Paint loreal preference


Every woman loves transformations and experiments on her own appearance. This is especially true of hair. After all dyeing your hair is easiest to change your own. Today you are blonde, tomorrow - a brunette, then - red ... and so you can at least your whole life.

If it were not for one “but”: our hair doesn’t improve at all. So we do not spare them, subjecting them to different styling, blow-drying, and then also coloring. That is why women try to choose a hair dye that would minimize the effects, but at the same time the color retains its saturation and brightness for a long time.

Paint Loreal Preference for hair

Not everyone has the opportunity to paint in the cabin, and many ladies do it at home. Different colors are suitable for transforming the hair color at home, for example, Loreal Preference. Onane is a professional paint and is designed just for hair coloring without the help of a hairdresser.

Paint Loreal Preference: palette

The paint has a rich palette and is characterized by high durability. L'Oreal Preference was developed by the joint efforts of professional colorists in the company's laboratory. The effect of the paint is kept for at least six weeks, the color may gradually become not so bright, but you can tint the hair with tonic or mousse with a sparing effect. Dye molecules are able to penetrate completely into the hair, so the color is uniform and deep.

Most women have already heard about this paint, as it can be used in almost any situation. Paint Preference perfectly paints over gray hair, and also eliminates the extremely unpleasant and yellowish shades when painting. The manufacturer explains this effect by the presence in the composition of the extract of lavender, which interacting with pigments, allows to obtain almost perfect color.

No matter what color you want to achieve, Loreal Preference dye will surround your hair with reliable protection and reward them with shine. Preference carefully colors even damaged and weak hair, without damaging their structure.

Loreal Preference paint color palette

There are 45 different shades in the paint palette., You can opt for a rich and even challenging color, but you can choose something more natural and natural. Well, that the range of the palette allows you to experiment with the image.

Paint Loreal Preference: palette

  • Let's start with the brightest shades. Here it is worth starting from its original hair color. If you have dark hair, then at one time to repaint them in a light shade is unlikely to succeed. It is best to repaint in a light shade of light brown tones, or at least from light chestnut. If your color is red, then it will also be difficult for you to turn into a blonde. It is better to consult with a stylist about this. Here are some notes of Preference: a very light ash gray, Stockholm - one of the most ash-platinum tones, light light brown natural, Hollywood a very light brown, Helsinki Light light ash ashy, Copenhagen light blond ashy, Beige Baikal blond and los angeles are light blonde.

Paint Loreal Preference: palette

Paint Loreal Preference should be applied to the hair with an applicator or a brush, without the need to dilute the ingredients in the bowl. It should be noted that the hair is painted very evenly, leaving no stains on the scalp and hands. And if a large amount of paint fell on the skin, it is easy to wash it off with ordinary water and soap.

Choosing the desired shade in the L'oreal Preference palette, pay attention to the color scale - the initial and final result, which is drawn on the package. Note also that the paint Preference is resistant and contains ammonia, so you need to strictly follow the instructions during painting. After all, any oxidizing agents negatively affect the structure of the hair and, if you do not observe the exact time of dyeing, you can completely ruin the hair, as a result of which they will become brittle, dry and lifeless.

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Also, after dyeing, you need to pay special attention to your hair and care for them more intensively than usual. Of course, you can’t restore your hair with ordinary shampoo, so stock up with balms, moisturizing masks and sprays. You can resort to the help of folk remedies, well help various oils that should be applied before washing your hair. Much depends on the food: watch your diet, try to eat properly and balanced.