Office women's suits - an important element of the dress


Office clothes in the representation of most people - it is something completely faceless and boring. And if for men the choice of clothes rarely becomes a problem, then the ladies want to look attractive in the workplace, feminine, not to lose their individuality. What today can be office women's suits? How to use clothes to emphasize the successful image of a professional, but at the same time look attractive?

Office women's suits

If you follow where the modern office style of dressing came to us, the story will lead us to England in the late 18th century, when a certain George Brian Brummel created the famous dandy style. Restraint, moderation and perfection - these are the principles of this trend, which over time transformed into the so-called classical style. By the end of the 19th century, when women began to manifest themselves in public life, they began to borrow some details from the men's wardrobe in order to bring convenience and practicality to their own. Even more, this trend intensified several decades later, after the end of two world wars. By this time trouser suits first appeared in women's wardrobes, and the classic style firmly entered the life of women.

Modern office dress code inherited many features of the classic style:

  • quality fabrics;
  • discreet colors (black, blue, gray, beige, white);
  • simple style, which, nevertheless, impeccably sits on the figure;
  • elegant shoes;
  • minimum accessories.

Office women's trouser suits

In some organizations, the dress code requirements are indeed very high. There only a strict classical style is acceptable, and every detail is stipulated, down to the style of the jacket and the shade of the stockings. This most often concerns workers in such areas as politics, banking, law.

But in general, the dress code in the office is still more liberal, it reflects fashion trends, although at its core it remains classic and elegant. Today, clothing for business women includes elements of many styles, provides a place for improvisation, and is so stylish, interesting and diverse that many of its components have long since migrated to the wardrobes of fashionistas who have no relation to office requirements.

Women's office clothes. What should it be?

Women's office clothes

No matter how much we want people to notice our true essence behind the outer shell, in a working environment people have only two opportunities to form an opinion about you: first assessing your appearance, and only then professionalism. It often happens that an image that does not correspond to a situation distracts attention from a person’s qualities or produces a false impression about them.

The main task of business clothes is to create the image of a professional, a person who is successful, reliable, accurate and purposeful. After all, the way a worker dresses is his informational message to other people. And if the image of the employee speaks about confidence, composure, attention to detail, respect for yourself and others, then such a person is more likely to be entrusted with responsible work and high position. No wonder there is a recommendation: you should dress as if you are already taking the desired position.

Despite the fact that modern women's suits for office may include elements of various styles, a variety of styles, colors and accessories, still the main requirements for this type of clothing are:

  • grace and modesty;
  • practicality;
  • restrained colors.



In a classic business style, a suit without a jacket is unthinkable. But in addition to a large variety of their styles (single and double-breasted, spencer, tangerine, etc.), there are wardrobe elements that can replace a jacket. These include:

  • jackets;
  • blazers;
  • bolero;
  • cardigans.

An interesting feature of modern office women's suits is that it does not necessarily have to be a deuce or a troika. It is allowed that the jacket and trousers or skirt are of different colors and are made of different fabrics. But they certainly should be united by a common idea and style.

What to wear under a jacket?

What to wear under a jacket?

What to wear under a jacket?

What to wear under a jacket?

What to wear under a jacket?

The most classic option is a white shirt. But in the office style it may well be replaced by other things. In the warm season it can be various tops, thin blouses, in the cold - turtlenecks, knitted sweaters, blouses made of thick fabrics. An important condition for blouses and tops is that they do not have a deep neckline and underwear does not shine through them. At the same time, they can be quite bright in color, even with a pattern, but on condition that the jacket and the lower part of the set are monotonous and restrained in shades. In addition, blouses can be decorated with original collars, frills and cuffs.

Skirt and dress

wardrobe business lady

One of the main taboos in the office suit of a woman is too short skirts. The length of the palm above the knees and 2 palm below is considered optimal, although with the right design and color it can sometimes be appropriate and the skirt to the length of the ankle. From the point of view of style, completely different models are acceptable, ranging from narrow and straight, strict, to sun-skirts and half-skirts. But it is worth remembering that the more frivolous the style, the more restrained the colors, fabric and other details of the image should be.

Certain styles of dresses are also quite appropriate in the wardrobe of a business lady. For the office, it is preferable to choose a sheath dress or a sundress in combination with a blouse.


wardrobe business lady

In a strict classical dress code, women's trousers are not much different from men's trousers: they must be straight, with arrows and a two-piece suit with a jacket. But, fortunately for many employees, office women’s suits also allow for narrowed and slightly flared, and even cropped trousers, as well as products with a high or slightly low waist. By the way, a strict monophonic jumpsuit in combination with a jacket can also be a good solution.

Shoes, accessories

Shoes, accessories

Classic shoes are an ideal shoe. But usually the dress code in the office is not limited to them. This may be shoes on the platform, stiletto heels or high stable heels, as well as shoes that resemble men's shoes, and in some cases even ballet flats. Sandals, boots, ankle boots can be used depending on the season, although in some organizations sandals and shoes with open toe are prohibited. By the way, in contrast to the strict classical style, the modern fashionable trend is allowed in the office dress code, when shoes are different and even contrasted in color with accessories.

Decorations are quite appropriate in an office style, because it is with the help of jewelry and accessories such as neckerchiefs, straps, collars, cuffs that creates a general mood and brings zest even to the most boring and conservative outfit. Of course, jewelry in style should not be like evening or look too light-headed. Also, do not use many products at the same time: there should be no more than 3 of them.

The bag, although it can be quite bright in color, should be kept in a general style. For office haberdashery in the form of a briefcase, tablet or bag is recommended. Of the materials preferred natural or high-quality synthetic leather, suede.

Color combinations, fabrics, style

office women suit

As mentioned above, things of calm colors are considered to be the basis of business style: blue, black, brown, white, beige, gray. But today, in most organizations, it is quite acceptable to combine these colors with bright elements, for example:

  • You can wear a bright blouse or a turtleneck, or focus on accessories and shoes of intense colors with a monotonous suit (two-piece or three-piece) of restrained color;
  • with a dress, trousers or skirt in a classic color, it is permissible to wear a jacket made of another fabric or a contrasting tone;
  • The set can be made up of things in one color scale, but different in shade, fabric and texture.

Particular attention should be paid to tissues. Optimal for working in the office are considered high-quality dense fabrics that do not crumple, do not shine and are not translucent. These include thick crepe, gabardine, cotton, flannel. Of the drawings, the most preferred graphic patterns are cell type, stripes. But for small pieces of clothing or accessories, patterns such as paisley, peas, and floral designs are also acceptable.

office women suit

When choosing office suit, you should avoid too tight clothes, deep cuts and cuts on the skirt (dress). It is unacceptable to use rhinestones, feathers, mesh and similar parts. But then elements of such styles as military, casual, and also some details in a romantic style may be quite appropriate: small lace trims, pastel delicate tones, and elegant decorations.

There should be a balance between style, color and style: bright color should be balanced by simplicity of form, complex style - calm color.

Makeup, hairstyle

In office style, makeup should be matched to the image - restrained and uncomplicated. Acceptable pastel colors close to natural. Do not use too dark or bright shades and even more so - sparkles and other elements of evening makeup.

In hair color, natural shades are preferred, and hairstyles can include various weaves, tails, and bunches. The main thing - that the hair was not too extravagant.

Business clothes are not at all obliged to hide a female figure behind strict lines, bringing it closer to the male one. Her task is not to conceal beauty, grace and sense of style, but to emphasize them with dignity. Properly chosen clothes will not only make you feel comfortable and confident in the workplace, but also create an impression that will certainly contribute to your career growth.