Pajama pants

Pajama pants - one of the most indispensable things in hot weather. Do not be afraid of the name. They remind everyone of well-known homewear only cut. It is he who gives the image of weightlessness and elegance.

Pajama Pants

In order to understand what pajama-style pants are, it is enough to recall pajamas. Simple cut, flowing light fabrics, wide leg - it's all about them. They entered the fashion world a couple of years ago. Before becoming a trend, pajama pants remained a part of the home wardrobe. Probably, many have seen celebrities on the covers of glossy magazines that look like girls just got out of bed.

Pajama pants: what to wear?

The overall style of the pajamas gave a casual look alongside. This can not be said about the separate use of pajama pants. With a skillful combination of top, bottom and accessories, you can get, thanks to them, an elegant rather than a homely look.

Women's pajama pants should be chosen, taking into account many factors. The quality of the material, colors and prints are important. It is better not to save on pajama trousers. The fabric from which they are sewn should ideally be natural. Often it is she who influences the appearance of clothes. Cheap synthetics can spoil the most thoughtful image. In addition, it may not be comfortable in the heat. It is better to choose silk, viscose, cotton. There are trousers from flax. It is better to choose not pure flax, but a mixture with cotton. Pants will wear less. If silk is a more expensive option, cotton is more affordable. In addition, such pajama-style trousers are easier to care for.

Print can be any. The main thing is how you will combine it with the top and accessories. What to wear with pajama pants? Let's start with blouses, tops and T-shirts. First of all, they should not be voluminous. Wide enough trouser legs. In order to choose the right top, you need to decide on the style. In casual wear, pants can be worn with a t-shirt, t-shirt or top. For the evening exit, you can use a blouse.

Pajama pants for women: how to choose?

If you want to create a classic image, it is better to opt for a shirt. The top should be in harmony with the bottom. It should be selected in color. The same rule works if there is a print on the pants. Blouse, top, T-shirt can repeat one of the color components of the pattern. Do not be afraid to use a combination of prints. At the top and bottom there may be similar, but not identical patterns.

As for the choice of shoes, then, again, it depends on the overall style. For the appearance of the trousers in pajama style, you can and should combine with a heel. On the contrary, for walking with friends or shopping, it is better to choose shoes with a flat sole - ballet flats, leather sandals and loafers. Bags can be worn different. Clutch - for the classic image, bulk bag - for everyday use. Pajama pants beat complex jewelry. They give the whole image a certain charm.

Pajama pants: what to wear?

  • Pajama-style pants are pretty light. That is why you need to choose the right underwear for them. It should not stick into the body and shine through the fabric. The best option in this case - seamless panties. They will hide the flaws of the figure and will not be visible under the pajama pants.

The beauty of this garment is that with it you can create completely different images. Interesting bracelets and a bright bag - the image of the energetic whipping girl! Jacket or trenchless sleeve over white shirt - restraint and seriousness.

Pants in pajama style can be a great alternative to jeans and long skirts. They are not only comfortable, they also look amazing! Pajama pants are good and the fact that under them just pick the top and accessories. To do this, just stick to the same style.

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