Paraffin for hands - what is it


The age of a woman betrays her hands. Every young lady knows that they should be well-groomed, with soft and velvety skin. In cosmetology, there are many ways to bring this part of the body in order, in particular, paraffin therapy. What is it - try to figure it out.

What is paraffin therapy?

Paraffin therapy - cosmetological procedure using the healing properties of paraffin

Paraffin therapy is a cosmetic procedure that uses the healing properties of paraffin to slowly release the accumulated heat and stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin by increasing blood flow. Moreover, in the process of cooling the substance is tightened and thus makes the skin supple and moisturized.

Cosmetologists consider paraffin therapy procedure (paraffin baths) for hands to be very effective, as with its help:

  • water balance is restored to the skin of the hands;
  • toxins are eliminated;
  • regenerated tissue;
  • blood flow improves.

Contraindications for baths

Contraindications for baths

As in the case of any cosmetic procedures for wax baths, there are several limitations:

  • unstable blood pressure, with a tendency to increase;
  • diabetes;
  • any skin diseases;
  • rash or open injury on hands.

How to choose paraffin?

Paraffin for baths must be cleaned from all harmful impurities. Often it is added to different vitamins to enhance the action. Material for cosmetic procedures is prepared on the basis of:

  • honey;
  • oils;
  • fruits;
  • plants.

In this regard, there are several types of wax. There is paraffin:

  • based on peach butter (ideal for allergy sufferers);
  • with tocopherol and tea rose extract (it has a regenerating effect in case of skin microtraumas);
  • from citrus (it has a nutritional effect);
  • with chocolate butter (promotes skin cell renewal).

It is best to purchase material for baths in pharmacies, as this guarantees the use of a clean product that meets all standards and requirements.

Paraffin Instrumentation

Wax therapy does not require a large arsenal of tools. Well, if you have the opportunity to purchase a special bath for paraffin procedures. It can not only heat the wax, but also maintain its desired temperature for a certain time. But if you do not have such a bath, then prepare:

  • enamel bowl;
  • cellophane gloves (can be replaced with regular bags);
  • terry towel.

Preparatory stage of paraffin therapy

Preparatory stage of paraffin therapy

Before you do paraffin therapy, you should carefully prepare yourself so that nothing distracts from pleasant sensations:

  1. Heat the wax to a liquid state (use the amount indicated on the package).
  2. Apply a scrub on your hands, remove dead cells and prepare the skin.
  3. Disinfect hands.
  4. Lubricate them with baby cream.

How to do paraffin therapy?

For the paraffin therapy procedure to be beneficial, first of all, you need to relax, tune in to positive feelings - and follow the following recommendations.

  1. Cool the wax to 60 degrees.
  2. We lower one hand into a bowl of paraffin three times so that the wax penetrates all the folds and fills the space between the fingers.
  3. We put on a cellophane mitten.
  4. Do the same with the second hand.
  5. We roll up our hands in a terry towel for 20-30 minutes.
  6. Remove the towel, mittens and paraffin.
  7. We put on the hands a nourishing cream.

Paraffin therapy: reviews

Paraffin therapy is a great alternative to using several types of creams without the hope of a quick result. Women who have tried wax baths, note that this procedure has several undeniable advantages:

  • the effect is noticeable after the first use;
  • the skin of the hands is greatly rejuvenated;
  • improves the condition of the nails;
  • skin becomes more elastic.

In addition, these baths have not only aesthetic value, but also medical. In particular, doctors argue that paraffin therapy is indicated for people suffering from Raynaud's syndrome (constantly cold hands), to improve blood flow in the small terminal arteries.

However, some fans of wax baths note high prices for this cosmetology therapy. Therefore, paraffin therapy at home is ideal for those who want to save.

If you are concerned about the condition of the skin of the back of the palms, there is a way out - paraffin therapy for hands. What is it, aspects of its implementation - all this needs to be clarified for yourself and then regularly practiced. And then the smoothness and velvet of your pens can only be envied.