Patchouli oil


Menthol, sealer and sea buckthorn oil must be present in the home first aid kit. These are not medicines, but with their help you can improve and improve your health. Few people know, but patchouli oil, the properties and use of which are extremely useful, has the right to be on a par with the well-known oil extracts. This substance can work wonders!

Patchouli oil: properties and application

The deep woody fragrance of patchouli can be heard from a bottle of perfume, from a jar of cream or from toilet soap. It is this tart, resinous and slightly bitter smell that makes perfumery products memorable and gives it a certain perfection. By the way, the production does not use perfume or patchouli extract, namely oil, which is a viscous substance of red-green or brownish color.

Essential Oil Properties

In any pharmacy you can find patchouli essential oil, the properties and use of which are quite suitable for home conditions. Moreover, it can be used not only as an aromatic substance. This product has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating effects and helps eliminate the following problems:

  • headaches;
  • stress;
  • distracted attention;
  • nervous tension and frustration;
  • irritation;
  • nausea;
  • excessive excitement;
  • prostration;
  • depressed mood;
  • weakened immunity;
  • colds;
  • insomnia;
  • abdominal pain;
  • bowel disorder;
  • excessive craving for food.

Aromolampa with patchouli essential oil

For aromatherapy, you can use a special lamp or simply drop fragrant composition on a handkerchief and inhale it in pairs several times a day.

Patchouli oil, whose properties and application are suitable for the removal of skin, hair and nail problems, is widely used in home cosmetology. It:

  • relieves external rashes and inflammations;
  • heals small cracks and damaged skin;
  • fights acne and allergic manifestations;
  • nourishes and tones up dry skin;
  • smoothes wrinkles and prevents their appearance;
  • quickly restores epidermal cells;
  • eliminates peeling;
  • nourishes dry and weak hair;
  • has a healing effect on the scalp;
  • prevents dandruff;
  • gives hair strength and shine;
  • baths with the addition of patchouli essential oil strengthen nails and prevent exfoliation;
  • fights against fungal skin diseases;
  • contributes to the regulation of sweat glands;
  • relieves cellulite.

Ways to use patchouli oil

Ways to use patchouli oil

There are many recipes for nourishing masks with patchouli oil for body, face and hair.

  1. A few drops of a miracle drug added to the bath will increase the body's resistance to adverse external factors. To do this in 1 tsp. normal vegetable oil add 5-6 drops of patchouli extract and dissolve the mixture in water. You can mix the component and 1 tsp. honey or milk. These proportions are taken based on the full bath.
  2. To make a massage composition, enriched with essential oil of patchouli, take 3 tbsp. l the main oil and make it 5 drops of fragrant substance.
  3. Irreplaceable patchouli oil for the face: it narrows enlarged pores, removes acne, brightens pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. If 5 drops of oil is mixed with 15 g of face cream, then this will at times enhance the beneficial effect of the latter.
  4. To moisturize dry skin and get rid of peeling, 5 drops of patchouli essential oil are added to the main and slightly heated in a water bath. Then the composition is impregnated with cotton fabric and impose it on the neck and face, without closing the eyes, mouth and nose. If you wish, you can cover with a towel - for greater effect. After 15-20 minutes, the fabric is removed, and the face is rinsed with hot water.
  5. For nutrition and treatment of dry hair, patchouli oil, the properties and application of which are very useful in this case, is added to the shampoo at the rate of 10 drops per 100 ml or a mask is made. To do this, 5 drops of the substance is mixed with 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil (can be olive) and slightly heated in a water bath. The resulting composition is rubbed into the scalp and left for 30 minutes, warming with a towel. After the time the hair is washed with shampoo.
  6. To strengthen the nails, the patchouli essential oil is mixed with the main one in equal proportions and rubbed into the nail plates with massage movements.

Results of using patchouli oil

Results of using patchouli oil

Patchouli oil, its properties and uses are truly healing - the most favorable reviews about it. Here are some of them.

"Fully restored hair after unsuccessful experiments. I advise everyone to advise anyone who has similar problems."

"The hair became lively, docile and elastic. A healthy shine appeared, and it completely stopped falling out."

"I add oil to body cream and massage the hips. After a few procedures, the skin became smoother, cellulite disappears. The hips have decreased in volume."

"I pretty quickly solved the problem with dandruff and exfoliation of the nails. I am satisfied with the oil, I will use it more often."

"Only a few times I made foot baths with patchouli essential oil. The result was that the fungus disappeared, and my legs began to sweat less."

"It quickly restores skin elasticity. With its help, it significantly reduced the ugly stretch marks that appeared after pregnancy."

Use oil can not all. Patchouli scent is contraindicated for children and pregnant women, as well as for people with asthma. It is necessary to take into account the personal intolerance of this component. Patchouli essential oil can only be used externally and only in permissible dosage. In no case can not use it inside.

Patchouli essential oil was used in antiquity. Once they were treated with bites of poisonous insects and snakes. Currently, this problem is handled in other ways, but the oil has not lost its relevance. If used correctly, it can solve a lot of problems - including material ones, as legends and beliefs state.