Peach oil


Peaches are not only tasty fruits of summer, but they produce curative peach oil from their bones, which is an excellent way to take care of women's beauty and health. It is able to smooth wrinkles, moisturize the skin, prevent dehydration and restore skin elasticity. This is one of the most useful fruits to preserve feminine beauty.

The benefits of peach oil for female beauty

Peach oil is able to smooth wrinkles, give freshness and rejuvenate the skin. It will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the lips and eyelids. Peach oil has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, brightening and rejuvenating properties for the skin.

The healing properties of peach oil

Peach oil can improve condition and speed recovery from burns and skin lesions. It will be indispensable in the fight against cellulite and care for those areas of the body where there is a decrease in skin elasticity. It will have a beneficial effect in the treatment of eczema and dermatitis. Peach oil can be used for nail care. It is able to give the skin a beautiful and healthy look. Will help in the treatment of ear pain, acute and chronic inflammation of the middle ear and conjunctivitis. Able to cope with diaper rash and inflammation. Peach oil is also a choleretic and laxative remedy.

Peach oil action

Peach oil directly affects the acceleration of the regeneration of mucous membranes, sensitive and dry skin.It helps to make the skin supple and elastic, helps to soften it. It has a healing effect on various damages. Thanks to its beneficial substances rejuvenates the skin of the eyelids and lips. Peach oil has a beneficial effect on children's delicate skin. Can strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as brittle and dry hair.

How is peach oil used?

You will need a variety of essential oils such as avocado oil, limemette, wheat germ, jojoba, roses, fresh peach pulp, and peach oil itself to make various healthy face masks and creams for the face and hands. It is used in pure form and with other essential oils. Due to its nourishing and softening properties, peach oil can also be used as massage oil.

Peach oil in the fight against cellulite

In order to prepare a cosmetic mixture of cellulite, mix 2 drops of orange essential oil, or mandarin, or grapefruit with 1 tbsp. spoon peach butter. This mixture must be carefully rubbed into the skin as many times as you see fit, just do it, should be every day. To combat cellulite, you can also prepare a mixture of 1 tbsp. spoons of peach oil and 1 drop of lavender, lemon, cypress and geranium oil. By adding these essential oils, peach oil will enhance its anti-cellulite effect.

Applying peach oil for facial

Our lips are very sensitive to all climatic changes. In order to restore the brightness of the red border of the lips, their elasticity, freshness, elasticity and eliminate the peeling, roughness and cracks, take 1 tbsp. spoon of peach oil and add to it 2 drops of rose or lemon balm oil. Apply the mixture in the morning, evening on the lips, massaging them. You can also apply it in its pure form or diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with oil from wheat germ or avocado.

To strengthen the eyelashes and improve the condition of the eyelids, dilute the peach oil with jojoba oil 1 to 1. You can also add to his 1 tbsp. Spoon 2 drops of essential oils of rose or sandalwood and make applications for the eyelids and eyelashes with this mixture for 15 days daily for 15 minutes or simply lubricate them once a day.

Peach oil for nail care

Peach oil will be useful for nail care. To do this, mix 0.5 tbsp. spoons of peach oil with 3 drops of lemon oil, eucalyptus and lavender. Apply the mixture on the nails and massage the nail lodges 3 times and 20 minutes before applying the varnish. If you wish, you can mix 0.5 tbsp. spoons of peach oil with 0.5 avocado oil or drop 4 drops of rosemary, chamomile, patchouli or thyme oil into peach oil.

Applying peach oil to skin care

If you have problems on the skin of the body, soak paper napkins with peach oil and apply them to the affected places for 20 minutes 2 times a day. To eliminate itching, pain, inflammation and skin lightening, mix 2 drops of chamomile, grapefruit and lemon essential oil from 1 tbsp. spoon peach butter. To eliminate flabby and wrinkled skin, apply peach oil on such places in its pure form. You can also mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of peach oil with 2 drops of sandalwood or rose oil. Apply to wrinkles applications for 30 minutes, 2 times a day. Excess oil can be removed with a napkin.

The use of peach oil for medicinal purposes

When burns, peach oil will help relieve pain and burning. For this, you need 2 tbsp. spoons of peach oil add 2 tbsp. spoons of sea buckthorn oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. Apply the mixture to gauze and apply to the burn. Change the gauze with oil every 3 hours.

Peach oil: beneficial properties for hair

Peach oil is able to restore brittle and chipped hair ends. To do this, heat up some oil and apply on the ends of the hair, leaving them for 2 hours. After washing them with shampoo. If you want to strengthen the hair, reduce their electrification and enhance hair growth, heat the peach oil. Rub it into the hair roots and begin to actively massage the head. Spend a week for 2 such procedures. Adding 5 drops of lavender oil in 2 tbsp. spoon peach oil and rub the mixture into the scalp, leave for 30 minutes. After wash your hair.

The use of peach oil can accelerate the healing of burns and prevent the formation of scars. It has many useful properties and will be useful for the care of hair and face, nails and the fight against cellulite. Peach oil is one of the most healing essential oils for women's health.

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