Onion hair mask


Since ancient times onions have been used by young girls to improve hair growth and to strengthen them.Due to the fact that onions contain burning substances, irritation of the hair follicles occurs. As a result, metabolic processes are stimulated in the bulbs, and the hair begins to grow faster. Besides, onion juice is a great helper in the fight against dandruff.

Onion masks treat dry and oily hair, as well as support the health of normal hair. It is recommended to use such masks for at least two months; it is advisable to do this at intervals of a day.

Onion mask to strengthen hair

This tool is also suitable for those who suffer from dandruff. If you want to get rid of dandruff and strengthen your hair, you need a decoction of onion peel. In order to cook it, take the husks of several medium onions. Husk must be placed in water and boiled. Water should be in the amount that will match the amount of husk. You can boil the harvested raw materials in a water bath for about twenty minutes. Then you will need to strain and cool the broth. This broth should rinse hair after shampooing your hair with regular shampoo.

Another fortifying hair is onion juice. This remedy needs to be rubbed into the scalp (hair roots) about once a week. Onion juice can be used as an independent therapeutic agent, and you can add various herbal teas and other components to it.

Onion mask for hair loss

This the mask carries a double action. First, it reduces hair loss, and secondly, promotes their growth. For the preparation of this tool you need onion juice, olive oil, honey and mayonnaise.

Before starting the preparation of the preparation, it is necessary to prepare onion juice. Grate the onions on a coarse grater, and then chop them into a mush using a blender. Now, from the resulting gruel, you can squeeze the juice. Juice drain into a separate dish. The pulp remaining after juicing can be discarded, it will not be needed anymore. In the dishes, where the juice is, add one tablespoon of mayonnaise, butter and honey. All components must be thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the scalp. After that, the head should be warmed with polyethylene and a terry towel. Leave the mask on your head for about an hour, then rinse it thoroughly with water.

Medical Onion Mask

Such Mask will help you to eliminate hair loss, improve their appearance and strengthen. You will need onions and honey. One onion must be crushed in a blender and squeeze juice out of it. Pour juice into a glass and add a teaspoon of honey. Rub the mixture into the scalp. With such a mask to warm the head is not necessary. Leave the mixture on the head for about forty minutes. After the expiration of this time it is necessary to wash off the mask. Hair is recommended to rinse with vinegar.

Green onion regenerating mask

This tool will help you to cope with the damage that the hair received during dyeing, perm or straightening irons. For the preparation of this mask you need a few feathers of green onions, chopped and chopped in a blender. After grinding in a blender, you should get a mass, the consistency of a liquid slurry. That is what will be the necessary mask. Apply the resulting product on the head and warm, wearing a hair cap or wrapped up his head with polyethylene. This mask must be kept for an hour.

Onion mask for hair growth

The ingredients for this product will be onions, kefir and brandy. To prepare the mask, you will need to squeeze out about two tablespoons of juice from the bulbs. The resulting juice must be mixed with one tablespoon of honey, a spoon of brandy, kefir, burdock oil and sea salt. Apply a mixture of all the ingredients to your hair and warm with a towel. Leave the mask on your head for one hour, then rinse with water.

Hair mask with onions and yeast

To prepare this product, you need to mix one teaspoon of dry yeast and mix with two tablespoons of warm water and let it brew for about ten minutes. Then add one teaspoon of burdock oil, two tablespoons of onion juice and one teaspoon of castor oil to the finished yeast. When the mixture is ready, apply it to the hair along their entire length and hold for about an hour and a half. Then the mask should be washed off with water.

Onion mask for hair loss

To prepare an effective remedy for hair loss, you will need onions, garlic, brandy, chicken egg and burdock oil. Squeeze the juice from onions and garlic. At the same time, the juice of onions and garlic must be squeezed into different containers. For cooking means you need two tablespoons of onion juice and two tablespoons of garlic. They must be mixed together. Then add one egg yolk and a little burdock oil to the mixture. You must also include in the mixture a tablespoon of brandy. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. When the mixture is ready, apply it to your hair. Hold the mask on your head, warming with a towel for as long as possible (at least half an hour). After that, the mask should be washed off with warm water.

How to deal with the unpleasant smell of onion masks?

Many refuse these useful masks because of the unpleasant onion smell that remains on the hair. In order to deal with it, it is necessary to prepare the following solution: mix half a liter of water and half a liter of apple cider vinegar. After you wash the onion mask with water, you need to spray the hair with this solution. Leave the solution on the hair for about three minutes, and then rinse with shampoo.

In addition, rosemary oil, lemon juice or mashed banana can help you in the fight against unpleasant odor. These ingredients simply need to be added to onion masks.

Onion masks - an amazing tool that can restore your hair health and beauty. Use methods to combat odor, and you will not have problems with the use of these wonderful tools.