Paint mousse schwarzkopf


A woman feels dazzlingly beautiful, desirable and self-confident on two occasions: when she is in love and when she has a perfect hairstyle. Ideal hair is, first of all, a healthy well-groomed look and a natural, suitable for you, shade.Paint mousse Schwarzkopfhandles these tasks wonderfully.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf

  • Health and hair care provides innovative form product release. In a special shaker, paint ingredients are easily transformed into air mousse. He is not only easy to apply on hair and nourishes them with useful extracts of berries and fruits, but also deliciously smells fresh strawberries.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf: palette

  • Ammonia formulaallows you to dye your hair as gently as possible. And the conditioner, which you will find in each package of paint-mousse, will give the hair a fascinating shine, restore and nourish the curls after dyeing.
  • Wide palette of natural shades Schwarzkopf will satisfy the most demanding taste. Moreover, the natural range is still at the peak of popularity.
  • Important plus paint mousse Schwarzkopf is stamina, she keeps on her hair for at least three weeks. Deep saturated colors completely paint over gray hair.
  • A new form of hair coloring - paint mousse - convenient and easy to use. It is applied as a shampoo, without the use of a special brush and comb, does not flow. This allows you to change your image yourself, without resorting to the help of professional hairdressers.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Clarifiers

Gentlemen prefer blondes ... No wonder many ladies dream of becoming owners of blond curls or enhance the depth of its color from the nature of blond hair. Unfortunately, the lightening procedure has always been quite aggressive and could significantly impair the health of the hair.

In the paint palette mousse Schwarzkopf there brightener two shades: Ultra blond and Super blond, which allow to lighten hair up to six tones. Natural components and a unique form of coloring will allow you to purchase shining light curls, preserving their health and beauty.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Brown shades

For some reason, for a long time brown hair was not honored by our fashionistas. They were considered "gray", expressionless and sought to repaint in cardinal shades. Modern fashion, betting on natural and natural image, dictates new rules. If you are the owner of blond hair, in accordance with the leading trends of the season, if you wish, you only need to slightly adjust the shade of the curls.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf: palette of shades

In the Schwarzkopf mousse paint palette, the light brown color is presented. in 4 expressive options: dark blond, medium blond, light blond, golden brown. Using one of them will allow you to refresh your image, highlighting the natural beauty of your blond hair.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Chestnut shades

Warm sunny morning. A table by the window in a small cozy coffee shop. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, caramel and hot chocolate. This wonderful image comes before your eyes when you see palette shades of paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Besides dark chestnut and light chestnut, here and dark chocolate, and nougat. Such delicious shades are extremely relevant this season. They will give your image softness, femininity and romance.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Shades of red

Red hair shades- a selection of bright, original, confident women. With the paint mousse from Schwarzkopf you can easily change yourself. Red color palette presented in only two versions: red chestnut and Dark red, but each of them is able to create the perfect image. Depending on your original hair color, the curls will play with gorgeous shades of mahogany, noble wine, autumn foliage.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf: palette

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf. Shades of black

The femme fatale ... In this expression, for some reason, a beauty with blue-black hair involuntarily appears. Via colors of mousse from Schwarzkopf in black and blue-black shades entering the palette, You can easily turn into a hot Carmen. But remember that a radical change in hair color should be a deliberate decision!

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A real woman is always on the lookout for the perfect man, the perfect job, the perfect hairstyle and the perfect hair color. Via palette of mousse paints from Schwarzkopf You will most likely find your ideal by at least one item from this list. The main thing is to start ...