Ombre manicure


Today, there are many different techniques of nail design. For decoration used various materials: rhinestones, sequins, lace, dry flowers, and more. etc. But with the help of simple varnishes in different colors, you can make an original and stylish manicure. For several seasons, ombre nail design retains its popularity. This technique is based on creating a smooth transition from one color to another.

Ombre manicure: photos and main types

Ombre manicure: what is it?Ombre manicure: what is it?

All manicure options will look good on both short and long nails, the shape can also be different. There are 4 main techniques:

Smooth gentle transition from light tones to darker and deeper. It is performed on each finger equally. This design is quite simple to make, it just takes time, patience and accuracy. Look nails gently and original.

The transition of colors from darker to light or vice versa is created on different fingers. That is, for example, the thumb is painted with dark varnish, and the index finger is 1-2 lighter in color, each finger is lighter than the previous one. This way to perform is even easier than the 1st, but the nails look no less attractive. For this type of ombre enough to take a dark varnish and white. To make light shades enough to mix them in various proportions.

This method of manicure ombra is the most complex and painstaking to perform. You will need experience and some skills. But this design looks original and unusual. The transition of a set of colors from one to others.

The last version of the ombre manicure will look beautiful only when using bright neon shades of lacquer. Transition strips are arranged horizontally. Nails must first be painted with white lacquer, and already on top of it apply with a colored sponge. The number of colors can be from 2 to 5, it is possible and more, but in this case they will be slightly different.

How to make an ombre manicure on your own?

Ombre manicure: what is it?How to make an ombre manicure at home?How to make an ombre manicure at home?

To perform this design on the nails, you will definitely need certain materials and tools. Prepare in advance:

  1. A set of tools and accessories for manicure. It will be used for the primary treatment of nails, cutting the cuticle and giving them the desired shape.
  2. Fat nourishing hand cream or plain petroleum jelly.
  3. Scotch tape or thin adhesive plaster.
  4. Base nail polish before performing the ombre effect.
  5. 1 or more colored decorative varnishes.
  6. Makeup sponges or ordinary sponges with small pores.
  7. Foil or plastic palette.
  8. Varnish fixer, transparent.
  9. Cotton swabs and cotton swabs.
  10. Nail polish remover.

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Make a manicure, remove the cuticle and shape the nails with a nail file.
  • Grease the skin near the nail fat cream or petroleum jelly. At the same time make sure that the cream does not get on the nail, otherwise the varnish will lie unevenly. Fat cream treatment is necessary to make it easier to remove the varnish from the skin. When performing an ombra design with a sponge, the varnish always paints it and if you do not apply the cream, erasing it can cause difficulties and take a lot of time.
  • Apply evenly and gently to your nails the basic base polish of a light shade. It is best in 2 layers to ensure that the color is intense and deep.
  • Dry your nails for a few minutes. When the lacquer is fixed, proceed to the next step.
  • With the help of a sponge or sponge, apply dark varnish in intermittent smooth movements on the tip of the nail. On the sponge should take a little varnish. It is best to distribute the tool on the palette and take it with a sponge.
  • Apply varnish fixer. It aligns the surface of the nail. After applying the varnish with a sponge, it becomes uneven, which looks ugly. To nails become smooth and shiny, it is recommended to put 2-3 layers of fixer.
  • Remove cream and polish from skin. This is convenient to do with cotton swabs soaked in nail polish remover.
  • When you will be well able to do a classic manicure with the transition of colors, you can try to perform a more complex type of design with several colors that will be located along the width of the nail or diagonally.
  • Step-by-step manicure with the use of 5 varnishes in one color:
  • After you have made a manicure and removed the cuticle, apply Vaseline to your nails or apply adhesive tape to protect it from varnish.
  • Apply thick smears of varnish to the palette or foil. First dark, then light shades. Blur the border between tones with a thin brush or needle.
  • Dampen and squeeze the sponge with small pores. Dip it in a gradient of varnishes on the palette and apply it to your nails with a sharp movement. Strive to ensure that the pattern on all nails is the same. When the varnish on the palette is over, make a new gradient on a clean portion of the palette or a new piece of foil.
  • When the drawing is completely dry, cover it with a transparent adhesive varnish, which evens the surface of the nails and gives them a beautiful glossy shine. To speed up the drying, you can apply to the fixative a means for drying nails.

Ombre manicure: design with foil

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

Ombre has become fashionable using a special foil of different colors. It is sold in stores of cosmetics and nail design products. It is better to take a thin foil with a protective layer or self-adhesive. It is necessary to carry out such design slowly and very carefully.

  • Cut the pieces of foil with sharp scissors, giving them the desired shape.
  • Nails after filing and removal of the cuticle must be carefully degreased, so that the varnish lies flat. A simple nail polish remover is suitable for this.
  • Apply a base for varnish, it will eliminate the irregularities on the nails and promotes good application of varnish and foil. Wait for the base coat to dry, proceed to the next step.
  • Apply varnish of the desired tone on the entire nail and immediately stick a foil on it. To facilitate the work, use cotton wool flagella, the end of which you need to moisten with water. Foil adheres well to wet cotton, it will be easier to apply and properly positioned on the nail.
  • Smooth the surface of the foil with the dry edge of a cotton wool tampon; it should be perfectly smooth.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of transparent fixative and dry nails well.

French ombre manicure at home

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

How to make an ombre manicure at home?

Classic French manicure is a natural or extended nails, covered with translucent varnish of pastel shades, and the tips (regrown part of the nail) is covered with white varnish. Now there are a lot of variations of this design. Apply glitter and simple patterns, rhinestones, foil, lace, acrylic molding and much more to decorate the service jacket. other

In addition, the tips of the nails are painted not only with white varnish, as in the classic version, but also with other shades and even just sparkles.

You can make a french and in the technique of ombre. It will look original and stylish. To perform such nail art, you need to cover the entire surface of the nail with pastel varnish for French manicure, and apply white varnish on the tips with a sponge, as in the classic version. You can also make a smile over the ombre using special stencils, but even without it, your nails will look beautiful and unusual. In addition to white lacquer, you can use other shades, the main thing is to apply them on a pastel translucent base.

  • Ombre manicure is a new and original direction in nail art. Making such a design is easy, and every girl can learn it. To decorate an ombre, small drawings can be applied over transitions, for example, flowers, stars, dots, snowflakes.