Nail slider design


As you know, hands are our calling card, and modern nail art on nails can tell about refined taste, elegance and adherence to fashion trends. Recently, the slider-design for nails has become very popular. How to use it at home, you will learn in our article.

Nail slider design - what is it?

As you already understood, the word slider is of foreign origin, which literally from English means "to crawl, translate." That is how the manicure masters and big fashionistas call translations with graphic images of patterns, geometric shapes, floral or animal prints, as well as with three-dimensional drawings that are applied to the nail plate.

Not every girl has the necessary skills in the application of design art drawings on the nail, and everybody dreams of becoming the owner of a fashionable, elegant, unique and original manicure. Sliders come to the rescue.

These stickers are always on sale, so buy them easy. It is important to decide which type of slider is right for you. There are several types of sliders for nail design:

  • covering the entire surface of the nail plate;Nail slider design
  • with a transparent base;Nail slider design
  • with a dense and three-dimensional image.Nail slider design

Sliders can be applied on your nail plate, as well as on gel or acrylic extended nails. The features of applying the sliders on the nails will depend on the type of the selected sticker, in particular:

  • Some sliders should first be held in the water to easily remove the transparent base;
  • if you choose a slider on the entire surface of the nail plate, then it should not be covered with decorative varnish, in other cases, the nails must first be painted;
  • Sliders should be cut in accordance with the shape and size of the nail plate.

How to work with him?

If you want to do at home art painting on the nails, use the sliders. Before applying the sticker be sure to make a manicure: clean the nail plate, remove the cuticle, give the nail the appropriate shape and length. After that, you can safely cover your nails with decorative varnish. The color range of varnish should be in harmony with the selected pattern, print or abstraction.

Necessary materials:

  • sliders;
  • decorative varnish of a suitable color;
  • water tank;
  • lacquer base;
  • wooden stick (orange is better);
  • fixer;
  • patterns for french manicure;
  • tweezers.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. We will prepare all the necessary materials.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  2. Remove the remaining decorative varnish from the nails and cover them with a transparent or light beige base.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  3. After the applied base has dried, in the form of the nail we paste the patterns for modeling the French manicure.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  4. On the edge of the nail, observing the patterned line, apply varnish of the selected color.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  5. When the varnish dries, remove the pasted templates.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  6. Roughness and unevenness of the painted lines are corrected with a cotton swab, which must be moistened with a nail polish remover.
  7. Then we apply a transparent fixative and wait for complete drying.Slider design: how to work with it on the nails?
  8. Then proceed to the modeling of the nail slider design. Choose a suitable sticker (pattern) and cut out the shape.

    Slider design
  9. Using tweezers, put the sliders in the bowl with water and leave for 10-20 seconds.Slider design
  10. Then gently remove the sticker from the water and transfer to the nails.
  11. On top of the slider is applied-drawing cover fixer.Slider design

The advantages of the nail slider design

To date, stickers for nail design can be purchased at any cosmetic store. Slider manufacturers offer a wide range of different collections. You will be able to choose not only the one you like in style, but also a suitable slider for the price category.

Undoubtedly, performing a manicure with the use of sliders has several advantages, in particular:

  • Stickers are absolutely harmless to the nail plate, so they can be used without restrictions;
  • a wide product range allows you to choose the sliders for a particular outfit or for a specific solemn event;
  • sliders can be used absolutely for all nails, regardless of their length and shape;
  • they are easy to apply on the nail and cover the entire surface;
  • You can make an artistic manicure yourself without professional and practical skills;
  • in appearance, the sliders do not differ from painting the nail plate with brushes using gel or acrylic paints;
  • you can significantly save time on manicure, as well as money on visiting the salon;
  • the sliders visually align the nail and do not make it massive;
  • with a properly selected pattern, you can mask the nail defects as much as possible;
  • using the sliders, you will become the owner of an exclusive manicure;
  • In addition to stickers, you can use beads, rhinestones, glitters, etc.

Pay attention to the main aspects of sticking sliders. If you do not succeed, start the whole procedure again. It is not necessary to move the slider on the nail. To make the sticker look beautiful on the nail, it should be leveled as much as possible. Any blemishes and roughness can be masked with additional elements of nail decor.

As you can see, art painting of nails and elegant nail art are available to absolutely every representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Using the sliders, you will become the owner of a refined, original manicure, which will not be equal.

Variety of options: photo

Nail slider design: stars

Nail slider design: flowers

Nail Slider Design: Animal

Nail slider design: feathers

Nail Slider Design: Butterfly

The application of the sliders on the gel and acrylic base has its own characteristics. For example, when drawing pictures on a gel base, each layer of lacquer should be dried under a special lamp. But on acrylic nails such a picture is applied at the final stage, while moving the slider on the surface of the nail plate is not recommended. Be sure to consider this when doing nail design. Be beautiful and happy!