediately before the procedure. First, the skin becomes like parchment, and the next day it is already exfoliated, but then it is very smooth!
  • Elena: I bought it on a friendly site, the thing is excellent but not for rough heels. If they are running and have not been processed for a long time, do not expect a good effect. My heels went through 1 procedure, it did not help (skin is rough). Then the skin went off well and became soft, it became effective for 4 days, after a hot foot bath. I think that we must first process the heels, wait a week, do the procedure again. I will be experimentingTh!
  • Catherine: Made the procedure according to the instructions. 1 sock on 2 legs alternately. At first I was disappointed, because after 4 days there was no result. But on the 5th day, the skin began to peel off, and very abundantly, in particular on the fingers and heels. I began to steam them, and then began to roll up the resulting scales. The skin has become very soft, even better to the touch than after salon pedicure. The result struck me very much. I advise you to try these socks everyone!
  • Christina: To say that I am delighted - it means not to say anything! She held socks for 1 h 40 min on each leg, after 3 days the skin began to flake off. The next day I otparila feet, they were just wonderful, really, like a baby!

Almost everyone knows that such a procedure as a pedicure can be carried out independently at home. But if you do not want to spend a lot of time or not special tools, socks for a pedicure will become just a godsend! The most important thing is to use this product correctly. Then the effect will exceed all your expectations!