Owl tattoo on hand


Do you just love tattoos and look for new options? Or maybe you just dream of decorating your body with a symbolic pattern? Pay attention to the tattoo in the form of an owl on his arm. This drawing has multiple deep meaning, and also looks very elegant and stylish.

Contradictory symbol

What does an owl tattoo on a hand mean?

Owls - hourly nights, avoiding appearing on the eyes in daylight. Amber-colored pupils, who see everything through darkness and fog, the silence of flight, the massiveness of the body and the keen sense of prey - it is not surprising that such an impressive and formidable appearance gives the bird a special grandeur and mysticism.

Due to the habits and characteristics of the feathered structure, people from time immemorial began to give owls a special sacred meaning:

  • Among the Hindus, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, always appeared accompanied by an owl. Therefore, the value of the tattoo on the hand in the form of an owl among the peoples of India is associated with money, abundance and prosperity.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that the owners of such a pattern endowed with special intuition, wisdom and divine gift.
  • Indians have night birds directly associated with dreams and the creation of illusions. It is also believed that the owl accompanies the soul of a deceased person to the other world.

However, it is not always what the tattoo owl means, has such a life-affirming meaning. In some cultures and religions, this bird has been associated with loneliness, black magic, death, and internal evil:

  • In Africa, owls were companions of evil spirits, witches and sorcerers. As evidence, parchment scrolls and stone engravings reached us, where men and women with owls on their shoulders danced on the graves of the dead.
  • Extremely negative to the night birds are the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. Chinese wisdom says that owl chicks hatch their mothers eyes when they are weak and sick.
  • The feathered predators of the Christian clergy have never been appreciated. And some priests and monks still believe that this is a symbol of spiritual poverty, renunciation of faith and demonology.

In modern tattoo culture, the image of an owl on the body is never negative. Mods interpret this drawing as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, farsightedness, erudition and erudition. It is believed that people free from moral obligations, public opinion and principles adorn themselves with such a tattoo. An owl is seen as a symbol of hope for those who cannot find their way in the dark. It also serves as evidence that it is necessary to expand the boundaries of their own consciousness.

Popular design for girls

In a bright colorful style with various elements of decor in the form of flowers and bows tattoo owl can be found on the girl's hand. There are many possibilities for creativity, for example:

  • Tattoo on both wrists is suitable for romantic natures. The sketch in this case is better to choose a small size, and the drawing itself should not be oversaturated with colors and bright elements.
  • The owl, stuffed on the inside of the forearm, looks very unusual. Those who wish to create around themselves some kind of aura of mystery, consider this type of birds.
  • Do not like to wear rings? The elegant ring tattoo can decorate neat female fingers. Self-confidence, willingness to withstand any obstacles, ineradicable belief in success - that's what an owl tattoo on a hand means in this case.
  • Design, made in black and white style, is a symbol of prudence, peace and wisdom. Such a tattoo will tell others that in front of them is quite reasonable and erudite person.
  • Vulnerable and sensitive natures need constant protection and protection. Here comes to the rescue a colorful tattoo "Dream Catcher Plus Owl", which will protect you from stress and bad influence not only in the real world, but also in dreams.

Whatever owl you choose for a tattoo, think over in advance all possible variants of its image on your body: location, paint, additional designs. Imagine what this picture will look like in 10 or 20 years. Agree that on a 50-year-old woman tattoos with cartoon characters look ridiculous and defiant.

Men's tattoo options

Sketches of a owl tattoo on a man’s hand are characterized by brutality, clarity and brevity. Young people, unlike girls, prefer volumetric semantic tattoos to small details:

  • An owl tattoo with a clock is suitable for an adult, thoughtful and wise man. He knows the value of time, does not throw words to the wind and is always responsible for his actions.
  • The image of a feathered predator on the male forearm in an unusual form with various flaws in the body, shape or color suggests that this representative of the strong brethren prefers detachment from the real world and does not like everyday fuss.
  • Although most men are not as sentimental as the fair sex, yet significant dates are of great importance to them. The year of birth of the child or the wedding day can also be stuffed together with the image of a feathered predator.
  • Tribal tattoos on the shoulder is an equally popular choice. The sign of the wisdom of generations, decisiveness of actions - this is what the tattoo of an owl on the right hand means. Eagle owl on the left forearm - guarded from evil spirits and misfortunes of the real world.
  • At first glance, an owl tattoo with a skull looks frightening, but in fact such a drawing should be interpreted as a symbol of eternal life. Only rectilinear men who do not like understatement and secrecy will dare to make such a tattoo.

You can find a lot of options for applying tattoos in the shape of an owl for both women and men. The main thing, having decided on such a step, is clearly aware of the goals set and, based on this, choose the desired image. What meaning will bear the owl tattoo on the arm, depends largely on the owner of such jewelry.