Natural nail care


You need to take care of your nails not only by visiting beauty salons, but also regularly taking care of them at home. The nail, if it is healthy, must be strong, pink, and when there are spots on it, the nails are exfoliated, brittle and fragile, all this indicates a malfunction of the body. Also, if it is illiterate to care for hands, then the skin on the nails becomes thin, it can cause abrasions, and if they are not treated immediately when they appear, this can lead to inflammatory infections.

Basically nail health and beauty It is laid genetically, but such factors as lifestyle, nutrition, environment, work and inadequate care play a big role. In order for nails to be healthy, they must receive all nutrients and elements from food. The appearance of the nail and its structure is determined by heredity, but factors such as ecology, nutrition, poor care, and work characteristics also influence it. For the health of nails, nutrition must be balanced, the food must contain all the necessary nutrients and minerals. For faster growth, you can use special nail care products.

For nail beauty it should be done every fifteen weeks manicure. You can do it in nail salons, if you have the finances for this, but having learned, you can do manicures at home and not at all worse. If you constantly do a manicure yourself or decided to try your hand, then you will need to get a special manicure set. It should include: files of varying degrees of intensity, nippers, large and small, scissors slightly curved at the ends, a blunt shoulder blade and an orange tree stick. All these tools must be kept clean and periodically disinfected with cologne or alcohol.

The structure of the natural nail

Nail plate - This is the most visible part of the nail and is not a living material. The plate consists of a solid substance that resembles fragile enamel and keratin, and itself is located in the nail bed.

Nail bed - it is protected from external damage and infections of the skin roller, or else it is called differently cuticle.

The most viable and important part in the nail is matrix. It consists of intercellular material, where the nail itself forms at the base of the nail bed. The matrix can shine in the form of a white hole, there are living cells in the nail, which after dying out turn into a nail plate.

How to care for natural nails?

It is important to provide power to the matrix. To do this, do well feeding nail massage - it strengthens them, improves the metabolism in the nails, softens the cuticle and gives the nails a more healthy look. Nourishing massage can be done with a cream or nail products.

Do not forget about softening. By making a healing bath for the nails, you can add a cream or liquid soap to it, which will help soften the hardened skin around the nails and the cuticle after the bath is easily removed.

Putting cream on your hands, also put it on the cuticle. Do a manicure at least once every 10 days.

When choosing nail products, give preference to high-quality and proven firms, and buy nail polish remover without acetone, as acetone dries your nails very much. The same is true when choosing a varnish - a good varnish should not contain acetone.

Therapeutic masks

Nutritious effect on the nail plate has a juice of lemon, cranberry, black or red currant, vinegar. They can be added to the bath for nails or rub into the nails themselves.

Balanced nutrition is important. The diet should include:

Vitamin A - it makes nails stronger, is found in large quantities in carrots, greens, tomatoes, liver and dairy products

Vitamin E - it nourishes the nails, is responsible for their beauty, is contained in vegetable oils and sunflower seeds

Vitamins B, B1, B2, B12 - accelerate the growth of nails, is in eggs, wheat grains, cabbage and yeast

Iodine - affects the growth of nails, is in spinach and sea kale

Silicon - is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the nails, there is a lot of it in vegetables

Calcium - makes nails stronger, much in dairy products

Iron - important for the formation of the nail plate

Sulfur - necessary for the formation of the nail, protects against inflammation, a lot in cucumbers, onions and cabbage

If you want to lighten your nails, you can regularly lubricate them with lemon juice.

How to care for extended nails?

Artificial nails require careful care of them. At first, you will be a little uncomfortable to do the usual actions: open doors, fasten buttons, type on the keyboard, but it is a matter of time, with time you will even stop noticing them. The main thing is to choose a good master, avoid blows and do all your homework with gloves, then the extended nails will last you a long time.

Before applying the varnish cut artificial nails clear varnish. For the main varnish it is better to use a professional varnish. After applying the varnish cut nails top coat. Nail with nail extensions remove only the liquid without acetone, otherwise you will damage the nails. Take care of your nails and cuticle, rubbing nourishing oil into them. For the skin of your hands, use special creams and lotions. Artificial nails can not be trimmed with iron files, for this only fine abrasives are suitable!

Nails need regular care, so do not be lazy to follow all the above recommendations and you will not have problems with your nails, and your manicure will become a role model.