Paraffin hand baths

What is paraffin, known to many. Decorative and church candles are made of it, and also used in various industries, for example, in construction and production, in medicine.

But how is paraffin used in cosmetology? What caused the popularity paraffin hand baths?

Use paraffin for skin hands

The high popularity of such procedures as paraffin baths for hands, due to the fact that paraffin contains special compounds. They are located large amounts of hydrogen. And, as is known, it cools very slowly (in scientific terminology "it has a low thermal conductivity"). Consequently, hydrogen compounds slowly give the skin warmth. Is it good? Of course! Because previously applied to the skin of the hands means better absorbed into the skin due to the fact that the pores are enlarged from heat. This leads to the fact that the tool has the greatest effect on the skin of the hands. That is, in fact, the main property of paraffin for the skin of hands. But its benefits for cosmetology is not only that.

When the paraffin gradually cools, it tightens the skin of the hands, it becomes difficult to move your fingers. However this the paraffin property of the skin allows you to smooth out all the fine wrinkles.In addition, paraffin wax is an excellent moisturizer. It restores the water balance of the skin.

Paraffin hand bath at home

A visit to a beauty salon takes time and money. Sometimes there is no free time, it appears already when all the beauty salons have finished their working day. But do not be upset and do not postpone more important things for going to the beautician, because You can pamper your hands with paraffin baths at home.For this you need free time in the evening and some ingredients.

Ingredients for the preparation of paraffin bath:

  1. cosmetic paraffin, which is sold in pharmacies (candles can not be used !!!)
  2. hand bath,
  3. plastic bags (better gloves),
  4. warm gloves
  5. scrub,
  6. hand care product, emollient.

Sometimes some ladies avoid going to the pharmacy for a special paraffin and use paraffin from candles. To do this is absolutely impossible! After all, in addition to paraffin, other substances are added to the candles. Paraffin candles differ in quality from cosmetic wax.

Hand care will do any. The main thing is that it is a proven tool and has a softening effect. You can use hand cream, balm, etc.

Preparation of paraffin hand bath:

  • We put paraffin in the dry enameled ware. Put the pot in the water bath. Let it melt.
  • Preparing hands for the procedure. To do this, clean the skin with a scrub. Then apply any hand care product.
  • Ready paraffin (melted) pour into the bath for the hands. Let cool a little. Paraffin should not burn you.
  • If desired, you can add a few drops of essential oil, for example, sea buckthorn or any other, to the melted paraffin.
  • Dip your hands in the bath with paraffin. The skin of the hands must be completely immersed in paraffin.

  • After 2 minutes Take your hands out of paraffin, hold them in the air for half a minute and put them back in the hand bath.
  • Repeat this procedure with lowering and removing hands from the bath several times (5-6). You should notice that your hands are covered with a thick layer of paraffin.
  • After that we put on hands cellophane gloves (bags).
  • On top of cellophane gloves wear warm gloves.
  • Wait 20 min.
  • Take off the gloves and those and others.
  • Remove paraffin wax.
  • Rinse hands with cool water. The pores should narrow.

After paraffin baths for hands it is undesirable to go out or do homework. Therefore, do this procedure overnight. Half an hour before bedtime, set aside time for “hand beauty”. And after completing the final stage of the procedure, go to bed.

This procedure should not be performed every day. Enough 1 time per week. With very dry skin of the hands, you can carry out the procedure more often.

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Regular paraffin hand baths make your skin softer and softer. Dry skin will stop peeling off from this procedure. Paraffin hand baths are especially good in the winter season, as well as in the spring.

Do not forget that after paraffin baths for hands cold air or rough homework is contraindicated for them. Take care of yourself!

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