Olive oil for hair

There are many reviews about the benefits of olive oil. In cosmetology, it has received the name "liquid gold", and this is not at all surprising, since the product is actively used as a means for hair and skin care. For hair, this oil is a real find, which you should definitely use.

Olive oil: good

Olive oil for hair: reviews

Nowadays, olive oil has gained great popularity in use to accelerate hair growth. It is saturated with ozone, which several times increases the beneficial properties of this product.

According to consumer feedback, the following beneficial properties of olive oil can be distinguished:

  1. Due to its rich chemical composition, hair acquires great strength - it becomes fluffy and thick, the number of falling out is reduced. In general, they become stronger and much healthier;
  2. Thanks to vitamin E and vitamin A, which are part of the damaged hair follicles are restored. With the help of oil you can also get rid of the split ends of hair and dandruff;
  3. This product is very useful for the scalp, because the fatty acids contained in it help to clean the dead skin cells from dead skin cells, which helps to enrich it with oxygen;
  4. Hair gets natural gloss, silkiness and obedience, besides oil helps to accelerate their growth.

How to choose olive oil?

It is very important to buy real olive oil, otherwise it will not only be of no use, but, on the contrary, it will harm your hair. First of all, attention should be paid to the color of the product - it should be golden yellow or transparent. This oil is obtained from the pulp of intact, fresh fruit. To determine the color you need to choose a product in transparent bottles. If the oil has a green color, then it was obtained from the branches and leaves of the olive tree, it cannot be bought, it is used for the manufacture of toilet soap.

The best oil is obtained by cold pressing, in this case the bottle must contain the words "Extravirgin" or "Virgin". If these inscriptions are not present, then the oil is squeezed out of the olives by the 2nd or 3rd time, and the raw material was preheated.

It is also not advisable to use refined olive oil, it has lost after chemical cleaning most of its useful substances. Even if the bottle contains all the necessary words, but at the same time the product has an oil smell or a rancid taste, then it was prepared in violation of technology, forged or improperly stored. Often, instead of olive oil, rice oil can be poured, t. H. It is better not to save money and choose if not the most expensive, then the average product for the price.

According to consumer reviews, with regular use of olive oil for hair in pure form or as part of masks, the result will be visible in a couple of weeks! Hair will become beautiful, shiny, well-groomed and will delight you with a healthy appearance!

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