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We often pay attention to girls with well-groomed thick curls from advertising shampoos and hair loss remedies. And many people think about how their life would be adjusted, if nature endowed them with such hair. But in reality, a large percentage of women are concerned about intense hair loss and the question of how to preserve what is left or how to restore the old beauty. If you also began to notice that your hair falls out strongly, then this article is for you.

Before you begin treatment, you should initially decide on the causes of hair loss. The problem of hair loss can cause hormonal disruption, hair coloring or perm, irradiation. If you do not see adequate reasons for hair loss, you should immediately sign up for a consultation with a trichologist. Beside you find the cause of this problem.

What is Pantovigar?

Now there are many drugs for the treatment of hair, one of which is Pantovigar.

What is Pantovigar?

Pantovigar- This is a drug for treating hair from falling out in the form of jelly-like capsules with a brown powder inside.

Women give preference to Pantovigar for many reasons. Someone advises to take a friend, someone recommended a doctor for treatment, and some begin to take their own, having studied a very useful composition for hair. For example, not all multivitamin complexes found keratin. BUT Pantovigar contains calcium d-pantothenate, L-cysteine ​​and amino acids that are useful for hair and nails. Also The complex contains medical yeast, vitamins B1 and B5, para-aminobenzoic acid. These components have a positive effect on the structure of hair and nails.

The manufacturer of Pantovigar is the famous pharmaceutical company Merz. The company is focused on the production of drugs for this area and focuses on that the hair will be healthy if the hair follicles are healthy. To do this, the hair bulbs must provide all the necessary components. Nutrition of the follicles is provided from the inside - and the delivery of beneficial components from the gastrointestinal tract is carried out by the blood.

Pantovigar for hair: indications and contraindications

Pantovigar for hair: indications and contraindications

The indications for the use of Pantovigar include the following: hormonal failure, changing the structure of the hair after chemical perm, damage to the hair structure by solar or ultraviolet radiation, violation of the structure of the nails. In these cases, Pantovigar is perfect for treatment. In case of infectious diseases of the nails or baldness, Pantovigar will not help to the proper extent. But complex use with other drugs to treat these problems can have a positive effect.

If you have ever had an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the drug should not be taken.

Side effects are not excluded: an allergic reaction in the form of itching and redness on the skin; cardiopalmus; stomach pain, nausea; increased sweating.

Pantovigar: user reviews

If you have noticed the ailments listed above, immediately cancel the medication and consult a doctor.The same should be done if you do not have a positive effect from taking the drug.

Pantovigar for hair: application

Due to the fact that the formation of hair follicles takes a long time, taking Pantovigarne may be short-term. The recommended course of taking Pantovigar is at least three months, and it is better if the treatment lasts for half a year.

And a positive result will not have to wait long. Manufacturers claim that the effect occurs already at 3-4 weeks of treatment, when the components of the drug begin to enter the body systematically. You should notice an improvement in the condition of the hair after just a few weeks of applying Pantovigar.

Capsules must be taken at least 3 times a day during a meal, Pantovigar capsules are swallowed whole, and washed down with water.

If you are ready for long-term treatment and there are no contraindications for use, then Pantovigar is the drug for you.

Pantovigar: user reviews

Pantovigar: user reviews

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About vitamins Pantovigar reviews are different. But no matter how complained the dissatisfied with the wasted money and the incompetent trichologists, many women Pantovigar helped stop hair loss and significantly improve the condition of the nails.

The main thing is to find out the reason why hair falls out and nails break. Only then can you find an effective remedy. If you still have not figured out the cause of this problem, then the money can be really thrown to the wind. Do not forget that the solution of health problems begins with the selection of a good specialist.

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