Ombre hair coloring ombre technique at home


Ombre is a hair dye technique when the roots are dark to the middle of the length of the hairstyle and the ends are lightened. This style is gaining popularity, becoming a favorite with many Hollywood stars.

How to make an ombre?

Ombre staining is not a new trend, but still relevant. It is available for home dyeing. You can purchase a special kit for self-staining. Qualitatively, you can lighten your hair without going to an expensive beauty salon.

The first step to coloring an ombre at home is to choose the right kit for you. Wild ombra comes in 3 shades, it all depends on the color of your own hair. You can buy a kit for lightening today in almost any cosmetics store or in online stores. 2 shades are popular:

Ombre hair dyeing

  1. for dyeing dark hair 01
  2. for dyeing blond hair 02

It is very easy to choose - you will not get confused. Included are detailed instructions for mixing all the ingredients - this is also easy. The main thing is to follow the rules. If you do not have particularly long hair or you want to lighten only the strands or only the tips of the hair, then there will be enough ink for 2 p.

There is also a special shampoo after dyeing and a wand brush, which is the true secret weapon of the whole set.

Mix all ingredients following the instructions.

Comb your hair. They should be smooth, well-carded, so that the paint brush slides well.

For those who have long hair, you need to begin to lighten below the middle of the face, approximately at the level of the mouth, then move further down to the very tips. For shorter hair, start brightening approximately from the cheek line.

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Ombre at home: performance technique

Ombre at home: performance technique

There are different ombre staining techniques.

Ombre horizontal staining

Horizontal ombra staining refers to the cardinal. The result is a bright contrast between the upper hair and their ends with a clear boundary, without any smooth transition. When applying paint, hold the brush horizontally to cover as much of the surface as possible and make a clear border. The longer the brightening dye stays on your hair, the more contrasting the coloring will become. But no need to leave longer than 45 minutes.

Ombre staining with a smooth color transition

This method of staining is considered softer. To achieve a smooth color transition, hold the brush vertically. Adjust yourself the amount of brightening hair dye. A smaller amount of it is in the middle and a larger one is at the tips. As a result, you get a beautiful and natural color transition. Let the dark color turn into a lighter color. Leave the dye on your hair for about half an hour.

Ombre brightening only for the ends of the hair

Lightening only one ends of the hair is similar to a horizontal ombre with the only difference that the color will be concentrated only on the tips. To get bright ends, apply paint only on the desired area and leave to lighten up for a maximum time of 50 minutes.

Ombre at home: performance technique

Light brightening ombre strands

Light ombre clarification is an alternative to the usual methods of highlighting. But now you can do it at home, and this coloring looks more modern. Simply apply brightening paint on the brush and comb the strands of hair that you would like to brighten. All the time control the process of clarification, you need a smooth color transition. The intensity of lightening depends on the amount of dye applied to the hair and the time it is aged. Keep the paint on the hair need about 15 minutes. Get a light clarification.

Ombre for short hair

The most courageous celebrities in the world in the literal sense do not recognize the semitones, bringing the contrast on their hair to the maximum level. To work in this technique with short hair there are no special secrets, except that you need to start the clarification approximately on the cheekbones line.

Make a light ombre light. To do this, apply a lightening paint on the brush from the package and comb the strands of hair that you wish to brighten.

You can lighten only the tips of the hair. It is necessary to withstand paint on them for about 45 minutes.

Ombre hair coloring: video

Ombre hair dyeing: photo

Ombre: photo

Ombre: photo

Ombre at home: performance technique

Want to look impressive and not worry about the regrown hair roots, try the ombre technique! This method of staining is simple, it can be done at home. Ombre is suitable for almost any image, type and length of hair.