Oil masks for hair


If your hair is dry, devoid of shine, the ends are split and exfoliated, your hair falls out or you suffer from dandruff, then oil rescue masks will be your salvation. Oil masks fit almost any hair, except for very oily. In this case, the effect of such a mask is lost, as owners of greasy hair have to wash hair from oil several times. The rest of the women will be enough once to thoroughly wash the hair.

Oil masks for hair

Oils can enrich masks and balms, or even put a few drops on your hands and rub them through your hair after washing. Oil masks for hair can be done by mixing different components, or you can simply choose one oil and apply it on your hair. The oil is applied a few hours before washing, and the hair is wrapped with a cap, with a very weak hair, the mask can be applied at night. The oil is usually heated, but some lose their properties when heated, for example, linseed should not be heated.

Oils and their beneficial properties

  • Castor oil- Awakens dormant bulbs and accelerates hair growth. After the mask with castor oil, the hair will acquire extraordinary smoothness, pomp and silkiness. This oil can be added to shampoos. Mask with castor oil is better to do courses in several months 1-2 times a week. Hair literally before our eyes will become thicker and will accelerate in growth.
  • Coconut oil - Depending on the type of hair, you should choose the percentage of oil in masks; a mask with a coconut oil content of more than 50% will be dry, and a bold percentage will be fatty. Coconut oil envelops the hair with a protective film, the hair is moistened, and it also helps preserve the protein in the hair structure. Masks with coconut oil are used, both before washing and after washing, you can put a very small amount of oil on the hair and this will protect them from fragility when combing.
  • Hemp oil- good help with dry, damaged, brittle and dull hair. This oil is known for its nourishing and regenerating properties. Oil softens the hair, improves its elasticity and helps to retain moisture.
  • Avocado oil- perfectly restores and nourishes brittle, weak hair. Good for them to enrich hair masks. Avocado oil contains a lot of nutrients - vitamins B, D, F, lecithin, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Vitamin E in avocado is found five times more than in olive oil, and this vitamin is necessary for maintaining youth.
  • Jojoba oil- helps to cope with the problem of split ends, nourishes the hair and restores their structure. Jojoba is often added to hair masks and creams. Jojoba oil has the ability to quickly penetrate the hair and strengthen its surface, as the oil contains components similar to human skin. Oil is used to get rid of dandruff and with dry hair and just to make hair shine and shine.

Oil masks for hair

  • Burdock oil- one of the most famous oils for the treatment of hair loss and accelerate their growth. Burdock oil should be rubbed into the scalp and distributed over the hair, but use no more than once a week. Burdock oil has its effect by increasing blood circulation in the scalp, the bulbs are activated, strengthened and begin to grow faster. It is also used for seborrhea and itching of the scalp.
  • Hypericum oil- good help with baldness. St. John's wort also has anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing qualities. Owners of greasy hair, you can add Hypericum oil in shampoos.
  • Olive oilwill give your hair shine, elasticity, smooth and restore them. Olive oil has long been famous as an excellent product for skin and hair care, especially suitable oil for dry and dried hair.
  • Sunflower oilcontains in excess oleic and linoleic acids, a lot of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, which are certainly important for healthy hair. Masks with sunflower oil will help get rid of dandruff, itching and increased sebaceous hair. It can be used in a mixture with olive oil for very dry hair.
  • Corn oilcan be used both for masks and used inside. Besides, finding it on sale is pretty easy. Corn oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which is important for beauty and strong hair structure.
  • Linseed oilIt is also good to use the inside of one table. spoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Flaxseed oil contains almost half of vitamin F, which our body does not produce and flaxseed oil in masks and food is an excellent source of this vitamin. Flaxseed oil also contains many omega fatty acids, which are important for hair strength.
  • Almond oilcontains a lot of vitamin E and F, thereby providing a nourishing, moisturizing, softening effect, stimulates hair growth. Differs in its fast absorbing action.
  • Sea buckthorn oilsuitable for dry hair and to enhance their growth. Contains a lot of vitamin A and PP, so that your hair will gain strength, shine and density.

Oil masks for hair health and beauty

And now some recipes for masks with vegetable oils.

  • Oil mask to enhance hair growth: jojoba oil -1/4 cup, ylang-ylang oil - a teaspoon, juice of half a lemon, any brandy - 1 tsp. Heat up jojoba oil to such an extent that its temperature is as close as possible to your body temperature. Then add the oil of ylang-ylang, brandy, lemon juice and distribute through the hair. Blondes better not to use this mask, as the hair may be slightly colored. This composition does not wash off as long as possible, it is better to leave at all for the whole night. Mask with jojoba oil significantly enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Oil masks for hair

  • Mask for dry hair: almond and castor oil - 1 teaspoonful, chamomile decoction, one hammered egg. Heat the oil and spread it over your hair, put on a cap and wait about an hour. Then apply a beaten egg to your hair and sit for another 20 minutes, then rinse the hair with chamomile decoction. Do not use shampoo when washing your hair and after chamomile also do not wash off the head.
  • Mask for fine hair: castor oil - 1 tsp, burdock oil - 1 tsp, birch sap - 35 ml, lemon juice - 1 tbsp. spoon. All components are mixed, spread on the hair and wrap the top with a hat. If you make such a mask at least once a week, then the hair will not split, become more durable and shiny.
  • Olive or castor oil - 20 g, shampoo - 1 tbsp. spoon. Mix the oil with shampoo, foam and apply the mixture to the washed hair. Comb your hair to evenly distribute the oil. You can wash off the mask in an hour.
  • Mask with olive oil: lemon juice - 15 ml, unrefined olive oil - 2 tables. Spoons. Heat the oil, mix with the juice and carefully rub into the scalp, but do not apply it on the hair, as the mask acts on the roots, stimulating their growth and protecting it from falling out. Just before washing, you can slightly distribute the oil on the hair itself.

Oil masks are the real salvation for problem hair., but it should be remembered that too long washing the hair from such a mask will nullify your efforts or even produce a negative effect. Therefore, in order to easily wash off the hair, oil should not be taken very much, 2-3 tables will be enough for hair of medium length. spoons.